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Date: Sunday, June 6, 1993

The following information was obtained by The Times Union from deed transfers recorded during recent months in the various counties listed below. ALBANY COUNTY

COLONIE 17 Churchill Square, Traditional Builders Ltd., $167,500; to William V. and Judi A. Dardanelli. 4 Gloria Drive, Joseph Alberico Jr. and Linda Alberico, $108,000; to James E. Sickles and Emily Schupp-Sickles. 2 Abbey Road, William A. and Maria A. Sorriento, $116,000; to Ellen Schuler. 33 Wendell Avenue, Barbara J. Rizzo, $148,500; to Peter J. Motta Jr. and Cathryn C. Motta. 1004 14th Street, Richard P. and Margaret A. Dimezza, $105,000; to Darryl G. and Mary E. Whited. Lots 1819-1821 Broadway, John M. Nealon Jr. and Jeanette E. Bogdan, $104,000; to Sherry Simpson Root. Lot 29 Princess Lane, J.J. Cillis Builders Inc., $335,000; to David R. and Martha P. Musser. Lot 27 Princess Lane, J.J. Cillis Builders Inc., $387,000; to Christian J. and Patricia A. Nachtrieb. Parcel on Troy-Shaker Road, Barbara A. Demyan, $85,000; to Anthony J. and Michelle M. Habura. Lot 54 Park Hill Estates, Elaine Ko, $180,000; to Gail M. Malone. Lot 19 Admiral Street, Michael Schermerhorn and Roberta Schermerhorn, $110,000; to Christopher R. Vandollen and Karen E. Valente. 10 Oak Circle, Glenn J. and Christine A. Westfall; $119,000; to Arnold D. and Ma. Rafesza A. Villajuan. Parcel on Exchange Street, Peter J. Motta Jr. and Cathryn C. Motta, $107,000; to Gloria E. Persaud. 5 Bauer Drive, Jeffrey A. and Joan P. Bennett, $88,000; ot George L. and Susan B. Mead. Parcel on Glynn Drive, Richard H. and Ellen M. Dalleave, $85,000; to Susan Reed. Lots 19 and 20 Edgewood Manor, George M. Puccio, $88,000; to Timothy J. and Katherine M. Niles. 7 South West Way, Sea-Ton Developers Inc., $99,500; to Philomena J. Brienza. 1 Deep Woods Drive, Klersy Building Corp., $425,000; to Franklin and Vivian Luk. 18 Citation Drive, Hodorwski & DeSantis/ Omega Terrace Builders Inc., $138,000; to Joseph M. and Janis L. Mitola. 22 Citation Drive, Hodorowski & DeSantis/ Omega Terrace Builders Inc., $131,500; to Michael L. and Donna M. Bruce. Lot 69 Surrey Hill Drive, CR Drywall Inc., $107,000; to Jeffrey L. Tining. Lot 21 Squire Road, Robert Marini Builder Inc., $166,000; to Michael P. and Judith G. Kindlon. Lot 39 Bridgewood Lane M.C.M. Land Developers Inc., $98,000; to Mary F. Lynch. 58 Hunting Road, James A. and Joan M. Wiech, $88,000; to Peter S. and Maureen A. Nati. Parcel on Osborne Road, Christion J. Nachtrieb Jr. and Patricia A. Nachtrieb, $141,500; to Kristofer M. and Shereen D. Robbins. GUILDERLAND 234 Randomwood Drive, Kurt A. Kent Jr. and Irene A. Kent, $200,000; to Richard and Patricia McKenna. Lot 104 Pheasant Walk, Kemper Building Group Inc., $156,500; to Thomas D. and Judith M. Quaglieri. 