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Date: Sunday, July 19, 1992

The following information was obtained by The Times Union from deed

transfers recorded during recent months in the various counties listed below. ALBANY COUNTY

ALBANY Parcel on Nothern Boulevard, Anthony Vaccarielli Sr. and Anthony D. Vaccarielli Jr. and Lisa Vaccarielli, $46,000; to Martel E. and Deanna N.

Buckley. 158 Point of Woods Drive, Fred Schroeter, $48,000; to Wendy Melichar. 1.686 acres on Magnolia Terrace, Ray A. Elliot Jr., M.D., $2,150,000; to

Albany Medical College. 1 Windsor Place, Hodorowski & DeSantis/Whitehall

Station Builders Inc., $138,500; to Raymond and Evelyn K. Segel. Lot 78 Oxford Road, Michael K. Fay, $96,000; to Anthony G. and Christina F. Schettino. Lot

106 Whitehall Road, Teresa L. Winslow, Anna Winslow, and Edmund Winslow,

$12,500; to Teresa L. Winslow. Parcel on Pine Avenue, Ada E. Lacholter,

$89,000; to David M. Phaff. 33 West Van Vechten Street, Rose N. Blase,

$70,000; to Kevin M. and Nancy L. Boice. 35 Miller Avenue, John J. Lochner,

$91,000; to Robert J. and Margaret R. Westervelt. 86 Chestnut Street, William P. Brown and Eleanor Drum Brown, $150,000; to 260 Park Avenue Realty Corp. Lot 3 Kensington Place, Robert C. Friedman, $114,000; to Sidney Lesser. 201

Lancaster Street, Jeffrey C. Knox and John Knox, $28,000; to Carl and Cheryl

Friedman. 1 White Oak Lane, Donald Cotter, $40,000; to Joseph Parrottino. Lot 153 Van Schoick Avenue, William F. and Judith S. Crandell, $125,000; to George M. and Marianne Daniels Bross. Lot 20 Esplande Street, Bronco Development,

Ltd., $85,000; to Joseph Geller, Flora S. Geller, and Sandra P. Geller. 468

Orange Street, Albany Community Land Trust, $30,500; to Randolph Peterkin and Naomi Clark Peterkin. Lot 47 Cardinal Avenue, Richard A. Rainka, $104,000; to Alexander J. and Harriet D. Rainka. Parcel on Washington Avenue, Denise A.

Colbath, $50,000; to David John and Nora Lynn Stafford.

BERNE 7.11 acres on Filkins Hill Road, William M. Fatica, Richard

Kositzka and Jonas Havens, $18,000; to Erik and Kelly Dedrick. 4.528 acres on Simons Road, George J. Hoerning Sr. $89,500; to Lawrence and Carol G. King.

Parcel on Mill Dam Road, Jacob V. Simons Sr. and Janet K. Simons; $76,00; to

Charles R. and Adrianna G. Baldwin. BETHLEHEM Lot 41, Adams Woods, Feura Bush Associates Joint Venture,

$45,000; to H&D Adams Wood Inc. 16 Journey Lane, Leonard F. Jarvis and

Elizabeth C. Jarvis, $237,500; to Mark H. and Nina Eder. Lot 3 Cayuga Court,

Peter Belmonte Builders Inc., $199,000; to Mary C. and Thomas J. Halayko. 9

Kenaware Avenue, T. Melissa Martin, $184,000; to Christopher J. and Carolyn

Smith. Parcel on Hudson Avenue, William F. and Judith S. Crandell, $125,000;

to George M. and Marianne Daniels Bross. Lot 42 Beacon Road, George W.

Zautner, $193,500; to Kenneth G. and Sharon A. Fisher. A 0.816-acre parcel on Krumkill Road, Dix R. and Joan A. Colbert, $42,000; to Theodore F. and Frances Lekakis.

COEYMANS 23.379 acres near Stanton Road, Preston G. Lightsey, $29,500; to Richard A. Devries and Nina S. Caires.

COHOES A 0.159-acre parcel on Dudley Avenue, Kevin and Donna M.

Kennedy, $90,000; to Steven M. and Judith S. Pingelski. Parcel on Remsen

Street, city of Cohoes, $5,000; to Timothy J. Cairns.

COLONIE 6 Forest Drive, Richard L. and Laura M. Mowers, $92,500; to

Vincent J. and Pamela Green Stryker. Lot 3, The Sage Estate, The Sage Estate

Partners, $220,000; to Frank A. Freihoffer III and Elizabeth Freihoffer. 19

Toronado Drive, Elias Weis, $50,000; to Hodorowski & DeSantis/ Wind Rose Hill Inc. 19 Toronado Drive, Hodorowski & DeSantis/Wind Rose Hill Inc., $156,000;

to Ronald J. and Joyce P. Kobasa. Lot 48 Omega Terrace, Thomas J. Papa,

$42,000; to Masullo Brothers Builders Inc. Parcel on Louden Road, George

Bourgeois and Joan Bourgeois, $210,000; to Frank G. Carlascio and Karin L.

