Section: LIVING,  Page: G6

Date: Sunday, March 1, 1992

The following information was obtained by The Times Union, from deed transfers recorded during recent months in the various counties listed below.

BERLIN Lots 14 and 15 Berlin Mountains Fish and Game Club, Martin F. and Deborah P. McKneally, $127,000; to William W. and Regina L. Andrews.

Property on Cold Springs Road, Lois Ann Goodermote administrator of the estate of Harriet Knuetter, $55,000; to Paul E. Jr. and Lisa E. Gozemba.


Lot 2 Chester Court Extension, Spring Garden, JR-DM Corp., $24,500; to Thomas M. and Angeline Morley.


12 Newbury St., Katherine E. Moen formerly known as Katherine E. Toldt, $86,000; to Christopher A. and Mary E. Albert.

37 Electric Ave., Donald H. Marsh and Karen M. Nowak-Marsh, $89,000; to Jerome F. and Deborah E. Murray.

15 New York Ave., Ruth M. Sanford, $78,000; to Edward C. and Bethany J. Jette.

12 Prospect Heights Ave., Daniel T. and Nora Bergeron, $85,000; to Mark A. and Nancy Verdile.

1902 Fox Run Circle, Francine Scheufler and Geraldine M. Brock, $96,000; to Henry B. Phelps.


Property west of North Road, Sandra Wechsler, executor of the estate of Evan T. Bergen, $200,000; to Foster's Corner Development Corp.


Parcel of land on Second Street, A. Eleanor Rancourt and Carol Rancourt, $56,500; to Michael R. and Lisa M. Schneider.

58 Ball St., Edith S. Doscher, $56,500; to John W. Greenwood and Kelly K. Gardner.

1 T.C. Lane, Robert W. and Mary Jane Thorpe, $115,000; to Todd W. and Joyce Brewer.

Property on the west side of Church Street, Burr B. Snow, $55,000; to Ronald A. and Fern L. Snow.


40 Geneva Blvd., Frank R. Maruzzela, $116,000; to Robert P. and Kimberly M. Vanauken.

20 California Ave., Charles E. and Sandra Carlson, $82,000; to Kevin J. and Judy J. Tiernan.

2 and 5 Catherine Avenue, Roy Sapone also known as Rosario Sapone, $83,500; to John R. Vallins.

1313 Hampton Blvd., James E. Jr. and Lynne T. Lucia, $82,500; to Richard Jensen and Sandra Carlson.

Unit 1312 Building 13 Hampton Place Condominiums, The Michaels Group Inc., $81,500; to Karen Hill.

Property on West Avenue C, Malcolm P. and Barbara J. Donaldson, $120,000; to Blanche E. McDonald and Odin Dingsor.


Lot 4 Lands of George Speanburg, George D. Speanburg, $30,000; to Wayne J. Gilbert.

Property on Route 7, Bernard Gagne, $95,000; to Edward D. Flynn.


306 Washington Ave., Kathryn F. Rosenblatt, $58,000; to Michael A. Scott Jr.

910 Washington Ave., Peter and Theresa O'Brien, $91,000; to Philip J. and Lori S. Lacivita.

1102 Rollins Ave., Carl R. and Sharon M. Desmond, $88,500; to George L. Jr. and Karen M. Scala.


Parcel of land on Valley Drive and Hillcrest Avenue, H. Margaret Hazapis, $169,000; to Edward M. Rasowsky and Donna L. Read.


Property on Richwood Drive, Teruna J. and Nanette G. Siahaan, $121,000; to Thomas A. and Maria T. Santillo.

Lot 2 Old Post Estates, Paul Glaz, $16,000; to Alstan Custom Builders Inc.

Property on Route 150, William Hulek, $40,000; to Karen M. Hulek.

Lot 30 Old Post Estates, Paul Glaz, $16,000; to Alstan Custom Builders Inc.

25 Lakeside Drive, Russell G. Cummings, $50,500; to H. Richard and Catherine A. Radcliffe.

Lot 41 Maple Crest Two, William Wampole and Herbert Neiman, $146,000; to Ralph R. and Karen J. Biernak.


5 Viewpoint Drive, Highpointe, The Michaels Group Inc., $151,000; to Susan B. Hobert.

659 Fourth Ave., Shirley G. Clifford executor of the estate of Arlie E. Goyer, $79,500; to James Quackenbush and Jill L. Chard.

3 Viewpont Drive, The Michaels Group Inc., $166,500; to John F. Fitzpatrick.

Unit 221 Diamond Rock Circle, The Michaels Group Inc., $88,000; to Richard E. Hasselback.

59 126th St., Mary Van Sleet and Jon Gendron executors of the estate of Margaret F. Gendron, $75,000; to Edmond O. Eversley and Jean C. Newsome.


