Property transfers

Section: Capital Region,  Page: B4

Date: Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The following is the list of property transfers filed recently with the office of the Rensselaer County clerk: BERLIN

Howard Commander bought property on Route 22 from Charles W. Thomas for $137,524.

Michael K. Rohloff bought property on Bly Hollow Road from Hunt Lake Land Holding Co. Inc. for $60,000.

Susan Womersley bought property on 236 Watson Road, Petersburgh, from Lindy L. Childrose for $110,000.


Brigido J. Montero III and Dolores F. Montero bought property on 15 Skyline Drive from Amy R. Singiser for $320,000.


Janice K. Pryor bought property on 110 Donna Lynn Drive from Jodie J. Chabert for $154,900.

Karin M. Kennett bought property on 57 Rockrose Drive from Charlew Construction for $232,900.

Kevin M. Valenchis and Diana D. Valenchis bought property on 2 Petalas Drive from Ronald N. Collins and Cynthia E. Collins for $275,000.

Joseph S. Girolami and Jodie J. Chabert bought property on 60 Rockrose Drive from Charlew Construction for $269,037.

Frank A. Venuti and Irene Venuti bought property on 23 Rockrose Drive from Charlew Construction for $255,295.

Gary W. Minns bought property on 62 Rockrose Drive from Charlew Construction for $276,900.

James E. Cullum and Leeann K. Cullum bought property on 12 Timberland Drive from Michael Kellogg for $400,000.

Tara L. Mosher bought property on 18 Riverview Terrace, Rensselaer, from Adelord J. Brady and Mary K. Brady for $195,000.

Francis A. Purritano Jr. and Elena Purritano bought property on Columbia Turnpike from Dunn Family Farm LLC for $174,291.

Thomas J. Gosdeck and Catherine Schuth bought property on 51 Rockrose Drive from Charlew Construction for $256,189.

Forrest Pointe II LLC bought property on 3 Forrest Pointe Drive from Empire Village LP for $600,000.

Samuel J. Laflin and Jennifer E. Laflin bought property on 6 Neptune St., Rensselaer, from Richard N. Farrell, David S. Farrell and Alma E. Farrell for $165,000.

Terrance J. Yates and Linda S. Yates bought property on 18 Chestnut Court, Rensselaer, from Richard L. Bender Jr. and Carolyn S. Bender for $220,000.


Duane E. Rifenburg and Melissa M. Goodermote bought property on 281 South Road, Grafton, from Roy R. Fowler Jr. and Phyllis Ann Fowler for $174,900.

Joseph A. Hefta and Anastasia P. Giordano bought property on 498 Jay Hakes Road, Cropseyville, from Edward McCartan for $225,500.


Nicholas J. Kolar bought property on 12 Nixon St., Hoosick Falls, from Kevin P. Keough II for $77,500.

Kennon Morse bought property on 7 Baby Lane from Tarek Warner for $96,100.

Meredith Van Corbach and Mark Drasher bought property on 47 Saint Croix Drive, Eagle Bridge, from Herbert E. Little and Lauraine D. Little for $188,500.

Richard Weeden bought property on 16 Willow St., Hoosick Falls, from Michael McDonough and Sharon Weeden for $90,000. Tanya Dean bought property on 4 Youngs Road and 2 Lee Road, Buskirk, from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $58,321.


Ryan G. Harte bought property on 11 Old Mill Pond Road from Denise Ann Harte for $160,000.

First States Investors 158 LLC bought property on Elm Street from Bank of America N.A. for $198,850.

Stephen E. Mazzotti bought property on 21 Albany Ave. from Midnight Star LLC for $149,900.

David P. Garrity Jr. bought property on 23 Knickerbocker Road from Jason G. Nunes for $218,550.

Juanita Salas bought property on 51 Nantasket Road from Brian Dunn, Gregory Dunn for $200,900.

Justin B. Haas bought property on 897 Jefferson Hill Road from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $127,200.

Walter Van De Loo bought property on Helenwood Drive from Peter W. Pagano for $65,000.


Daniel J. Conlon and Laura S. Conlon bought property on 53 Kent Place, Wynantskill, from CW Custom Builders Inc. for $281,055.

Adrienne J. Kerwin bought property on 14 Dodge St., Wynantskill, from William H. Richter for $109,500.

Lorna Moffre bought property on 31 Bellemead St., Wynantskill, from Maura C. Ferguson, Margaret M. Shea and Sally A. Rutkey for $142,000.

Robert L. Plumadore and Stacy L. Plumadore bought property on 8 Ashcroft St., Wynantskill, from Kevin Barbagallo and Terence Breen for $175,000.

Anthony Pascucci and Cassandra Folwell bought property on 2 Pleasant Ave., Wynantskill, from Elizabeth Rysedorph for $115,000.