3018 Old State Road, Toni M. Callaway, $122,500; to Douglas R. and Linda J. Lavalley. Lot 12 Velina Drive, Jerome L. Maltz and Richard J. Maltz, $93,000; to Paul P. and Jennifer E. Graffer. Lot 5177 Woodlawn Manor, William J. Selwood Jr. and Eileen S. Selwood, $265,000; to Robert T. and Mary Pat Smith. Parcel on Parkwood Street West, Timothy J. Farley, $104,000; to Michael G. Cleary and Susan M. Tase. Lot 5174 Woodlawn Manor, Parkview Associates, $230,500; to Donald S. and Susan Montlemarano Coufal. Lot 7031 Suzanne Lane, Gail S. Mikalson, $90,000; to Nancy B. Kuhl. 607 Highwood Circle, John G. and Lynn M. Doctor, $112,500; to Leo E. and Elizabeth A. Rice. 201 Wycham Court, Rudolf E. Paulsen and Robert V. Marini Sr., $250,000; to Linda H. Stockwell. Lot 1 Chainyk Drive, Andrew H. Chainyk, $22,000; to Harold V. Ritter Jr. and Anina Salerno Ritter. Lot 5 Suzanne Court, L&A Serafini Development Corp., $167,500; to Kevin B. and Patti Jo Trestick. Lot 7039 Suzanne Lane, Charles J. Braverman and Dr. Peter J. Cornell, $90,500; to Joan M. Schneider. 8 acres on Westfall Road, Martha E. Harpp, $40,000; to Ernest Rau. Lot 7054 Suzanne Lane, Taurus Advisory Group Inc., $112,500; to William J. and Evelyn Wenzel. 12 Upper Wedgewood Drive, Masullo Brothers Builders Inc., $225,000; to Craig H. and Mary Jo Norman. Lot 5176 Woodlawn Manor, Parkview Associates, $257,500; to Phil L. Pearce and Christine S. Pearce. 3357 Carman Road, Christopher G. and Anita Goutos, $250,000; to Robart L. Bailey. Parcel on Route 146, John D. and Alane A. Butler, $126,000; to Mark T. Hesler and Gretchen A. Hesler. Lot 7042 Suzanne Lane, Cornell Development Corp., $110,500; to Lester and Alice Rubenfield. Lot 110 Kennewyck Circle, RSR Associates, $209,000; to Ned J. and Roberta G. Berkowitz. Lot 3 Kaine Drive, Daniel G. Rogers, $109,500; to Nicholas S. and Janice H. Ingle. Parcel on Inman Avenue, Evelyn Vreeman, $65,500; to Robert L. LaFave and Cornelia LaFave. 2983 Curry Road, Kathleen B. Cramer, $127,000; to Ross M. and Pamela Snyder. 4 Chesterfield Drive, William B. and Lynne Longworth, $261,500; to Edward J. and Aileen A. Lukomski. Lot 7020 Suzanne Lane, Elizabeth A. Davis, $114,000; to John D. and Elsa D. Revilla. Lot 406 Pinkster Lane, RSR Associates, $227,500; to Curtis C. Miller. 303 Highgate Drive, Edward G. and Arlene Murphy, $230,000; to Edward J. and Eileen M. Sullivan. Lot 405 Pinkster Lane, RSR Associates, $226,000; to John F. and Elizabeth K. Poole. Lot 7707 Mykolaitis Lane, Cornell Development Corp., $104,000; to Gail S. Mikalson. 131 Garnett Lane, Christopher Brassard, $128,000; to Judith A. Kuba. Parcel on Furbeck Road, Dorothy E. Izzo, $83,000; to Carol A. Reschke. Lot 6017 Nott Road, Theodore DeLucia Jr. and Karen A. DeLucia, $57,000; to Robert W. and Mary Elizabeth Kehn.

VOORHEESVILLE 32 Locust Drive, Gary L. Scheithauer and Jean-Marie Scheithauer, $100,000; to Diane S. Gorgen.

WATERVLIET Parcel on 23rd Street, Vincent DeChiaro and Anita DeChiaro, $107,000; to William J. and Lise A. Hogan.

WESTERLO Parcel on Shultes Road, Donald L. Cullen and Joan S. Riegler, $156,000; to Bert C. and Mary E. Tobin. 0.90 acres on Route 143, Frank R. Sepa, $65,000; to Raymond Sestak and Sharon Dempsey. Parcel near County Road 402, Tadeusz W. and Maria E. Stanowski, $160,000; to Stephen H. and Cindy L. Lancelet.


TROY Parcel on Pawling Avenue, Andrew A. Cohen, $17,000; to Louis A. Cohen. 631 Sixth Avenue, Richard J. and Debra D. Beaudoin, $125,000;to Joan J. Darcy and Betty A. Petterson. Parcel on Ferry Street, Ferry Street Associates, $300,000; to House of Kaderali Ltd. Lot 6 Third Street, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, $45,000; to Anthony J. Elia and Cathleen M. Elia.