Carlascio. Parcel on Daisy Street, Mary A. Roy and William G. Little,

$102,500; to Susan Reilly. 12 Ethel Drive, Alfred Jensen and Eugenia J.

Jensen, $145,000; to H.D. Roberts Real Estate Co. Inc. 6 acres on Lincoln

Street, Emma Sandwick, $160,000; to Leif Sandwick and Richard Scherer. Lot 249 Colonie Terrace, Kenneth R. Agans and Penny L. Agans, $10,000; to Laura L.

Scoons. 5 Omega Terrace, Hodorowski & DeSantis/Wind Rose Hill Inc., $186,500; to Raymond S. and Patricia A. Lazzaro. 5 Omega Terrace, Elias Weis, $50,000;

to Hodorowski & DeSantis/ Wind Rose Hill, Inc. Lot 115 Wolfert Avenue, John L. and Lori Ann Baird, $90,000; to Timothy R. and Susan E. Fox. 27 Frantone Lane, Olivier Bauchau and Yi-Ling Bauchau, $109,500; to Victor Wislous and Maria T. Wislous. Lot 18 Amboy Drive, Andrew Zostant, $92,000; to Michael B. and Mary

E. Fitzgibbon. Lot 20 Campus View Drive, Campus Hill Development Corp.,

$32,000; to Samuel J. Barr. Lot 9 Loudon Road, Mountain View, Theresa L.

Greisler, $78,000; to John P. and Kimberly M. Brant.

GUILDERLAND Lot 92 Highgate Drive, Robert E. Williams, $13,500; to

Jeanne M. Millett. Lot 7503 Antoinette Court, Cornell Development Corp.,

$86,000; to Theresa M. Ieraci. Lot 47 Angelina Terrace, Steven C. and Cheryl

E. May, $169,000; to Robert W. and Kim D. Varsanyi. Lot 184 Pine Ridge Drive, John A. and Juanita W. Jackson, $164,000; to Gerard W. and Paula Houser.

Parcel on Altamont Avenue, Timothy W. Murphy and Mildred P. Murphy, $96,000;

to Charles J. and Dorothy E. Hudson. 305 Highgate Drive, Rex S. Ruthman,

William J. Shultz, Joseph Rosen and Edward R. Feinberg, $159,000; to Scott H. Ginsburg and Patricia A. Moore.

KNOX 22.202 acres on Street Road, George Harvey and Timothy Hourihan,

$35,000; to George D. McHugh and Joseph D. McHugh. 1.2 acres on Pleasant

Valley Road, Charles McDermott, Ethel McDermott, Donald H. McDermott, Darlene McDermott Flagler, and Linda McDermott Hempstead, $35,000; to Patrick Golden. WATERVLIET Lot 652 Fifth Avenue, Barbara M. Battige, James D. Foley

Jr., Joan A. Kelly, and Mark K. Murray, $61,000; to Vincent Cicchinelli and

Susan M. Battige. Lot 20 Manor Place, Thomas J. and Laura L. Havens O`Brien,

$102,500; to Donald D. Turner and Esther Franco Turner. Parcel on Broadway,

Josephine Smith, $41,500; to Gregory M. Perantoni and Ellen Perantoni.


DUANESBURG 2 acres on Route 30, George E. Lauzon and Wanda C. Lauzon, $95,500; to Laurence Sebesta and Rebecca L. Sebesta. 2.16 acres on Route 20,

Arthur Richard Lent, $20,000; to Terry and Norma Jean McKane.

GLENVILLE Lot 11 Slater Drive, Christopher A. Cernik, $60,000; to David Bartoli. Lot 28 Lark Street, Naomi Farr Richman, $86,000; to David G. Goode.

Lot 5 Alpaus Avenue, Evelyn C. Relyea, $87,000; to Robert C. and Susan B.

Winchester. Lot 78 Oakwood Drive, Carl R. Bugg Jr. and Patricia A. Bugg,

$154,000; to Richard J. and Diane M. Alexander. Parcel on Alflo Road, Marie M. Rochford, $79,000; to James D. Walker, Jr. and Daria Walker. Lot 87 Willow

Lane, Craig T. and Sandra K. Weber, $107,500; to Eric T. Bessarab and Cheryl

F. Hiller. Parcel on Glen Avenue, Eric K. Stevens and Stacy M. Stevens,

$60,000; to Charles E. Hebert and Shirley M. Garrow. Parcel on Berkley Road,

Diane C. Baertsch, $50,000; to Richard B. Baertsch. 28 Cartwheel Drive, Sabre Springs Inc., $94,500; to Frank Citone and Shanti Citone. Lot 19 Glen Avenue, David J. Aumiller, $20,000; to Noreen A. Aumiller. Parcel on Sanders Avenue,

Jeffrey C. and Donna J. Bazicki, $64,000; to Peter W. Samuels. 5.784 Touareuna Road, Dale Kirk Van Eps, $13,500; to Edward C. and Sharon A. Ondriska. Parcel on Scotia-Saratoga State Highway, Jeffrey R. and Daphine L. Nelson, $91,000;

to David I. and Rachael A. Schriver.