Michael J. Merola and Jessica M. Leno bought property on 12 Cardinal Court, Wynantskill, from estate of Harriet G. Clapper for $138,800.


Karyn I. Denue bought property on 85 Hill Hollow Road from John C. Healy Jr. and Deborah A. Healy for $85,000.


Reservior Crossing LLC bought property on Sterup Drive and Route 7 from Sterup Properties LLC for $120,000.


Norma N. Novak f/k/a Norma N. Prashaw bought property on 22 Main St., Poestenkill, from Downey Jay Fisher, Janice L. Hovey and Jill A. Gresens for $175,000.


Douglas DeLisle bought property on 15 Donnelly Drive from Denise M. Rossi for $177,250.

Michael J. Kieley and Julie L. Kieley bought property on 28 Wisconsin Ave. from Rosemary Brannock for $142,000.

Pamela St. Pierre bought property on 143 Lape Road, from estate of Marie T. Berdar for $56,000.

Susan M. Reese bought property on 16A Thompson Court from Yves De Montaudouin and Helen De Montaudouin for $310,000.

Matthew McCoy and Jacqueline McCoy bought property on 1401 Second St. from James A. MCCoy III and Rita M. McCoy for $123,000.

Steven A. Smith and Danielle T. Smith bought property on 8 Justin Court from Patrick Crocetta and Gail Crocetta for $160,000.

Bonnie S. Suttmeier bought property on 30 Patroon Pointe Drive from Bey-Dih Chang for $242,900.

Michael D. Gilday bought property on 19 Green St. from John R. Farrell Sr. and Barbara Ann Farrell for $105,000.

Cannot distribute vertically Robert J. Reilly, Sheila Reilly and Jeffrey M. Reilly bought property on 22 Dubuque St. from Anne Marie Elacqua and six others for $93,000.

Bernard Milewski bought property on 9 Woodland Ave. from Richard Nolan for $140,000.

Salvatore Fusco bought property on 14 Iowa Ave. from John F. Spath and Mary L. Spath for $113,402.

Jason Cohen and Margaret Cohen bought property on 506 Evergreen Place from Brian R. Vattimo for $149,000.

Dennis Grant bought property on 336 Broadway from George K. Leahey for $103,000.

James M. Endres and Sandra L. Endres bought property on 22 Academy St. from Carol Mackey for $121,900.


Gail Detlefsen bought property on 82 Schuurman Road, Averill Park, from Spencer S. Villagio and Jean M. Villagio for $185,900.


Timothy E. MacCue and Sandra E. MacCue bought property on 1134 Old Schaghticoke Road from Joseph A. Morizio Irrevocable Trust for $265,000.


William K. Hoffman Jr. and Tara L. Hoffman bought property on 23 Waters Road from Adirondack Development Group LLC for $329,900.

Scott Hogan bought property on Van Hoesen Road, Castleton, from Wayne Morrow for $53,500.

James D. Prince bought property on 38 South Main St., Castleton, from Jeffery W. Snyder for $89,000.

Ralph A. Ramos and Lorie G. Ramos bought property on 52 Columbia Ave., Nassau, from Maple Capital Inc. for $74,000.

Prudential Relocation Inc. bought property on 35 Bellwood Lane, Castleton, from Alexandros Hasson and Anne C. Clark for $375,000.

Irene C. Smith bought property on 35 Bellwood Lane, Castleton, from Prudential Relocation Inc. for $375,000.

Lee P. Bridenbeck bought property on 17 Waters Road, East Greenbush, from Adirondack Development Group LLC for $338,032.

Rohit Kanchan and Perla R. Kanchan bought property on 1877 Brookview Road, Castleton, from Dorothy Pearson for $65,000.

Jason M. Chevrier and Carrie Nyo-Chevrier bought property on 1336 Angelo Drive, Castleton, from Heidi Leeret for $212,000.

Jonathan M. Partak and Christina M. Erby bought property on 322 North Schodack Road, East Greenbush, from Christopher V. Siegel for $55,000.


Peter Sentz bought property on 175 Brainard Road, Averill Park, from estate of Elizabeth J. Collister for $150,000.

Donald Kipp bought property on 30 Mountain View Way from David A. Royce Sr. and Nancy L. Royce for $131,500.

Kenneth V. Kronberg and Helene E. Kronberg bought property on County Route 33 from Daniel E. Lawson and Maury M. Lawson for $65,000.

Roger Tully and Alice McAlary bought property on 132 Goold Road from Michael J. Dirac and Maria A. Gomez for $195,000.


John P. Broderick bought property on Second Avenue from Patricia A. Wojtaszek for $60,000.

Dominick Casullo and Daniel Casullo bought property on 26 O'Neil St. from Jason Q. Somers for $92,000.

Luc Albert Placide bought property on 76 Jay St. from John J. Fitzgerald for $141,780.