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Date: Wednesday, October 17, 2001

East Greenbush The East Greenbush Education Foundation awarded summer enrichment grants to 164 Students in the East Greenbush Central School District.

Students attended enrichment programs ranging from a forum on medicine to football camp at Syracuse University. Students submit their award applications in June and are then required to report on their program after the fact.

The foundation raises award funds at its annual gala and through donations.

The 2001 Summer Enrichment Awardees and their chosen program are: Emilie Balfour: Crane Music Benjamin Belcher: Computer Camp Dan Bender: Soccer Camp Sandy Bender: Horse Riding Bob Bennett: Crane Music Catie Bennett: Forum on Medicine Meagan Bennett: Forum in Medicine Amanda Benoit: Horse Riding Emily Brownell: Youth Theater Anelise Bryda: Ballet Institute Patrick Buono: Music Studio Nicholas Carlson: Soccer Camp Andrew Carroll: Lacrosse Camp Emily Carroll: Field Hockey Camp Meghan Carroll: Camp Fowler Stephen Casavant: Soccer Camp Tyler Casavant: Basketball Camp Sara Chrysogelos: Cheerleading Camp Brian Chute: Youth Theater Jennifer Chute: Youth Theater Michelle Clemente: Camp Leader Training Nicolina Clemente: What's Cooking Cameron Colloton: Camp Chingachgook Jeannine Colloton: Camp Chingachgook Greg Conklin: Lacrossee and Football Casey Crimmins: Youth Theater Cody Crimmins: Youth Theater John Curtin: Jazz Program Anthony DeJulio: Entrepreneur Program Courtney DeJulio: Youth Theater Marisa DeJulio: Youth Theater Michael DeJulio: Quarterback Camp Brittany Dibble: Field Hockey Camp Julianne DiMura: Emma Willard Nicolette DiMura: Ice Skating Camp Kyle Donovan: Football Camp Masami Dreibelbis: The Blue Crab Greg Duggan: Presbyterian Youth Mark Duggan: Camp Hebron Michael Dzialo: Youth Theater Johanna Eadie: Silver Bay Youth Christopher Faulkner: Basketball Camp Brianna Flag: GM Summer Enrichment Katie Flanigan: Camp Fowler Kerry Flanigan: Basketball Camp Margaret Flanigan: Camp Fowler Alexandra Gabriels: Summer Riding Camp Alex Garrigan-Piela: RPI All Sports Camp Sean Garrigan-Piela: DEC Camp Colby Tommy Genovesi: Football Camp Bonnie Gloris: Sage Summer Art Julie Gondar: Siena Sports Camp Kyle Griffin: Youth Theater Adam Haight: Jazz Institute Jessica Halpin: Camp Is-Sho-Da Katy Halpin: Creative Arts Laura Harrison: Horse Riding Mike Harty: People to People Jennifer Harty: People to People Lauren Marie Hayes: Camp Nassau Sarah Grace Hayes: Camp Nassau Bobby Hoke: Baseball and Golf Christine Hoke: Baseball and Golf Cole Hopper: HVCC Enrichment Dominic Hunt: EG Summer Camp Julie Kash: Basketball Camp Stephen Kash: Golf League Brett Kebea: Kicking Camp Christopher Keneston: Art Program Megan Kennedy: Horse Riding Armelle Kessler: NYS Theater Institute Sam Kessler: Archeology Camp Dmitri Khodjakov: School of Science Timothy Kirsch: Hockey Camp Jeffrey Knox: Youth Theater Adam Kohler: Basketball Camp Kerri Kohler: Cheerleading Camp Chelsea Johnson: People to People Barret LaGrave: Leadership in Medicine Allison Lak: Leadership in Medicine Joseph Lake: Technology Leaders Jennifer LaRosa: Youth Theater Michelle LaRosa: Youth Theater Megan Lehman: Volleyball Camp Erin Loughman: Emma Willard Katelyn Loughman: Camp Little Notch Kevin Loughman: Soccer Camp Ashley Louie: Instrumental Ensemble Erin Maloney: HVCC Enrichment Sean Maloney: Dinoday Camp Austin Maney: Camp Pinnacle Beth Maney: Sailing Program Molly Maney: Girl Scout Camp Paris Maney: Youth Theater Nicholas Manzella: Jazz Program Amy Matarese: Sports Camp Jeffrey Matarese: Sports Camp Kylie Maunu: Horse Riding Colleen McBride: Sage Summer Paul McBride: Music Camp Kara McDonald: Emma Willard Katelyn McDonald: Emma Willard Tiffany Miner: Youth Theater Kimberly Morrill: Camp Nassau Dana Muir: Veterinary Medicine Christian Multunas: HVCC Art Camp Joshua Multunas: HVCC Art Camp Carrie Muench: Norway Soccer Tournament Elizabeth Nero: Youth Theater Meagan O'Brien; Wider Opportunity Kayla O'Hara: Summer Theater J.R. O'Hara; Basketball Camp Elena Pablo: Norway Soccer Camp Matt Pardo: Youth Theater Jesse Pavlick: Aeroscience at Siena Evan Perilstein: Art Camp Chelsea Perry: Basketball Camp Ryan Perry: Football Camp Shane Perry: RPI All Sports Camp Kristina Phelan: Camp Fowler Sarah Pheman: Camp Fowler Gregory Pieper: Caribbean Ecology Sean Pursel: Golf Camp Rachelle Quiara: Volleyball Camp Jessica Richburg: Soccer Camp Katherine Richburg: Soccer Camp Matt Richburg: Soccer Camp Rachel Rieder: Photography Camp Christine Rogers; Norway Cup Kelsey Roman: Saint Rose Drama Program Rachel Rubenstein: Sailing at Mystic Seaport Gina Rullo: Youth Theater Katie Schmidt: Girl Scout Camp Sara Schmidt: Volleyball Camp Timothy Schwarz: LaCrosse Camp Gregory Schmitz: Technology Leaders Jessie Signorelli: Emma Willard Nicole Signorelli: Field Hockey Camp Bobby Smith: Camp Rotary Boy Scouts of America Kaylyn Smith: Basketball Camp Sara Stern: Creative Script/Multimedia Daniel Strienstra: Stage II Theater Renee Strunsinski: Dance Program Neil Swami: Forum on Medicine Stephanie Terry: Youth Theater Kelly Todd: Archaeology Camp Andrea Tonkin: Music Camp Miranda VanCour-Bryant: Youth Theater Abby Van Deusan: Youth Theater Carlo Vidal: RPI All Sports Camp George Vidal: People to People James Vooris: Basketball Camp Nicole Vooris: Basketball Camp Cassy Jane Werking: Basketball Camp Raychelle Werking: Basketball Camp Claire Williams: Drama Program Eric Wolberg: Camp Adventure Evan Wolberg: Camp Adventure Jackson Young: Word of Life Camp Matthew Young: Word of Life Ranch Timothy Young: Basketball Camp