$79,015.25 GIVEN BY 1,337 DONORS

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Date: Thursday, December 16, 1999

So far, 1,337 individuals and organizations have contributed a total of $79,015.25 to the Times Union Fund for the Elderly in Need. Recent contributors are: $3,000 Selkirk: the employees at the GE Plastics Plant; $1,500 Albany: one Anonymous;

$1,000 Albany: American Boiler, Tank and Welding Co. Inc.; Schenectady: August O. and Louise D. Liermann;

$600 Albany: one Anonymous; Slingerlands: In memory of the deceased members of the Biggi and Minnock families by Anonymous;

$500 Albany: Dr. Jan S. Keithly; Patrick J. McKenna; Wynantskill: In memory of Helen C. Rockefeller and Warren W. Rockefeller by Helen M. Campbell;

$350 Albany: In memory of Leslie F. Couch by Anonymous;

$250 Loudonville: William and Mary Jean Krackler;

$200 Albany: Mary P. Nicholaou; Deborah Campbell;

$160 Albany: the staff of the New York State Teachers' Retirement System -- Legal Department;

$150 Castleton: Paul and Vermillion D. Gross;

$145 Albany: In memory of Jack and Ruth Sullivan by Anonymous;

$133 Delmar: John and Patsy Schulenberg;

$131.55 Averill Park: the teachers and staff of the Algonquin Middle School of the Averill Park School District;

$101 East Greenbush: Gail Benway;

$100 Albany: Ruth T. Sporborg; Katherine DeRusso; Ida K. Daly; Carolyn Byrne and Winsor Lott; Bob and Ron's Fish Fry; Joseph B. Porter; Harry W. Reynders; Clifton Park: Ronald Hoffman; Colonie: Colonie Village Senior Center; Delmar: Jane and Robert Skerrett; Edward Kozacek; Harriss Sitrin; In memory of Carmen and Shirley Travison by Cathy E. McEneny; In memory of Thomas Butman by Joan Butman; Guilderland: Dave and Pat Mersy; Loudonville: Resa and George Tanner; George E. Morse; Rensselaer: Carolyn E. Pratt; Margaret Sidoti; Saratoga Springs: Anne Walsh; West Coxsackie: Barb and Art Hunt;

$75 Albany: In memory of Joseph J. Crupi Sr., Peter S. Perry Sr. and Antoinette Stavola by Joe and JoAnne Crupi; Altamont: Mary and Walter LeClair; Clifton Park: Bruce E. and Alice F. Tofte; Latham: Patricia A. Shoemaker; Loudonville: Linda Hines; Poultney, Vt.: John and Carrol Finerty; Selkirk: Diane and Duane Schneider; Slingerlands: Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Johnson; Westminister, Md.: one Anonymous;

$67.50 Windham: one Anonymous;

$67 Loudonville: Bill and Kay Marshall;

$56 Albany: New York State Department of Labor, LPPD, Rm 426; Niskayuna: Lucinda Huggins;

$54 Ballston Spa: James R. Lanahan;

$51.75 Voorheesville: In memory of Carrie, Gordon and Jimmie Frisbee by Judith and Robert Okessson;

$51.25 Voorheesville: In memory of Margaret and Uncle Ernie Okesson by Judith and Robert Okesson;

$50 Albany: In memory of all loved ones by Anonymous; Virginia M. Brennan; Jacqueline Price; In memory of William J. Pfeiffer by Mary Pfeiffer; David Mafrici; Hugh D. Schrader; Jean Ellerton and Helene Larkin; Ed and Mary Alheim; In honor of Athena Lord by Vera and Richard Propp; Goldie Hoffman; Charles Levesque; Patricia Apple; Mary E. Hall; Despina Vaccarielli; one Anonymous; Altamont: Cathy Anderson; Amsterdam: Don Bautz; Athens: one Anonymous; Ballston Lake: Carolyn and Jeffrey; William and Lorraine Keis; Castleton: Rosemary Fisher; Clifton Park: Cheryl L. Cox; Gail H. Wilson; Robert L. Posson Jr.; I. Yu; Edward Abele; Paula McCormick; one Anonymous; Delmar: Patricia Driscoll; Janice Mullins; Nora M. Owens; Mary and Thomas Wohlscheid; Robert and Judith Doody; two Anonymous; East Greenbush: In memory of Mr. and Mrs. James V. Bashford by Anonymous; Glenmont: one Anonymous; Kinderhook: In memory of Francis and Louise Weaver by Carol and Brian Weaver; Lake George: Jodie Durante; Latham: Maryann Strauss; Gerald Duggan; Elizabeth S. Regan; Loudonville: In memory of her mother and father, Mary and Andrew Moldovan, by Frances M. Wood; Menands: Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Daley; Newtonville: Joyce and James Fraser; Rensselaer: In memory of Salvatore Zappala by Ralph and Sadie Viola; Saratoga Springs: Marilyn A. Sandberg; Ronald Owen; Schenectady: Rosemary Moore; Shirley and Bob McMorris; Selkirk: Charles and Pat Golding; Slingerlands: Negley Norton; Carol B. Turner; Warren S. Quimby; Betty M. Bonacci; Troy: Albert and Carolyn Delgiacco; Voorheesville: Susan Maud; Florence Reddy; Wynantskill: Anonymous;