DUANESBURG Parcel on Route 30, Douglas C. and Mary DeRidder, $12,000; to George and Alice Parish. Parcel on Route 30, Patricia J. Clarke, $50,000; to Matthew J. and Lisa M. Falter. Parcel on Eaton Corners, Leroy A. Salisbury and Marcia M. Salisbury, $75,000; to Brian R. and Tina M. Grant. Parcel on Route 30, John P. and Thongkron Miller, $26,000; to Dennis L. Noreen and Laureen M. Sauter. Parcel on Maquire School Road, Dennis M. Durfee and Grace Durfee, $175,000; to Jeffrey D. and Caroline A. Senecal. 2.5 Acres on Duanesburg Churches Road, Andrew Chase. $115,000; to Francis and Margaret A. Robertson Jr. 4.5 Acres on Skyline Drive, James T. Pacuk, $21,000; to Mitchell Hutchins and Terry C. Hutchins. 3.25 Acres on Route 20, Lori Dutcher, $12,000; to Linda S. Duguid and Alan R. Sus. Parcel on Gotha Road, Robert Frost, $131,000; to Bradley E. and Susan H. Bischoff. Parcel on Schenectady-Duanesburg State Highway, Clayton and Janice Campbell, $53,000; to Sylvia Tooley. Parcel on Route 30, Robert D. Mahoney and Lisa J. Mahoney, $26,000; to David R. Skinner and Bonnie E. Skinner. 2.97 Acres on Dennison Road, Caroline Stock and David E. Stock, $4,500; to Gerald P. Mitchell Jr., and Sonya L. Mitchell. Parcel on Gutha Road, Eugene L. Lischynsky, $135,000; to James Slurff and Cynthia A. Slurff. Parcel on Thousand Acre Road, Raymond Warner and Joyce M. Warner, $179,000; to Robert P. Addis and Judy Addis. Parcel on Knight Road, John J. Nicholson and Susan A. Nicholson, $150,000; to Scott J. Corrigan and Elizabeth A. Corrigan. Parcel on McGuire School Road, Warren Milton Liddle, $9,000; to Paul J. Gemmiti and Lynn M. Gemmiti. Parcel on Esperance-Bramen Corners Road, Robert A. and Lillian Hartley, $127,000; to Harold and Sylvia Samelson. Parcel on Duane Lake Road, Daniel P. Sherwin, $78,500; to Elizabeth A. Santore.

GLENVILLE 617 Orlinda Avenue, Dana R. Alexander, $61,500; to Robert M. Leonard. 129 Droms Road, Dale Gene Linden, $49,700; to Paul Witkowski. 6 Stephen Road, Thomas M. and Maureen H. Resue, $108,000; to Glen F. and Eleanor A. Sauter. Parcel on Alplaus Road, Donald R. Kranick, $43,000; to Pearl Armstrong. 1 Ruby Boulevard, Bernadette E. Warren, $74,500; to Maryjane C. Gillespie. 21 Robinson Road, John M. Notar, $127,000; to Michael A. McCabe and Linda A. Trifilo. 1 Bruce Street, Paul Leonard Dupree, $70,000; to Glenn P. Adams. 184 Spring Road, Nicholas J. Montalto, $190,000; to Richard A. Stevens and Carole A. Stevens. Lot 19 Heritage Parkway, Charles W. and Marian M. Gilgore, $163,000; to Thomas A. and Sharon A. Therriault. 445 Ballston Road, Antoinette M. Mashuta, $138,000; to Georgia Van Patten and Jeffrey Van Wormer. Parcel on Green Corners Road, Carolyn Alvarez, $37,000; to Robert Pento, Dominick Pento and Jennifer Kerrick. 340 Amsterdam Road, George Van Patten, $195,000; to John B. and Arlene F. Atwood. 10 Heather Luna, Frank L. Lynch, $90,000; to Theodore E. and Natalie J. Merrill. 824 Sacandaga Road, John S. Duell and Eileen R. Duell, $125,000; to Thomas E. Capobianco and Cathy L. Capobianco. 1010 Pleasantview Avenue, Michael G. Berry, $89,000; to Alan and Michelle L. Payette. Parcel on Belaire Drive, Mildred Urbanski and Denise A. Urbanski Fleck, $80,000; to Robert S. and Mary Beth Relyea. Parcel on Freeman's Bridge Road, Cornell Lumber & Building Materials Corp., $400,000; to Robert S. Cicinelli. 326 Vley Road, Donald and Rose M. Prioletti, $95,000; to Brian A. and Mary K. Prioletti. Parcel on Bolt Road, Lawtton H. Test, $89,000; to Stephen M. and Nancy Anne Cardinali. 18 Cumberland Place, Roger S. and Allma R. Eble, $128,000; to Anthony A. and Christine S. Caggiano. 23 Woodside Drive, Peter F. Marr and Traci A. Marr, $109,500; to James W. and Lesley L. McNutt. 0.8 acre on North Road, Robert VanPatten, Jr., and Victor Vrigian, $20,000; to Beth Hart. 8 Rosemere Road, William C. Trier and Maryln W. Trier, $133,500; to Michael P. Beaudoin and Gayle D. Beaudoin. 3 Seth Lane, James F. Gannon and Margaret Gannon, $95,000; to Santina Garfi and Alfred H. Garfi. 1 Monanda Drive, Louise M. Mills, $75,000; to James J. and Clare A. Hamil. Lot 25 Spearhead Drive, Oak Ridge Gardens Development Corporation, $94,000; to Daniel J. Marko. 13 Harlay Drive, Ann Sue Szymczak, $98,500; to Charlels Bialahoski and Ethel Bialahoski. 169 Birch Lane, John H. Lissaver, $22,000; to John J. and Carolyn B. Jenks. 143 Horstman Drive, Zbruslaw and Lidia Pluta, $107,000; to William J. Pytlovany. 27 Hetcheltown Road, Douglas V. Post, $68,000; to Adam C. and Susan A. Post. 525 Riverside Avenue, Paul E. DuCharme and Marianne DuCharme, $90,000; to Richard W. Wilson and Cynthia J. Wilson. 53 Swaggertown Road, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $64,500; to Stephen DeDell and Kathleen DeDell. 46 Baldwin Road, Anthony Peter Roeters and Lois Mae Roeters, $123,500; to David S. Mantei and Brenda J. Mantei. 111 Acorn Drive, Alan R. and Wylan B. Schultz, $165,000; to Icko E. T. Iben and Maria E. Marato. Parcel on Swaggertown Road, Aileen Parks, Josiah T. Parks, and Evellyn Gardner, $192,000; to Andrew Parker and Gina Livingston. 617 Orlinda Avenue, Dana R. Alexander $61,500; to Robert M. Leonard. Parcel on Spring Road, Derwood L. Littlefield and Derwood F. Littlefield, $33,000; to Kevin L. Conrad and Nancy R. Conrad. 311 Vley Road, Richard J. McGuire and Marjorie F. McGuire, $168,000; to Thomas D. Phillips and Jayne C. Phillips.

