Property transfers

Section: Capital Region,  Page: B4

Date: Friday, May 19, 2006

The following property transfers were recorded recently in the Rensselaer County Clerk's Office. BRUNSWICK

Donald L. Stone and Christine M. Stone bought property on 502 Pinewoods Ave. from Beverly Crupi for $280,000.

Jeannine L. McDade bought property on 6 Checkerberry Lane from John C. Nielsen for $195,000.


Starbucks Corporation bought property on Route 4 and Grandview Drive from Mary Diane Weber and Sharon Laraby for $450,000.

James E. Davis and Grisel C. Davis bought property on 1 Hydor Drive, Castleton, from Robert C. Swindle Sr. and Charlotte J. Manganello-Swindle for $297,000.

Judith S. Schreiber bought property on 1 Berkshire Drive from Steven E. Guillen for $250,000.

S and R Construction Company of New York Inc. bought property on 30 Rounds Road from Roger L. Rounds, David L. Rounds and Stephen R. Rounds for $60,000.

David L. Rounds bought property on Mannix Road, Castleton, from Roger L. Rounds, David L. Rounds and Stephen R. Rounds for $80,000.

Joseph Rogerson and Kathryn Clark bought property on 11 Mill Run from Richard G. Walter Jr. for $292,500.

Jeffrey Trong and Kathleen Trong bought property on 26 Farm Road from Elissa J. Wells for $265,000.


Vincent Setteducato and Terrah Worden bought property on 483 South Road, Cropseyville, from Dennis P. Bates for $152,500.


Mary-Jo Grose and Tamara A. Kozakiewicz bought property on 66 Mechanic St., Hoosick Falls, from Harold L. Moffitt for $84,900.

Emmett Murphy and John L. Murphy bought property on Buskirk-West Hoosick Road, Hoosick Falls, from Carol M. Messina for $105,000.

Raymond A. Tinkham bought property on 6 Fourth St., Hoosick Falls, from Joseph T. Murphy, referee, for $75,000.

J.W. Realty bought property on Mechanic Street, Hoosick Falls, from Isola Laminate Systems Corp. for $400,000.


Christopher E. Marques and Amanda C. Marques bought property on 62 Red Oak Lane 12144 from Jerelyn F. Sargent and Paul L. Sargent for $348,000.

Matthew Biggins and Erica Matura bought property on 10 Peck Road, Wynantskill, from Edward Patanian for $127,200.

David A. Cramer Jr. bought property on 18 Burns Ave., Wynantskill, from Anthony DiNova Jr. for $87,000.

PITTSTOWN Henry A. Relation and Lisa A. Ramundo bought property on 148 River Road from Peter A. Unavitch for $159,560.


Kevin W. Kronau, Jr. bought property on Route 351 from Robert L. Middleton and M. Christine Middleton for $155,000.


Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota N.A. bought property on 926 Broadway from Daniel J. Centi, referee, for $85,516.

Eleanore F. Walker, Joseph T. Hartman and Terrell R. Johnson bought property on 16 Falcon Chase from Christopher W. Coles for $239,900.

Janet M. Burke bought property on 16 Falcon Chase from Eleanore F. Walker, Joseph T. Hartman and Terrell R. Johnson for $239,900.

Nicole Martino bought property on 1825 Seventh St. from David J. Martino and Tina M. Martino for $105,000.

Marx Properties Inc. bought property on Route 43 in City of Rensselaer and Town of North Greenbush from Arthur W. Pelton Jr. for $997,200.


Timothy P. Reasor and Catherine A. Reasor bought property on 196 Mountain View Drive from Michael J. Fazoli and Joanne M. Fazoli for $242,000.

Beth E. McNulty bought property on 334 Shaver Road, West Sand Lake, from John R. Norsworthy and Irene Jacobson for $294,000.


Krista Franceschi and Charles VanAlstyne III bought property on 1471 Van Hoesen Road from Joseph C. Sikora and Susanne P. Sikora for $168,000.

