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Date: Sunday, January 5, 1992


5 Newton St., Steven S. and Mary J. Baldwin, $93,000; to Carl F. and Dawn E. Otto. Property on the south side of East Shore Road, Daniel W. and Sharon L. Brennan, $102,00; to Jeffrey M. Doty.


Property on Creek Road, Creek Estates, Henry A. Whipple, $50,500; to Bernard E. Kuczek Jr.


16 Richland Drive, David S. Cummins, $97,500; to Kurt C. and Janet G. Bryant.

56 Harmon Road, John C. and Lori S. van Lehn, $111,500; to Kristen J. Pahl.

Property on Hetcheltown Road, Gerald Schultz, James Schultz and David Schultz, $30,000; to Raymond J. Schultz Jr.

3 Cornell Blvd., Gregory and Nancy J. Semos, $90,000; to John I. Spellman.


Property on Ennis Road, Patrick J. and Susan A. Byrnes, $215,000; to P.H.H. Homequity Corp.

441 Rynex Corners Road, Harold W. Chrysler, $102,000; to Clyde H. and Sandra M. King.

Property on Ennis Road, William O. Brockmann, $100,000; to Glen A. and Joan T. Simonds.


1200 Alexander Drive, Richard M. and Paula Masterpolo, $112,000; to John and Suzanne Havik.

Lots 436 and 437 Rensselaer Avenue Maqua Heights, Frederick B. Valentine, $38,000; to Donald J. Lucarelli.

1010 O'Brien Ave., Linda D. Doulides, administrator of the estate of Asta I.M. Anderson, $68,000; to Deborah Ainsworth.

2125 Ferguson St., Gloria M. Davis, now known as Gloria Andrikopoulos, $83,000; to Jesse K. Jr. and Joan E. Davis.

1086 Laura St., Sammy and Jean M. Madia, $112,000; to Richard E. and Kathleen M. Senechal.

Property on Thompson Street, Carlton D. Miller, $50,000; to Frank Murken.

1016 Princetown Road, Robert and Donna Travis, $23,000; to Robert H. Jr. and Kathy Travis.

19 Merritt Drive, Mildred K. Bernadt, $109,000; ot Heidar and Maria Najafipour.

510 Terrace Road, Glen and Linda J. Koops, $123,000; to Bruce E. Brackett and Barbara E. Paepki.

Building B Unit 110 Bigsbee Village, Stanley Fernandes, $74,000; to Marie K. Francey, David L. Francey, Susan F. Clark and Kathleen J. Peek.


74 Western Parkway, Howard W. Ruff, $65,000; to Kristen L. Ruff.

1236 Waverly Place, Evelyn Eisner, $112,000; to Alan T. and Patricia J. Smudz.

Property on Colonial Avenue, Dennis L. and Shannon G. Peltier, $155,000; to John J. and Bonita G. Horn.

302 Chiswell Road, James W. Bendall, referee for Joseph M. Bush Jr. and Elsa P. Bush, $60,000; to Albert M. and Debra R. Scott.

315 Hulett St., Marie M. Renkawitz, $22,000; to Francesco and Shirley Bianco.

1206 Parkwood Blvd., Ronnie Housheer, $55,000; to Catherine Kotberg Schmidt and David A. Schmidt.

510 Michigan Ave., Paul T. and Marybeth Grifferty, $80,000; to Barbara V. Parker.

1520 Union St., William A. Busino Jr., executor of the estate of William A. Busino, $120,000; to Patricia R. and David Weck.

227 Seward Place, Edith Swann, executor of the estate of Mary Josephine Suksdorf, $60,000; to Fe A. Mondragon.

145 Elmer Ave., Sophia E. Mikucki, $30,000; to Alan and Maureen F. Mikucki.

553-561 Summit Ave., Emilio Venditti, Maddalena Crisci and Mary Esposito, devisees

of Francis A. Ruscio, $34,000; to Joseph A. DeCiero and Leonard Warner Jr.