NISKAYUNA 4 Jason Lane, Traditional Builders Ltd., $183,000; to Raymond J. Hull Jr., and Joan M. Hull. 1157 Hedgewood Avenue, Marie Sylvia Anapolis, $98,000; to Jeffrey S. DePere and Valerie A. Junco. 842 Downing Street, Carnevale Venture Corp. and Chateau Real Estate Development Inc., dba Downing Street Associates, $222,000; to Stephen R. Koch and Susan H. Townsend. Lot 19 Lori Drive, Anchor Builders Inc., $158,000; to Betty D. Naye and Barbara J. Naye. Parcel on Nicholas Avenue, Edward and Ruth Riss, $110,000; to Frederick Riss. 2490 Eastern Parkway, Richard A. Reisman, $65,000; to John Celani. Parcel on Cheshire Place, James R. Keith, $125,000; to Mikhail and Natasha Polishuk. Parcel on Mesick Road, Lawrence G. Wilke and Richard J. Wilke, $150,000; to Terry R. and Hannah S. Powell. Lot 74 Rosehill Boulevard, The First Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of Schenectady, $78,000; to Carol Carlson and William Talkiewicz 45 East Street, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, $52,500; to Clifford James Rocque Jr. 2 Chestnut Lane Andrew J. Worsey and Jill A. Hanson, $160,000; to Jeffrey P. Williams and Da1e Williams. 1515 Myron Street, Gordon B. Wright and Hildegard E. Wright, $120,000; to Karen L. Wright. 1083 Valerie Drive, Lino Delzotto, $50,000; to Lino Delzotto & Son Builders Inc. 1083 Valerie Drive, Lino Delzotto & Son Builders Inc., $202,250; to Daniel M. Lundquist and Edith H. Lundquist. 2072 Morrow Avenue, Glenn R. Clark, $77,500; to Robert B. and Rebecca L. Hallman. Lot 177 Killarney Drive, Drawing Board Developers Ltd., $120,000; to Doris Mulhall. Lot 2485 Angelina Drive, Angelina Serafini, $238,500; to Vincent and Elvira V. Bianchi. 927 Westholm Road, James W. Frazier and Patricia A. Frazier, $130,000; to Michael S. Brown and Ann K. Fleming Brown. 860 Harris Drive, Richard B. Bush and Therese M. Bush, $132,000; to Paul E. DuCharme and Marianne DuCharme. 1017 Rosendale Road, Jay L. Horner and Reyna K. Horner, $436,500; to Stephen M. Merdinger and Frank Pollack. 1915 Providence Avenue, Kevin G. Caslin, $87,000; to Margaret A. Bennett. 2104 Dean Street, Matthew F. Druzba, $95,000; to Paul Pratico and Elizabeth R. Pratico. 842 Northumberland Drive, Kim E. Silver, $129,000; to John C. Powers Jr., and Helena E. Powers. Parcel on Dover Road, Thomas A. and Carol A. Wood, $117,000; to Sidney and Ruth R. Edwards. 2226 Garden Drive, Bruce F. and Linda H. Griffing, $178,500; to Alan L. and Maureen A. Woerner. Parcel on Lisha Kill Road, Stephen Fields, aka Stephen G. Fields, and Kathleen D. Fields, $45,000; to John Cerone Inc. Lot 12 Clute Crest Drive, Traditional Builders Ltd., $180,000; to Frank J. and Joyce M. Eschenbach. 1032 Onondaga Road, Thomas W. Moffett and Rita G. Moffett, $222,500; to Charles C. and Tara Walsh Peterson. 2056 Baker Avenue, Raymond J. Hull Jr., and Joan M. Hull, $114,000; to Carmine F. and Linda J. Costanzo. 1037 Vrooman Avenue, Louis M. and Dorothy R. Osika, $165,000; to Edward R. and Francesca T. Harrington. Parcel on Rosendale Road, Robert Frost, $39,000; to Peter A. and Lisa C. Vanderminden. 