321 Duane Lake Road, Stanley and Julia Pavlic, $236,000; to Jean M. Bates.

Property on Liddle Road, Gregory L. and Gloria L. Kelly, $208,000; to Michael Freedus.

Parcel containing 4.9 acres on the west side of North Mansion Road, Peter C. Lacijan and Lou-Ann Tubb, $27,500; to Willian G. II and Constance L. DeNovio.

Property on the south shore of Duane Lake, Harold C. and Jessie Wililams, $30,000; to Paul C. Fredericks.

657 Knight Road, Lori J. Dutcher, $95,000; to Linda S. Duguid.


103 Acorn Drive, Tario A. and Farzana Ali, $150,000; to Dolores A. Donnelly, Catherine D. Macy and Robert J. Donnelly.

4 Schlensker Drive, Gregory H. and Laura L. Lambeth, $124,500; to Michael W. DeVre and Bonnie J. DeVre.

194 Hetcheltown Road, Donald B. and Kathleen A. Perkins, $99,000; to Andrew T. Coppola and Janice A. Sorrentino.

303 Vley Road, Donald C. Thouin, $70,000; to Kathryn A. Brooks.

340 Vley Road, Stephen R. Kowalski and Joan E. McGinley, $75,500; to Robert L. and Maria T. Aker.

6 Glendale Ave., William J. and Marcia P. Morgan, $91,500; to Randall J. O'Locki and Caroline M. Lupi.


115 Stafford Lane, Avon Crest, William C. Anderson, $143,400; to Theodore and Marianne Sippel Cannavo.

782 Huntingdon Drive, Avon Crest, James and Lisa Swartz, $131,000; to H.D. Roberts Real Estate Company Inc. doing business as Robert Real Estate.

1051 Balltown Road, Donald S. and Suzanne M. Rahn, $88,000; to Jon A. Milano and Barbara J. Roland-Milano.

1218 Carlyle Drive, James E. and Bonnie A. Kohl, $151,000; to George E. and June E. Schubert.

967 Gloucester Place, Gary A. and Cynthia S. Maiuccoro, $230,000; to Leonard V. and Karen R. Makowski.


1144 Outer Drive, Glenn E. and Kathleen A. Dow, $80,000; to David T. Jr. and Jacqueline T. Wallace.

Property on Mariaville Road, Scot Trifilo, $175,000; to Terrace Construction of New York.

1559 Helderberg Ave., Andrew Santabarbara, $75,000; to Arnold N. and Cheryl L. Needhammer.

Lot 41 Caroline Manor, Robert Iovinella and Timothy Larned, $160,000; to Sammy and Jean M. Madia.

Lot 13 Fasula Blvd., Valentine Meadows, Michael A. Valentine, $37,500; to Donald J. Lucarelli.

Parcel of two acres plus on River Road, Jean E. Young administrator of the estate of Magnus E. Edwards Jr., $12,500; to Kathryn Paskevich.

Lot 4 Fasula Boulevard, Valentine Acres, John T. and Alice m. Healey, $47,500; to M. G. Healey Inc.

115 Gordon Road, Thomas and Liisa H. Humphrey formerly known as Liisa H. Linnio, $107,900; to Carl F. Strang.


Property on Lorraine Avenue, Joseph M. and Nancy J. Candida, $15,500; to Patrick R. and Paula A. Opel.

Property on Lorraine Avenue, Joseph M. and Nancy J. Candida, $15,500; to Coreen Martinelli.

1631-1633 Albany St., William F. and Elisabeth

H. Brown, $72,000; to Shantawatie Shivcharan and Satyawatie Narain.

1316 Poplar St., Paul L. and Janet S. Zelazny, $91,500; to Kathryn J. McCary and Sherri R. Strckman.

Property on the south side of Duane Avenue, Jack Kemp, secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Washington, D.C., $25,500; to Yussuff Mohammed and Rookmin Mohammed.

63-65 Spruce St., Patricia F. DeWitt, $51,500; to Robert J. Jr. and Shelly R. Johnston.

2145 Campbell Ave., Rose Carrigan formerly known as Rose Treeza, $45,000; to Roy E. Stratman and Catherine A. Brajkovich.

1071 Park Ave., Stephen R. and Janet S. Anderson, $109,000; to Salvatore A. and Barbara B. Ganino.

1331-1333 Broadway, Nutsy Inc., $40,000; to William C. Anderson.

1930-1932 Guilderland Road, Alfred Lombardi and Frank Lombardi, $23,500; to Nondo Squeglia.