213 Alexander Ave., Calvin P. Welch, executor of the estate of Palmer Welch, $110,0900; to Brian C. Houlihan and Claire E. Duggan.

217 Wren St., Robert M. and Elinore S. Schumacher, $110,000; to James R. Marx, Mary Ann Marx and James R. Marx Jr.

1001 Cambridge Manor Drive, Brookview Court Inc., $76,000; to Gary J. Morgenegg and William A. Morgenegg.


15 Cortland St., Shawn T. and Catherine M. Nealon, $75,000; to Ronald and Michele A. Zinoman.

Property on Dater Hill Road, Terence E. Shanley, $175,000; to Troy Belting and Supply Co. Inc.

1 Cortland St., Raul and Araceli Diokno, $142,000; to Joseph and Rose Goff.


8 Hill St., Lois Marion Donovan, executor of the estate of Marion Elizabeth Lovely, $79,500; to Michael L. and Sheree Britten.

Lot 3 Flora Circle, Valentino Fiacco, $144,500; to Kevin R. and Philomena Reilly.

8 Moulds Ave., Barbara J. Sinnamon, $53,000; to John J. and Jan M. LaMountain.

Lot 67 Empire Circle, Plazaview, the Michaels Group Inc., $147,500; to Roger D. and Shirley A. Howard.

257 Maryland Ave., Herbert F. and Eleanor G. Farley, $87,000; to Richard F. Jr. and Maureen E. Reilly.

16 Stirrup Drive, Kenneth P. and Susan G. Loiacono, $86,000; to John R. Tighe.

59A Highview Place, Brian S. and Pamela J. Feldman, $138,000; to Kenneth P. and Susan G. Loiacono.

244 Madison Ave., Hampton Manor, Elizabeth A. Norse, John Giles Burke trustees and Donna F. Burke life use trust, $100,000; to Steven K. and Julie M. Ellis.

Lot 3 Taylor Country Estates, Lawrence E. and Lori Taylor, $35,000; to Glenn R. and Susan J. Godell.

48 New Jersey Ave., Raymond Charles Colehamer and Laurie M. Colehamer, $65,000; to Susan M. Legere.


Property off Blue Factory Road, Marcel P. Forette, $70,000; to John H. and Sandra M. Cox.


Parcels on White Creek Road at Route 67, John and Constance Hall, $72,500; to Mark N. and Beverly A. Douglass.


Parcel of 5.1 acres on the south side of Sherwood Acres Road, Douglas W. and Nancy E. Drischler, $20,000; to Jeffrey David Pfeffer and Charmaine E. Pfeffer.


Property on Warren Cemetery Road, Richard and Christine Whitford, $65,000; to Dean T. Salvi.

Lot 1 containing 17 plus acres, Cumo Road subdivision, Peter E. Gibson, $28,000; to Daniel J. an Patricia A. Kilmartin.


Lot 17 Cayuga Court, Algonquin Estates, Knollwood Associates Inc., $210,000; to James E. Fortin and Amy L. Hubbs.


103 Mountainview Ave., James E. Caldwell, $90,000; to Dorothy E. Luce.

Parcel of 1.244 acres on South Street (Route 9J), 330 South Street Inc., $125,000; to Bryan S. Bourque.


Properties on Crooked Lake, Eleanor S. Longendyke, formerly known as Eleanor B. Hansen; Wendy E. Burch, formerly known as Wendy Elaine Hansen; Lynne H. Wilson, formerly known as Lynne L. Hansen; and Sherry J. Kilgore, formerly known as Sherrill Jane Hansen; $65,000; to Doulgas R. and Patricia A. Carroll.

Property on Taborton Road, Robert C. Shier, executor of the estate of Nathan T. Shier, $80,000; to John K. Windover and Virginia L. Bourdeau.

Lot 21 Long Meadow Estates, Forest and Meadow roads, Jack Kemp, secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Washington, D.C., $45,000; to Everett E. Caldwell.