2232 Fairlawn Parkway, Aura Ciccotto, $154,000; to Kenneth E. Fritz and Katherine E. Fritz. 1074 Valerie Drive, Harvey Lee Smilovitz and Deborah M. Smilovitz, $287,500; to Michael J. Kelley and Brenda L. Kelley. 1189 Country Club Drive, William W. Schaefer and Karen A. Schafer, formerly known as Karen A. Schlansker, $96,000; to Julia A. Noble. 6 Laurel Lane, Wayne C. Susser and Kelly A. Susser, $107,000; to Carmen F. Francella and Shelley A. Francella. 1723 Union Street, Mary Lou Kune, $121,500; to Michael and Susan Kutcher. 1014 Valerie Drive, Fang Chen Luo and Marlinda W. Luo, $205,000; to Benjamin S. and Luann Me Sick. 832 Maxwell Drive, Henzerchen and Saw-Yie Wang, $121,000; to Henry Chao and Jing Liana. 914 Randall Road, Lawrence G. Wilke and Richard J. Wilke, $150,000; to Terry R. and Hannah S. Powell. Parcel on Cheschire Place, James R. Keith, $125,000; to Mikhail and Natasha Polishchuk. Parcel on Pinecrest Drive, Lino DelZotto, $60,000; to Lino Delzotto & Son Builders Inc. Parcel on Pinecrest Drive, Lino DelZotto & Son Builders Inc., $299,000; to Stephen and Renate M. Ferrante. Parcel on Hawthorn Road, Patricia D. Foot, $237,500; to John M. and Christine M. Kelley. Lots 434 and 435 Baker Avenue, Robert H. Meyer, $81,000; to Kelly Ann Sweeney. 1909 Hexam Road, Robin and Gail Marie White, $151,000; to Frances M. Zinicola.

PRINCETOWN 10.36 acres on Rynex Corners Road, Kenneth E. Fritz and Kathrine Fritz, $172,000; to Joseph C. and Robin M. Glennon. RD 5 Skyline Drive, Wendy Lace, $160,000; to Richard Kucik and Linda Kucik. 353B Scotch Ridge Road, Michael Pommer and Joann Pommer, $188,000; to Mary Ann Meskutovecz and Dale May.

ROTTERDAM 1722 Suffolk Avenue, Angela Simmons, $76,500; to Phillip J. Contompasis and Elizabeth M. West. 2618 Hendricks Street, Philip W. and Ida Kilburn, $80,000; to Frank G. and Marsha M. Dunn. 21 Princetown Road, Michael L. and Mary E. Moolick, $88,500; to Joseph F. and Linda L. Bouck. 1038 Dudley Road, Anthony J. and Carmella J. DeGeorgia, $85,000; to David A. and Susan L. Deluke. Parcel on Currybush Road, Peter B. and Michele M. Daubney, $117,000; to Gary L. Bishop. 1309 Trinity Avenue, Linda L. Bittner, fka Linda L. O'Brien, fka Linda L. Chalachanis, $90,000; to Bruce W. and Kathryn J. Collins. 2801 Wellington Avenue, Sharon H. Bender, $97,500; to Richard J. Gonyeau and Catherine G. Gonyeau. Parcel on Putnam Road, Michael Alexander and Melodie M. Alexander, $51,000; to Kevin M. Sponable and Margaret S. Sponable. 51 Priscilla Lane, Rose Tiemann, $59,000; to Robert R. Tiemann. 437 Summer Avenue, Irving Plusch, $80,000; to Gary Cuoco and Kari A. Adamec. Parcel on Donald Drive, Robert Iovinella and Timothy Larned, $158,000; to Charles P. and Joette P. Curiano. 80 Cady Avenue, Catherine Faulkey, $60,000; to Udo A. Ammon and Ann M. Ammon. Parcel on Donald Drive, Rober Iovinella and Timothy Larned, $178,500; to John M. Notar and Paula L. Notar. Parcel on Wendy Court, Kurt Matsumoto and Jacklyn Deuvall, aka Jacklyn Harvey, $162,500; to Robert J. Malecki and Laura A. Malecki. 