$49 Schenectady: Ray Hamm;

$48 Albany: In memory of Ernest L. Smith, James and Ellen Crump, Ernest W. Smith, Joseph Kappes and Mildred Tookhorn by Anonymous;

$40 Albany: Eleanor Davis; one Anonymous; Alexandria,Va.: Mike and Andrea Finerty; Ballston Lake: Maria Mathes; Clifton Park: one Anonymous; East Greenbush: Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Kelly; Menands: In memory of his good friend, Daniel J. McAuley by Pat Rutledge;

$35 Albany: In memory of the Pennock and Dalton families by Kay Pennock; William and Eileen Cameron; In memory of Flo Muenkel, Marion Hoffman and Roy Hoffman, their beloved parents and grandparents to Michele and Ryan by James and Virginia Hoffman; Castleton: For Ebby Prashaw by Carol and Dick Prashaw; Clifton Park: Catherine Montalto; Duanesburg: Orlando and E. Yvonne Orsini; East Greenbush: Robert Don; Latham: Rich and Betty Haggerty; one Anonymous; Loudonville: Donald C. Hastings; Slingerlands: Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Flanagan; Troy: Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Crowley;

$31 Albany: Virginia R. Femia; In memory of Edward L. Keely by Kathleen A. Keely;

$30 Albany: Philip Berman; Maureen Kennedy-Ragule; Luke R. Tetreault; Altamont: Sue and Reid Lainhart; Delmar: one Anonymous; Guilderland: Andrea M. Ebert; Troy: Jean and Vincent McKee; Voorheesville: In memory of her beloved mother, Lee Gardner Wilkie, by Kay Wilkie and her husband, Martin Pearlman;

$26.32 Albany: In memory of Scott Grey by Edward Grey; $26 Albany: John W. and Avis G. Randall;

$25 Albany: John Morlock; In memory of Jane Girwin by Mary and Helen Girwin; John Shorter; Ruth E. Barringer; John Angus; Joan Kelly; Roland and Evelyn Bedard; Lillian Cheeseman; Paul R. Dillon; Stephen T. Olender; J. Neil Cummings; Anthony and Michele Cioffi; Josephine C. Liuzzi; Albert and Mary McFerran; Richard and Patricia Poulopoulos; Philomena Godino; Elizabeth Polando; William C. King; two Anonymous; Altamont: Dorothy Bintz; Dr. and Mrs. William Root; Ballston Lake: Joan Beebe; Virginia Charbonneau; Maureen T. Bittel; Barbara Hartman; one Anonymous; Burnt Hills: Mary Alice Nyban; Castleton: Douglas and Sandra McKnight; Suzanne E. Mahistedt; Clifton Park: Raymond Biedron; Michael and Diane Callahan; In memory of her mother, Margaret Titus by Linda Thornton; Robert and Sharon Reider; In honor of Lillian Herman by Tina Dawson; In memory of her mom, Eva Dayon, by Charlotte Kennedy; one Anonymous; Cohoes: C.W.A. Local 1116 retirees; Robert E. Rigney; Colonie: Claire Sawyer; one Anonymous; Delmar: In memory of their parents by Lois and John Vadney; Peter Herzfeld; James and Mary Whitney; Judith DeRitter; In memory of Fred Wight by Scott Wight; East Greenbush: Lyle and Eileen Sanderson; John and Eleanor Wolfe; Douglas B. Canaday; Greenfield Center: Edward And Rosalie Powers; Latham: Charles Orr; one Anonymous; Loudonville: Margaret J. Selkis; Mr. and Mrs. David Courtright; Menands: Janice and Jerald Allen; Nassau: one Anonymous; Niskayuna: Neil V. Murray; Thomas Quinn; Rensselaer: Milo F. Best; In memory of their parents by Phil and Dorothy Resifo; Edmund J. Klee Jr.; Schenectady: In memory of parents and brothers by Mr. and Mrs. Bertram Campbell; Jim MeLucci; Nancy Campbell; Rosemary Nottke; Scotia: one Anonymous; Selkirk: the Schuberts; Slingerlands: William J. and Nancy Barr; Voorheesville: Ruth Matrese; Watervliet: In memory of her father, Thomas J. Brady, by Barbara; West Sand Lake: Kay Salkin;