Parcel of 5 plus acres on Barnes and Parker roads, Blaine and Shirley A. Shaver and Doris Shaver, $25,000; to William J. Dickinson and Connie L. Campbell.


Property on Chestnut Street, Bety Lois McGowan, $85,000; to William G. and Marianne B. Lessard.


78 Pinewood Ave., Michael and Linda Kearbey, $90,000; to Donald R. Gibbons.

10 Pinewood Ave., John and Georgiana L. Maselli, $115,000; to James A. and Melissa A. Keegan.

274 A. Mountain View Ave., William M. and Barbara D. Wampole, $195,500; to Robert J. and Mona Van Alstyne and Sherman R. Van Alstyne.


Parcel of 30 acres west of Moore Hill Road, the Bank of New York, trustee of the Joan Kimche Trust and the Alfonso Kimche Trust, $35,000; to Jeffrey M. Biasuzzi.


509 Third Ave., Cathal

H. Kennedy, $90,000; to Thomas A. and Patricia M. Leece.

23 Lee Ave., Joseph J. Lynskey, executor of the estate of Mae E. Clum, $93,000; to Sandra M. Van Vorst and Karen J. Van Vorst.

2227 Fifth Ave., Roger Ajamian and Robert Ajamian, administrators of the estate of Armenak Ajamian, $14,000; to Louis A. Marchese and Deval L. Glover.

75 11th Street and Peoples Avenue, Top Ten Associates, $1,063,800; to Goodloe Corp.

2608 Lavin Court, James D. McLoughlin and Maura E. O'Brien, $84,0900; to Robert M. and Debra A. Griner.

32 Carroll Place, B. James and Charlene M. Cole, $84,000; to Charles A. Sr. and Sherry Anne Reckner.

372 Second St., Thomas M. Dickert, $112,000; to John A. Discipio.

453 Madison St., Marion Brennon, $23,500; to Peter J. and Rita J. McGrath.

514 Second St., Paul E. Hoodack, $40,000; to David L. Ristau.

3 Highpointe Drive, the Michaels Group Inc., $148,500; to Jesse J. and Sarah A. Dean.

1726 Tibbits Ave., Richard D. and Ellen M. Arnold, $95,000; to the Enlarged City School District of Troy, New York.

Property on Eighth Avenue at Hutton, Jack Kemp, secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Washington, D.C., $27,000; to Troy Rehabilatation and Improvement Program Inc.


83 Kakely St., Brian J. and Michele E. Tario, $155,000; to Michael J. and Mary C. Wynn.

32 St. Agnes Lane, Joan A. Kehoe, $233,000; to Arthur E. and Alma D. Hansen.

7 Teunis St., Louis Earl Miller, Anthony Douglas Miller and Mary W. Carter, $18,000; to Mark and Helene Williams.

15 Harvard Ave., Alexander R. and Rosalie C. Surrey, $131,500; to Jeanne V. Conboy.

286 Elk St., William H. Decker, $35,000; to William and Michael J. Pszeniczny Jr.

85 Walter St., Joan M. Spain, $82,000; to Wilfred M. and Edna L. Gordon.

5 Avenue B, City of Albany, $91,500; to Thomas E. and Mary T. Kelley.

34 Tallmadge Place, the Michaels Group Inc., $167,500; to Evan L. and Nancy S. Richards.

43 Glendale Ave., Marilyn J. Benard, executor of the estate of Gertrude H. Speck, $105,000; to Andrew J. Sanchirico and Rose M. Greene.

863 Myrtle Ave., Michael P. and Anne P. Van Buren, $94,000; to Edward and Lisa R. Sanchez.

12 Woodridge St., Romaine D. Francouer, $140,000; to Russell H. and Natalie Reimer.

56 Hawthorne Ave., Arnold F. Rosenberg, $113,000; to Michael Bologna.

576 Third St., Jack Kemp, secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Washington, D.C., $32,500; to Anthony Aberman.