2651 Second Avenue, James D. Komazenski and Laura A. Komazenski, $110,000; to James Komazenski and Laurel Komazenski. 890 O'Brien Avenue, Mark N. Fryc and Kathleen A. Fryc, $92,000; to Michael J. Corless and Carol Ann Corless. 156 Rotterdam Street, Angela I. Nebolini, Irene E. Pecora, Ermelinda M. Gaspara, Bart A. Pastiglione and Lena Pastiglione, $79,000; to Mark W. Bellinger and Shelia J. Bellinger. 90 Gifford Church Road, Paul J. Demilia and Kathleen M. Demilia, $115,750; to Jeffrey R. Tedesco and Margaret M. Tedesco. 330 Mariaville Road, THomas W. Culbent and Sally Hickok Culbent, $92,000; to Edgar Primett Jr., and Linda S. Primett. Parcel on Wellington Avenue, Teresa M. Hargraves, $35,000; to Michael J. Pisano and Denise M. Pisano. Parcel on Day Road, Thomas C. Mahan, $77,000; to Jeffrey M. Bisner. 2827 Caroline Avenue, Charles M. Carafano, Sr., Charles M. Carafano Jr., and James C. Carafano, $85,000; to Sharon Anne Monty. 344 Hewett Drive, John A. Cioffi and Corrine A. Cioffi, $177,500; to Paul J. DeMilio and Kathleen M. DeMilio. 1105 DeForest Avenue, Jorge R. Paduani and Pamela D. Paduani, $79,000; to Joseph LaCoppolla and Linda L. LaCoppolla. 1907 Elizabeth Street, Todd Martinelli and Lori Martinelli, $115,000; to Giuseppe Sciuto, Christine M. Sciuto, and Angela Musumeci. Parcel on Van Dyke Avenue, Frank E. and Milada LeGere, $25,000; to Thomas E. Cashan. 1199 Vinewood Avenue, Elizabeth Fisher Jones, $82,500; to Manfred W. F. Boyle and Vitaline M. Boyle. 1050 Theodore Road, William C. Thiry and Theresa M. Yonkers, $110,000; to George Loomis III and Tanya R. Loomis. 1259 Evergreen Avenue, Michael P. and Maria A. Derrico, $86,000; to Shawn A. and Monica A. O'Connor. Parcel on Howell Street, Anthony Villano and Eugene Villano, $112,000; to Irene H. Zeglen and Nancy Zeglen. 1216 Hemlock Street, David B. Wells and Joanne Wells, $87,000 to David C. Crandall and Deborah A. Crandall. 1010 Angeline Road, Joseph and Pamela Kranz, $104,000; to David W. and Karen L. Laverty. 2008 Ferguson Street, Constantino Lippiello and Filomena Lippiello, $86,000; to Gregory T. and Karla A. Yankovec. 1838 Cassella Road, Michael J. Tessier and Gail A. Tessier, $90,000; to Joseph J. Vullo and Jennifer L. Miller. 1999 Tower Avenue, James M. Grandy and Laura V. Grandy, $87,000; to Timothy P. Sroczynski and Melissa J. Mills. 1867 Gray Street, Gerald J. and Kathie A. Stuitje, $82,000; to Timothy J. and Sally L. Heller. 7 Harvard Street, Daniel and Sharon Brazell, $68,000; to Patrick Bleau and Shirley St.Andrews. Lot 41 Netherlands Boulevard, Stylich Development Corp., $150,000; to Michael J. and Gail A. Tessier. Parcel on Third Street, Todd Martinelli, $25,000; to Tina White. 2837 Ford Avenue, Stanley J. Sitors, Jr., and Linda L. Sitors, $19,500; to Stanley J. Sitors and Mary Dawn Sitors, Jr.

ROTTERDAM JUNCTION 21 Erie Street, Michael S. and Bonnie L. Quant, $86,000; to Robert L. Wilson and Barbara J. Lachanski.