$22.22 Lake George: Richie Waite;

$21 Albany: Marion E. Gulliver;

$20.50 Schenectady: Seth Pollak;

$20 Albany: The Malone family; Camela Zaccardo; Mr. and Mrs. Derek Brooker; Marie Barhydt; Mary Murray; Jim and Maria St. John; Price Caldwell; Hazel Lewis; the Kennedy family; four Anonymous; Athens: Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Hynes; Ballston Lake: Olive Smith; one Anonymous; Castleton: Dolores and Richard Bengraff; Clifton Park: Janet S. Colton; Cohoes: Winifred Nazarko; Delmar: Patrick Neary; East Greenbush: James and Martha Bruce; Nadine J. Sager; Feura Bush: Elsie Gildersleeve; Glenmont: one Anonymous; Latham: Ed and Rose Esposito; Margaret M. Junco; one Anonymous; Niskayuna: Mitchell and Faith Silver; Peter and Faye Gervasio; Rensselaer: Charles and Helen Mahony; Stephen C. VanZandt and Lorain M. Hilton-VanZandt; William and Joanne DeGraff; Margaret Scattareggia; Saratoga Springs: one Anonymous; Schenectady: Patricia S. Fowler; M. Wayne Blessing; Sowickley, Pa: K. King; Voorheesville: John and Patricia McArdle; Claude Bryan; Frank and Peg Blaisdell; West Sand Lake: Paul Fafard;

$19.30 Albany: In memory of her mother, Irma Dallmann, by Ruth S. Dallmann;

$17 Albany: In memory of her mother and father, Helen and Jack Carroll by Lonna Baker;

$15 Albany: Mr. and Mrs. Leonard J. Harvey; Jean-Francois Briere; Helen J. Knapp; Margaret Stafford; Frank Printsky; Caroline Smith; Mildred L. Cavanaugh; Catskill: Mrs. Allen Uhler; Cohoes: Gloria and Dorn Gooley; Greenwich: Carol T. Donlon; Latham: Eleanor Quinn; Eugene Greenhouse; Navanit P. Kukadia; Rensselaer: Dorothy E. Walker; Slingerlands: Diane Kessler; Troy: In the name of her dear friends, Donald and Dorothy Ingebritsen by Colleen M. Burns; Watervliet: one Anonymous;

$12.30 Albany: In memory of Vincent and Maria Mele by Mr. and Mrs. Louis Mele;

$12 Clifton Park: Nicole and Mark Novenche; Latham: John and Dorothy Oger;

$10 Albany: Ira Paul Rubtchinsky; Best Wishes by TJT; Genevieve Floeser; Harold Solomon; Ruth S. Ruhl; Bill Lynch; Gerald and Virginia Gavin; Milton Mosall; In loving memory of her husband, Sandy and her brother, Marshall by Thelma Goldfarb; Anna Conley; Bill Lynch; Carol J. Govel; Mary Szkaradek; Jean Tucker; Margaret McNeil; the Hallock family; Helen Ridgeway; Anna Jean Waldron; four Anonymous; Altamont: Anne Napoli; Amsterdam: Frank Marcellino; Averill Park: Patricia A. Adelska; Ballston Lake: Richard Cole; Ballston Spa: Elaine Grogan; Castleton: Janet E. Wagner; Cohoes: Marjorie Marois; Columbiaville: Mark and Candy Rothwein; East Durham: In memory of mother, Anna and father, Charles by Jack and Florence Gifford; Glenmont: Joyce Smith; Hudson: one Anonymous; Latham: Robert H. Muckenhoupt; Beverly Schaffer; Jean Carpenter; Loudonville: Joyce L. Cassidy; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kosier; Betty Dwyer; Mechanicville: Mrs. Hayden Vredenburg; Niverville: Evelyn Hughes; Ravena: one Anonymous; Rensselaer: John S. Kovarovic; Schenectady: Lawrence and Regina Turino; Jerry and Anna Lumia; Arnold Aldi; Troy: Maria Cairns; Marjorie and Carl O'Brien; one Anonymous; Valatie: Deborah Riley; Voorheesville: Lois Alkenbrack; Pauline G. Lamica; Waterford: John J. Basle; Windham: Richard Morse;

$7 Albany: Mr. and Mrs. R.A. Pezzulo; Jillian Price;

$5 Albany: Vito and Rita Pantuosco; Nancy Scepi; two Anonymous; Watervliet: Mary Virginia Jakubics;

$1 Albany: Peter Palma.