24 John David Lane, Diane Flacke and Robert F. and Jean A. Flacke, $95,000; to Carol J. Francis.

11 Windsor Place, Hodorowski & DeSantis/Whitehall Station Builders Inc., $128,000; to Staca M. Nautel.

176 Broad St., County of Albany, $500; to K-F Construction.

645 Morris St., Andrew C. Tallis and Michael J. Bologna, $128,000; to George Atallah Benson and Michele Atallah Benson.

42 Boenau St., Omega Homes Inc., $107,500; to Frances Scott and Octavia Scott.

5 Lupine Court, John A. Jr. and Jayne E. Shahda, $155,000; to Michael and Anne Van Buren.

83 Woodside Drive, New Scotland Woods Inc., $23,500; to Deer Run Homes Inc.

83 Woodside Drive, Deer Run Homes Inc., $106,000; to Patrick M. Golden.


134 Altamont Blvd., Mary C. Maslowsky, $52,000; to Douglas P. Ryan.


9 Oakwood Court, Jane Woods, executor of the estate of Harry C. Chase, $81,500; to Joseph P. Conophy and Marianne Rychel.

10 Hancock Drive, Robert J. Burns, $122,500; to Ronald A. and Tomasa Rodriguez.

4 Stratton Place, Timothy Hanifin, $125,000; to George P. Leamy and Barbara A. Connolly.

24 Marlboro Road, Mark J. Milaniski and Ann McNamara, $129,000; to Rogert L. and Suzanne L. Scales.

24 Grantwood Road, Brookfield, Michael A. and Linda Laughlin, $133,000; to Eleanore F. Walker, Joseph T. Hartman, Terrell R. Johnson, Robert W. Bugel and George E. McCarty, trustees.

24 Grantwood Road, Eleanore F. Walker, Joseph T. Hartman, Terrell R. Johnson, Robert W. Bugel and George E. McCarty, trustees, $133,000; to Karen A. Regh.

21 Longmeadow Drive, William A. and Cynthia J. Cooper, $141,000; to Douglas A. and Patricia A. Ahrens.

230 Beaver Dam Road, Gregory G. Smith and Pamela Agan-Smith, $79,000; to Linda Dills.

Property on Marathon Way, Olympian Gardens, William F. Schwarz, $127,000; to Spencer L. Jennings.

3 Brookview Ave., James Leroy Cooke and Frances P. Cooke, $53,000; to James L. Cooke.


Parcel of 5 acres on Route 10, Dora Hartwig, $15,000; to Raymond P. Ward.

Property on Bradt Hollow Road near Canady Hill Road, Raymond H. and Marjorie L. Shultes, $70,000; to Ronald W. and Gabrielle L. Shultes.


Lot 11 Gedney Hill Estates, Timothy Hourihan, $129,000; to Thomas M. and Linda M. Rider.

11 McCulloch Ave., George C. and Helen L. Fieseher, $102,000; to Scott D. and Sueann M. Giroux.


289 Central Ave., Kevin P. and Patrice M. Helferich, $84,500; to Gerald Churchill.


100 Rapple Drive, Charles J. and Louise A. Moore, $106,000; to Richard G. Long Jr.

640 Boght Road, Ann M. McKersie, executor of the estate of Ovila J. LaRochelle, $64,000; to Patrick P. and Melissa Janidlo. 4 Eva St., Alan H. Nenniger, $119,500; to Stephen J. and Linda J. Pardus.

21 Hills Road, Bruce and Rosemary Loveland, $193,600; to Peter B. Brown and Elizabeth G. Carrature.

Property on Route 32 (Cohoes Road), Cynthia Pinsonnault, formerly known as Cynthia Dzenbo, $80,000; to James T. and Laura J. Barker.