SCHENECTADY 974 Strong Street, Ayotunde Adewunmi and Olaolu A. Adewunmi, $45,000; to Brian D. Smith. 1814 Nott Street, Lewis M. Elig and Mary Ann Boord, $27,000; to Mary Ann Boord and Richard W. Boord. 1084 Parkwood Boulevard, Larry G. and Judith R. Cartwright, $90,000; to Melissa Kaczor. 2310 Central Parkway, Franklin H. Goldberger and Leslie A. Novak fka Leslie A. Goldberger, $182,000; to Darlene J. Schwarz and Debra A. Hotaling. 227 Park Place, David Lecce, $50,000; to Robert J. St. Andrews and Kenneth Thompkins. 118 Snowden Avenue, J. Russell Wyatt, $25,000; to Mary C. Mullin. Parcel on Donald Avenue, David Wallace, Donna Wallace and James J. Wallace, $73,500; to David B. Troischt. Lot 5 Rose Street, Howard E. Hoff, $66,500; to Rosemary Reynolds. 656 Orchard Street, Stephen A. Crozzoli, $61,000; to Scott M. Smith. 38 Marshall Avenue, Oren L. and Ruth E. Thompson, $85,000; to Kathleen E. Rafferty and Kristine M. Rafferty. 251 Summitt Avenue, Helen M. Ferrara, $33,000; to Robert St. Andrews. 1902-1908 Broadway, Joseph Clute, $105,000; to Robert V. and Margaret P. Kennison. Parcel on Parkwood Boulevard, Norma C. Waldbillig, $61,500; to Gary E. and Vickie M. Moore. 114 Pinehurst Place, Doreen J. Glenning fka Doreen J. Hemming and James A. Glenning, $92,000; to Frank B. and Sonia L. O'Donnell. Parcel on South Center Street, Joan E. Grant, $15,500; to Lee C. and Cathy C. Keneston. 1109 Coplon Avenue, Richard J. Borah, $93,000; to Ernest G. Pierotti and Sarah B. Pierotti. 2836 Windmere Road, Helen H. Palasik, $77,000; to Paul E. Lanczak and Kimberly J. Daugherty. 1810 Nott Street, Trustco Bank, $76,000; to Joseph Mabee and Diane Mabee. 166 Chiswell Road, Janet A. Northcutt and Robert E. Reece, $70,900; to Stephen J. Hill and Cindy L. Hill. 211 Manchester Road, Michael and Celester M. Pais, $81,000; to A. John Sokol, Jr., and Lisa A. Sokol. Lot 143 Marriott Avenue, Joseph T. Miakisz, $43,000; to Jean T. Babcock and Tammy L. Trumvauer. 1341-1343 Sixth Avenue, Karen M. Rothaupt, fka Karen M. Roy, $55,000; to Marc J. and Debra N. Hilton. 909 Bridge Street, Paula E. Tama, $65,000; to Robert J. and Lisa A. Card. 213 Seward Place, Peter Vanderminden and Lisa C. Vanderminden, $125,000; to Suzanne Benack. 23 Linden Street, Natalia Russo, $35,000; to Randall A. Angerosa and Gary A. Zielinski. 1776 Avenue H, Thomas A. Saltis, $67,500; to David H. and Tina L. Houston. 1407 Grand Boulevard, Vincent Chase, $95,000; to David S. Semione and Renae L. Gibbs. Parcel on Consaul Road, Mid-City Paving & Constructing, Inc., $87,500; to Daniel J. and Patricia A McDonnell. 1062 Bridge Street, Irene Zeglen aka Irene Zeglin, $73,000; to James L. Macie. 32 Central Parkway, John C. and Helena E. Powers, Jr., $120,500; to Nathan M. and Mary J. Bliss. 1380-1382 Glenwood Boulevard, Robert M. and Priscilla A. Durante, $112,000; to James A. Feranda and Claire P. Kehoe. Parcel on Ardsley Road, Donald C. Brown, $78,500; to David M. and Ellen N. Johnston. 1036 Howard Street, John R. Graham, $12,500; to Michael LaManna. 1110 Union Street, Dorothy L. Gallo, $135,000; to Karl Heiner. 1714 Becker Street, Tina M. Grant, fka Tina M. McCadden and Brian R. Grant, $64,000; to Eugenie M. MacFarlane. 1164 Parkwood Boulevard, Anthony J. Perretta and LuAnn Bryk, $95,000; to Patrick L. and Carol Burchfield. Parcel on Chadwick Road, Ida Kelley, $14,000; to New Way General Construction. 124 Division Street, Living Resources Development Corp., $34,000; to Alcoholism Council of Schenectady County, Inc. 9 South Church Street, Garlene S. Johnson, $90,000; to Paul A. Lefebvre. Parcel on Cutler Street, Zelindo F. Viscusi, $62,000; to James Bordwell. 92-94 Furman Street, Trustco Bank, $30,500; to Robin Franze and Susan Franze. 3330 Albany Street, Inez R.G. Bizel, $60,000; to Odell Price and Audrey A. Price. 2018 Hugh Street, Marc G. Glenn and Christopher A. Doyle, $75,484; to Franklin J. Haley, Sr., and Mary E. Haley. 818 Dean Street, Barbara H. Thompson, $85,000; to Andrew J. Hatala. 3078 Albany Street, Richard Stern and Marie Stern, $80,000; to Daniel M. Monty. 