NISKAYUNA Parcel on Wallace Road, Donald K. Burger and Anne C. Burger, $40,000; to Anne C. Burger. Lot 6 Regent Street, Ann M. Ritter, $82,500; to

Fred Willett. Parcel on Gloucester Place, Frank J. Foglia, Jr. and Mary Jo

Foglia, $282,500; to Paul J. and Linda A. Tanella. Parcel on Rosendale Road,

Diane S. Cornell, $90,500; to Peter J. Cornell. Lots 86 & 87 Apple Street,

Joseff R. Parrington, $92,500; to Saundra G. Demond. Lot 221 Myron Street,

Jeffrey T. Thomas and Judith Ann Thomas, $109,500; to Scott Kalm and Opal

Kalm. 64 Pheasant Ridge, Sotile Builders Inc., $354,500; to Eric and Helene L. Wildi. Parcel on Jewett Street, Gary W. Spaudling and Nancy M. Spaulding,

$91,500; to Tammy A. Lape and Ralph P. Mischitelli, Jr. Lot 9 Ray Street, Mary Lou Kunz, $82,000; to Ihab M. Hilweh and Christine V. Hansen-Hilweh. Lot 2

Colonial Heights, David J. Sadowski, $83,000; to Mary Beth Manrique. Parcel on Millington Road, Peter E. Blankman and Lynn J. Blankman, $140,000; to Kirk R. and Roxanne T. MacFarlane. 2160 Grand Boulevard, Richard A. and Jean S.

Neuber, $172,000; to Peter E. and Lynn K. Blankman.

PRINCETOWN Parcel on Pangburn Road, Jack R. Johnson and Andrea Johnson, $60,000; to Jack R. Johnson. Parcel on Old State Road, Sandra M. Lapczenski,

$83,000; to John R. and Norma J. Askew.

ROTTERDAM Parcel on O`Brien Avenue, F. Richard Normington and Patricia A. Normington, $93,000; to Richard and Deborah L. Agersta. Lot 28 Schermerhorn Street, Iona Billington, $47,000; to Frank M. and Dorothy L. Valachovic.

Parcel on Sixth Avenue, Robert G. Piche and Assunta Teller Piche, $50,000; to James D. Lipe and Liana M. Lipe. Parcel on Guilderland Avenue, Marlene

Caldwell and Suzanne Alibozek, $78,000; to Thomas J. Murray and Cosimina


Lot 72 Broad Street, Marie Lombardi, $103,500; to James A. Sanders and John P. Sanders. Lot 10 State Street, Chester A. Polenz, $61,000; to Anthony

and Karen E. Lezzi. Lot 10 State Street, Anthony and Karen E. Lezzi, $85,000; to Rudolph G. Fecketter. Lot 67 Thomson Street, Ralph J. Decristofaro Jr.

$65,000; to David Gazzillo. Lot 170 Clayton Road, Richard Quay, $45,500; to

Michael Murray. Lots 302 & 303 Second Avenue, James J. Reisinger and Joyce

Resinger Fonda, $48,000; to James J. Reisinger. Parcel on Fort Hunter Road,

Joseph and Anna Novotny, $82,500; to Lee and Frances A. Saddlemire.

SCHENECTADY Lots 19 & 20 Marriott Avenue, Jeffrey S. Griffitts,

$83,000; to Christina M. Mendrysa and Todd N. Stewart. Lot 64 Rugby Road,

Clifford J. and Dorena C. Lawler, $72,000; to David L. Sampson. Lot 69 Thomson Street, Mary J. Audette, $81,500; to Joan G. Monaco and Lorraine A. Monaco.

Lots 17 & 18 Union Street, Mark L. Miller, $85,000; to Douglas M. Daly. Lot 6 Schuyler Street, Edward T. and Chrisanne N. Daerr, $70,000; to Bonnie Lynn

Hobbs and Joseph P. Jensen. Lot 2 Albany Street, Jean L. and Carol Ann M.