Thomas B. Mooradian bought property on 233 Lape Road from Nicolas Gharzouzi and Whetherly Gharzouzi for $327,000.

Stephanie Herrick bought property on 4 Loretta Lane, Schodack Landing, from Edward I. Hart and Linda Caron Hart for $169,000.

Brian F. Smith bought property on 1721 Julianne Drive, Castleton, from Brock Rogers and Lynn Anderson for $190,000.


John C. Tweedlie and Linda M. Tweedie bought property on 88 Fire Tower Road from Douglas P. Kenney and Ann S. Kenney for $171,900.

Jeffrey R. Chapman and Kelly M. Chapman bought property on 580 Route 43 from Citifinancial Company for $69,000.


Katrina Fogarty bought property on 8 Kinloch Ave. from Scott M. Hathaway for $135,000.

Novaline Rizk bought property on 2322 15th St. from Doris Nelson for $162,000.

Matthew Durivage bought property on Pawling Avenue from William Caldwell for $80,000.

David W. Martin bought property on 119 Fifth Ave. from Mark Anderson Family Trust for $79,000.

Trifecta Development LLC bought property on 234 Fifth Ave. from Secretary of Veterans Affairs for $72,250.

Shannon Groff bought property on 192 Fifth Ave. from Deutsche Bank National Trust for $90,000.

John Magnotta and Anna Rita Magnotta bought property on 17 Stratton Circle from George P. Ciccone and Bonnie Ann Ciccone for $210,000.

Mark S. Avnet and Norman L. Avnet bought property on Second Street from The Sage Colleges for $130,000.

Jason J. Bourdeau and Juli Hornbeck-Bourdeau bought property on 833 Sixth Ave. from Paul P. Yonkers Jr. and Dixie S. Yonkers for $85,000.

Michael Short and Jessica Short bought property on 7 Spence St. from Distinctive Properties, LLC for $111,000.

Zachary Snyder and Christine G. Snyder bought property on 192 Hill St. from Weidenbacher Family Trust for $148,600.

Attila C. Volges bought property on 658 First Ave. from Ohio Savings Bank for $72,000.

Christine J. Gaynor bought property on 42 Lori Jean Place from Charlew Construction for $217,732.

James J. Avery bought property on 817 Second Ave. from Christine Bisceglia and five others for $128,000.

Wesley Saiki bought property on Sixth Street from Walter J. Stone Jr. and Paul Yonkers for $73,000.

Wesley Saiki bought property on Second Street from Joseph A. Holtman and Andrea Holtman for $135,000.

Wesley G. Saiki bought property on 2307 12th St. from Frank J. Conley and Lori A. Conley for $141,000.

Steven R. Hagen and Helen H. Hagen bought property on 12 Whitman Court from Quinn Family Trust for $406,000.

Sharon L. Laraby and Mary Diane Weber bought property on 13 Rosemary Drive from Erik W. Kohler for $341,880.

George P. Ciccone and Bonnie Ann Ciccone bought property on 4 Ryan Road from Reiser Brothers Inc. for $299,481.

John W. Braun and Carolyn H. Lambert-Braun bought property on 8 Ledgestone Drive from John D. Vasilakis for $180,000.

Hilke A. Kayser bought property on 68 Coons Road from Michael F. Hatalla and Barbara Hatalla for $250,000.

J.P. and Sons LLC bought property on 120 Menemsha Lane from Robert M. Webb and Mary Ann Webb for $160,500.

J.P. and Sons LLC bought property on 4 Sandcherry Hill Lane from MRF Land Development LLC for $76,000.

J.P. and Sons LLC bought property on 2 Sandcherry Hill Lane from MRF Land Development, LLC for $76,000.

Sean M. Green and Terra A. Green bought property on 29 Miller Ave. from Charles T. Rockwell and Megan A. Rockwell for $134,000.