1380 Tracy Avenue, Maria N. Contomnasis, $91,000; to Lucille Burdick. Parcel on Nora Avenue, Walter A. Pikor, Jr., $107,000; to Andrew Bennett and Bonnie Bennett. 1472 Lexington Avenue, Helen A. Hughes, $48,000; to Michael R. Carpentier and Amelia M. Carpentier. Parcel on Van Buren Avenue, James A. Pone and Patricia M. Pone, $32,000; to Robert DellaVilla. 203 Van Buren Avenue, James A. Pone and Patricia M. Pone, $16,000; to Robert DellaVilla. 2030 Avenue A, Dean J. Tessitore, $15,000; to Mark P. Ottati and Pasquale A. Petraccione. 1452 Wendell Avenue, Mary Ellen DiCocco, $168,000; to Michael R. and Judith A. VanPatten. 226 Fifteenth Street, Edith M. DeSarbo, $95,000; to Darren E. Bachus and Kristi L. Adams. 1885 Grand Boulevard, Vincent Bianchi and Elvira V. Bianchi, $109,000; to Raymond J. and Sonia M. Nicholas. 88 Division Street, Elaine H. Marra, $65,000; to Willma J. Harris and Gladys G. Slutton. Parcel on Union Street, William B. Miner and Cynthia Miner, $155,000; to First Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of Schenectady, New York. 933 Harrison Avenue, Laurance F. MacDonald and Lea Ann MacDonald, $89,000; to Patty A. Martell. 1227 Sixth Avenue, Rose Ann Williams, $62,500; to Barbara L. Camadine. 230 Edward Street, Katherine A. Abba and Joseph A. Matocha, $35,000; to Charles D. and Katherine A. Abba. 42 Western Parkway, William E. and Helen H. MacGregor, $50,000; to Maury A. Kimmel. Parcel on State Street, S & O Property Corp., $148,000; to Paul E. Hogeboom. Parcel on Becker Street, Ronald A. Hesnor, $66,000; to Thomas L. Hesnor. 19 Washington Avenue, Christopher D. and Hosena Turner, $270,500; to Thomas H. and Michele P. Curry. 24 North Street, Thomas H. and Susan A. Dowling, $80,000; to Patricia Tappa. Parcel on Turner Avenue, Lorraine Baron, $20,500; to Gregory A. Laniewski. 1815 Guilderland Avenue, Ruth C. Donohue and Jacqueline A. Hurd, $90,000; to Robert D. and Concetta M. Koutsopoulos.

SCOTIA 201 Swan Street, Alice M. Carl, $75,000; to Kenneth w. Rechnitzer and Jan Rechnitzer. 9 Vista Drive, Dominick C. and Barbara Barone, $127,000; to Thomas J. and Marilyn C. Therrien. 149 N. Toll Street, Minerva Viva, $81,500; to William Bolban. Lot 25 Cartwheel Drive, Sabre Springs, Inc., $89,500; to Stephen E. Ouderkirk and Cheryl L. Ouderkirk. 680 Swaggertown Road, Nicholas J. Perazzelli and Margaret A. Perazzelli, $220,000; to Albert W. Elrod and Suzanne M. Elrod. 525 Riverside Avenue, Paul E. DuCharme and Marianne DuCharme, $90,000; to Richard W. Wilson and Cynthia J. Wilson. 30 Onderdonk Road, Terrence Doyle and Cheryl P. Doyle, $80,000; to Leonard A. Monte. 228 Alexander Avenue, Thomas G. and Jacqueline A. Pillsworth, $87,500; to David R. Fountain. 59 Cuthbert Street, Douglas S. and Charlene Cornell, $86,000; to Patricia Gibbs. Lot 16 Cartwheel Drive, Arrowhead Homes, Inc., $109,000; to Jeffrey A. and Dana L. Durant. 104 Catherine Street, Kenneth F. and Susan J. Ralston, $85,000; to Robyn L. Carr and Josephn W. Carr. Unit 12 Mohawk Schoolhouse Condominium, Brian Russell, $56,000; to Lois A. Prian. 204 Root Avenue, Michael L. and Lisabeth L. Marchesiello, $81,000; to Bernard J. Witkowski. 418 S. Reynolds Street, Lillian C. Hubert, $59,000; to Jeanne E. Meyers. 128 Seeley Street, Robert F. and Pamela A. Dintrone, $136,000; to Dale W. and Kristine J. Gjerde. 5 North Holmes Street, Eric C. Frewin, $82,000; to H. Susan Jeffords. 46 Irving Road, Margaret C. Plaugh, $78,500; to Robert F. Morris and Sheri L. Morris. 214 Wren Street, Wayne VanGenderen and Joanne VanGenderen, $98,500; to Lawrence L. and Joan Haas. 6 Eagle Street, Jan Warner, $93,432; to Frank A. and Pamela J. Dusanek. Unit 1308 Cambridge Manor Drive, Brookview Court, $78,000; to Robert W. and Mildred E Simmons. 132 Glen Avenue, W. Paul Callen, $89,125; to Fred D. Stein and Constance Jill Stein. 133 Sacandaga Road, Edward A. McNulty, $72,000; to Frank J. Cernik. 5 Albion Street, Alex Lushpinsky and Jerry Lee Lushpinsky, $92,500; to Paul G. and Diana L. Thompson.