LeRoy, $65,000; to Lena B. Richardson. Parcel on Brandywine Avenue, Keith

Feldman, $4,000; to Anthony Popolizio. Lot 113 Strong Street, Josephine

Scolamiero, $41,000; to Dominick Potts. Parcel on Lexington Avenue, Joel

Cornrich, $95,000; to Richard A. and Jean S. Neuber. Parcel on Ulster Street, Schenectady Anesthesia Associates, Professional Corporation, $108,000; to

Columbia- Nott Street Group. Parcel on Randolph Road, Anthony T. Berry and

Ralph Berry, $100,000; to William E. Chapman. Parcel on Elder Street, Robert

W. and Judith C. Davis, $68,000; to Wayne and Mary L. Bouck. Parcel on Eastern Avenue, The Dime Savings Bank of New York, FSB, $39,000; to Kumuda Reddy. Lot 110 McClellan, Evelyn Nyland, $90,000; to Russell A. and Susan H. Clark. Lot

181 Garner Avenue, David Boyarin, $115,000; to Gerald R. and Lisa A. Eykholt. Lot 247 Norwood Avenue, Paul L. Wollman and Elaine R. Zimmerman, $72,000; to

Paul B. Fontaine and Angela M. Cote. Lot 90 Hampton Avenue, Patricia P. Mead, $113,000; to Anthony and Cynthia A. Reinl, and Frances J. Reinl. 26 Jay Street and 25 Yates Street, Peter M. Kalil, $10,000; to Bruce E. Genhofer, Sharon B. Genhofer, and Edward T. Genhofer. Unit 306 Nott Street Medical Arts Building, Columbia-Nott Street Group, $251,000; to Ifikhar Syed and Akula Krishna. 1752 Watt Street, Bruce T. Hilicus, $46,000; to Ronald O. and Jeanne L. Barriere,

and Raymond R. Brunk. Lots 168 and 169 DeWitt Avenue, Gene Cashan, $17,000; to Nino Corradi. Lot 70 Delamont Avenue, Betty Ann Scriven, $35,000; to Robert E. Patnaude and Michael Patnaude. Lot 88 Clarendon Street, Andrew M. and Bonnie

L. Bennett, $13,500; to Brent R. Depuy and Colleen P. Amiot. Parcel on Eagle

Street, Arthur G. Guely, $45,000; to James J. Aviza and Michael Bartlett.


BALLSTON Lot 5 Stewart Court, David A. and Katherine C. Stewart,

$30,000; to Richard and Susuan J. Breault. Lot 7 Evergreen Court, Glenville

Development Corp., $203,000; to Leo M. and Katherine A. Primeau.

CHARLTON Lots 22 & 23 Cherry Lane, Garry R. Heflin Inc., $140,000; to

Glenn A. and Lisa K. Gallo.

CLIFTON PARK 11 Terrace Court, Russell L. and Nancy S. Hamilton,

$142,500; to Jack R. Plain Jr. and Terri Martin Plain. Lot 755 Carlton Road,

Semenza Contracting Inc., $129,000; to Ricky J. King and Lorie L. Wolff. Lot

17 Cortland Boulevard, James S. and Jane M. Garrett, $113,500; to Christopher S. and Susan P. Campbell. Lot 12 Tanglewood Drive, Donald E. and Terry M.

Tipton, $142,000; to Bernhard J. Scholz and Karen M. Fulcher Scholz. Lot 6

Sleepy Hollow Drive, Semenza Contracting Inc., $191,000; to Robert J. and

Cathy M. McCann.

GALWAY 1 acre on Bliss Road, Robert B. Gilbert, $10,000; to Richard E. Boehm Jr.

HALFMOON 12.414 acres on Werner Road, and 3.6 acres near Mechanicville- Clifton Park Highway, Betty J. Murray, $340,000; to New York Auto Auction

Services Inc. 22.06 acres on Route 146, Betty J. Murray, $1,260,000; to New

York Auto Auction Services Inc. 2.55 acres on Freemans Lane, Pete Murray

Enterprises, Inc., $1,200,000; to New York Auto Auction Services Inc.

MALTA Lot 576 Luther Forest Residential, William T. Parris, $90,000; to James and Mary E. Durante. 70 Blue Spruce Lane, Yehia Z. and Safinaz Y. El

Badry, $163,500; to Richard H. Wynne.

MILTON A 0.42 parcel on Milton Avenue, Kozersky Enterprise Inc.,

$200,000; to Miles and Cindy Brown. Lot 201 Milton Oaks, Guyer Builders Inc., $106,000; to Mark D. Smith and Patricia J. Smith. Lot 18 Rip Van Lane, Brian

P. and Gail C. Sherman, $127,000; to David and Kathleen Christian. Lot 802

Ulysses Drive, Tra-Tom Development Inc., $143,500; to Michael A. and Elizabeth A. Farina.

SARATOGA 6.041 acres near Franklin Beach Road, Vincent P. and Angela

Reude, $20,000; to Thomas J. Carringi and Ray Coleman.