115 Willow Ave., Sophie Szwetkowski, $44,000; to Corliss Goold and Karen G. Hunt.


304 Glen Ave., Ted H. Henk, $67,000; to Sandra J. DiGiandomenico.

10 Holly Blvd., Michael A. and Cheryl J. Armstrong, $91,000; to Thomas W. Jr. and Louisa P. Mailey.

15 Sacandaga Road, Peter M. and Andrea I. Slover, $66,000; to Curtis A. and Rebeca S. Cooper.

215 James St., Ruth L. Gillette executor of the estate of Elda Theresa Aldous, $70,000; to Dennis P. and Ann McBroom Woods.

123 Mohawk Ave., Carl E. Holsberger Jr., $85,000; to Charles A. Palmer.

37 Wallace St., Jame E. and Helen I. Connolly, $83,000; to Michael A. and Deborah A. Martin.


28 Normanside Drive, Martin A. and Jaqueline M. Ryba, $111,500; to Gary Conlon and Barbara Ruff.

15 Tallmadge Place, The Michaels Group Inc., $144,000; to Christopher and Anne M. Tully.

24 Mohican Place, Kimberly J. Spears, $115,000 to Robert D. Camporeale.

15 Olympus Court, Jean M. Woods, $48,000; to Leonard F. Jr. and Annette T. Gaspary.

18 Van Buren St., Gladys Dowse Sivaslian, $107,250; to Thomas J. and Anne M. Behan.

37 Third Ave., Cleora Blunt, $25,000; Inez Newsome.

Unit PH-1 Capital Hill Condominium Inc., 352 State St., The Washington Apartments Associates, $155,000; to Vicki Weiss as custodian for Jessica Weiss under the New York Uniform Gifts to Minors Act.

Unit PH-3 Capital Hill Condominium Inc., 352 State St., The Washington Apartments Associates, $155,000; to Sam- Mar Realty Company.

Unit PH-2 Capital Hill Condominium Inc., 352 State St., The Washington Apartment Associates, $155,000; to Lisa Sternlight custodian for Aaron Sternlight under the New York Uniform Gifts to Minors Act.

37 VerPlanck St., Jane A. Welch, $118,000; to Stella V. Carlson and Felicia June Carlsen.

Property on the north side of Yates Street between Ontario and Partridge streets, John J. Burns Jr. and John J. Burns Sr., $62,500; to C. David and Eileen F. Cross.

24 South Main St., Daniel Rogers, $36,500; to David N. Deluise and Marcella F. Campisano.


115 Schoharie Plank Road, Krksten L. Godfrey, $117,000; to Patrick T. and Judith E. O'Rourke.


Parcel containing 16 acres on the east side of High Point Road, Peter E. and Jeanne M. Wilson, $28,000; to Stephan

A. and Donna M. Strobach.

Parcel containing 5 acres off Route 443, Patricia M. Becker, $50,000; to John C. Armstrong.

Two parcels on the west side or Route 10, Louise J. Fecher, $85,000; to John M. and Mildred L. Rossmann.


5 Coventry Road, Joghn Glynn King and Anne B. King, $182,500; to Henry E. Jr. and J. Suzanne McCauley.

204 Kenwood Ave., Peter C. Wenger executor of the estate of Helen Leona Macrae, $96,000; to Richard S. Webster.

5 Mason Road, David E. and Hilda E. Porter, $85,000; to Marion C. Duffy.

59 Wood Terrace, Victor J. and Carmela Zaccardo, $142,000; to Paul Menge and Elaine Carter-Menge.

86 Salisbury Road, Christopher Guzy and Sherry Brockett, $152,500; to H. Margaret Hazapis.

301 Beaver Dam Road, Gracie Mae Judkins, $25,000; to Thomas and Carolyn Walsh Baker.

21 Stonewall Lane, Arthur J. and Linda T. Matzkowitz, $241,000; to Richard and Cathleen Svenson.

Lot 586 Kenwood Ave., A.T. Zauntner & Son Inc., $117,000; to Roberta J. Frederick.

Lot 7 Guilder Lane, Dowerskill Village, Jenkins Building Corp. formerly known as Jenkins Management Company Inc., $164,000; to Douglas E. and Katherine L. Leavens.


Property on Frangella and Civill

avenues, Mary Adamo, Nancy A. Frangella and Theresa DeBacco, $130,000; to Carmella R. Mirande.


21 Sunset Court, Bertha M. Fredericks and Paula C. Fredericks, $133,500; to Michael Lozman and Sharon Lozman.

Lot 39 Roosevelt Boulevard Subdivision, David E. Canfield doing business as D.E.C. Development Company, $156,000; to Edward P. Jr. and Sharon Buckley.


42 Jones Drive, Geraldine A. Mackey and Robert A. Mackey, $20,000; to Robert A. Mackey, Barry Allan Mackey and Carmella Ann Mackey.

20 Eberle Road, Joseph M. and Marie D. Kruczlnicki, $116,000; to Michael and Joan Kaloustian.

2 Blackburn Way also known as Lot 38 Omega Terrace, Masullo Brothers Builders Inc., $200,000; to Steven H. and Eunice Aison Schwartz.

15 Vandenburg Lane, Joseph M. and Elizabeth A. Gerrity, $168,500; to Keith E. and Patricia C. Johnson.

52 Sylvan Ave., Harold E. Jr. and Amelia C. Brady, $101,500; to Timothy Jay and Lauren M. Herbs.

4141 Albany St., James J. and Madaline C. Greene, $106,500; to Kelvin J. Bryant and Michelle C. Bryant.

Parcel containing 1.864 acres on the east side of Avis Drive, near Wade Road, Arthur J. Crandall and John A. Campbell, $312,500; to Arthur J. Crandall.

1 Colonial Green, J. R. Loftus Inc., $150,000; to Arthur L. and Susan Sunkin.

1 Southwest Way, Sea-Ton Developers Inc., $87,000; to Charles R. Cornell III.

5 Skyview Drive, Keith E. and Patricia E. Johnson, $91,500; to Richard K. and Carol A. Blanchard.

16 Woodland Drive, Paul E. and Janet A. DelVecchio, $170,000; to Ronald and Linda B. Trischetta.

10 Horton Drive, Steven H. and Eunice A. Schwartz, $117,000; to Joseph J. LaCivita and Diane Conroy-LaCivita.

13 Old Birch Lane, Thomas J. Roginski, $107,000; to John A. Carolan.

31 Mordella Road, Michael M. and Marianne T. McCarthy, $110,000; to Richard E. and Kathleen A. Barnhart.

26 Concord Drive, Douglas E. and Katherine L. Leavens, $120,000; to David P. and Dianne Wallace Wehner.

10 Westchester Drive, Daniel W. and Dorlene A. Szetela, $135,000; to Robert J. Susan B. Manny.

Lot 8 Harrowgate Way, Masullo Brothers Builders Inc., $186,000; to John C. and Catherine M. Strizzi.

176 Forts Ferry Road, Scott H. Ginsburg and Patricia A. Moore, $118,000; to Anthony E. Signoracci and Susan J. Stanton.

53 Patroon Place, Elizabeth A. Schafer, $164,000; to Thomas A. and Joyce Ann McTague.

19 Virginia Ave., Ruth M. Caza now known as Ruth M. DiJohn, $71,000; to Albert J. and Beverly A. McGuire.


6392 Zorn Road, Ronald E. Veresko, $85,500; to Thomas R. and Pamely

J. Evely.

6248 Johnston Road, Michael A. and Linda V. Hatela, $92,000; to Paul A. and Elaine C. Caimano.

Lot 32 Bentwood at Guilderland, Peter Belmonte Builders Inc., $224,000; to G. Garland and Ann C. Lala.

76 Willow St., Kenneth E. and Lorraine P. Kirik, $98,500; to John B. and Nina Zanetti Davis.

234 Woodscape Drive, Laurence and Mary Jean K. Frank, $101,000; to Mark David Warner.

3 Brookwood Ave., Mary E. Connally and Tony M. Watson, $113,000; to John A. Siino and Kathleen Caggiano-Siino.

3367 Carman Road, Gregory J. and Nellie M. Goutos, $125,000; to Michael A. and Linda V. Hatela.

623 Woodscape Drive, Earle N. Cooper executor of the estate of Lionel H. Naum, $125,000; to Leonard A. Slade Jr. and Roberta Hall Slade.

2 Goffredo Drive, Barbara L. Emerich, $85,000; to Jeffrey T. and Darcy M. Burke.

16 Gay Lane, Dorothy Gladwish, $170,000; to Anthony L. and Joyce E. Tucci.

7076 Suzanne Lane, Cornell Development Corp., $105,000; to Sheri Lee Bonacci.

227 Vincenzio Lane, Franklin C. and Anne F. Kost, $192,000; to Mary E. Connally and Tony Watson.

1 Ableman Ave., Lawrence J. Neet, $108,500; to Robert G. Nadeau.

16 Jean Place, Ronald O. and Alice D. Barrett, $113,000; to W. Lawrence and Lauren A. Vincent.

51 Terry Ave., Emily C. Morgan, $87,500; to Richard J. and Patricia K. Blanchard.

Lot 15 Bossi Lane, Stonefield Inc. doing business as Hartswood Associates, $183,000; to Gary S. Canonico.


70 Amsterdam Ave., John Deere Company, $103,000; to Kathleen M. and Frederick I. Miller.

15 Ball Court, Charles A. and Cecelia D. Szuberla, $243,000; to Andrew C. and Susan L. Sommers.


Property on State Farm Road, (Route 310) Mark J. Fiato, $95,500; to Albert J. Ienco and Michele L. Caliendo.


Parcel of land on the west side of Crystal Lake, Walter Denning, $50,000; to Robert J. and Josephine T. Mokricki.