15 Pinehurst Road, Doris E. Enfield and Milton L. Enfield, Paul Dietzel, Gilbert Dietzel and Nancy Dietzel, $78,000; to Martin and Maureen Doherty.

26 Park Hill Drive, Thelma Buchman, $60,000; to Kemper Building Group Inc.

6 Sunset Drive, Robert S. and Mary B. Hannell, $200,000; to Thomas V. and Marjorie G. O'Hare.

Lot 11 Edgewater Court, CRJR Associates, $45,000; to Thomas A. and Mary M. McDonald.

107 Bentley Drive, Christine M. Rinella and Edward D. Rinella, $45,000; to Edward D. Rinella.

21 June Drive, Joseph R. Stapleton and Joan F. Stapleton, $22,000; to Joan F. Stapleton.

32 Brightonwood Ave., Citation Builders Inc., $94,500; to James A. and Lauren L. Tureskis.

25 Marconi Drive, Samuel E. and Judith L. Trotman, $159,000; to Elizabeth W. Benson.

1 Louis Drive, James E. and Jacqueline Prime, $97,700; to James A. and Tamara A. Craig.

Property on the west side of Route 9 (Loudon Road), east of Century Hill Drive, Edward E. Winders, $830,000; to Humphrey S. and Susan S. Tyler trustees.

7 Maple Drive, Ronald V. and Linda B. Trischetta, $116,000; to Robert L. Jaquay and William A. Leone.

Parcel containing 5.74 acres on the east side of Sand Creek Road, abutting the land of Niagara Mohawk, Harold L. and Valerie N. Salomon, Richard and Joan Rosetti, $300,000; to Niagara Mohawk Power Corp.

595 Albany Shaker Road, John W. and Tammi M. Coburn, $110,000; to Klein- Weis Custom Builders Ltd.

5 Christine Court, History Hills, Elias Weis, $45,000; to Klein-Weis Custom Builders Ltd.

2 Christine Court, Klein-Weis Custom Builders Ltd., $194,000; to Jack and Tammi M. Coburn.

50 Virginia Ave., Donald and Kelly Simpson, $73,000; to Carl J. Redcross.

Lot 3 Southwest Way, Sea-Ton Developers Inc., $95,000; to Sherry L. Guice.

65 Sylvan Ave., Elizabeth W. Benson, $93,000; to William L. Tomlin and Laura C. Lehning.

60 Meadowbrook Road, Raymond J. and Gwenith C.B. Allard, $107,000; to Andrew J. and Lisa A. Peterson.

17 Skyview Drive, Leona S. Best, $115,000; to Paul F. and Laura G. Ruckert.

29 Wendell Drive, James and Terry E. Ruff, $105,500; to James S. Cogan Jr. and Stephanie I. Wallace.

12 Bridle Path, Francis V. and Karoline Taafe, $112,000; to Gregory W. and Linda J. Kowalski.

Lot 11 Altamont Ave., Evelyn Wickert, formerly known as Evelyn Mion, $75,000; to Louis C. and Peggy A. Mion.

Lot 17 on the east side of Walker Way, Carnevale Industrial Park, Joseph M. Clark, William H. Picard Jr., David H. Ernst and Judith C. Tate, $305,000; to Emak Holding Corp.

Lot 5 Delta Boulevard, Delta Estates, Home Town Construction Co. Inc. doing business as Delta Associates, $132,000; to Edward L. Dott and Sandra J. Oliver.

83 Surrey Hill Drive, Skaarland Homes Inc., $120,000; to Debby P. Savoretti.

81 Surrey Hill Drive, Skaarland Homes Inc., $84,500; to Henry F. and Shirley A. Zampier.


15 George St., Dorothy B. Spiers, $100,000; to Dawn Marie Neer.


Property on Victoria Drive, Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, $65,000; to Paul G. and Waltraud Behling.

1024 DiBella Drive, Frank Tralongo, $250,000; to Mark W. and Karen O. Glimmerveen.

Property on Schoolhouse Road, the Michaels Group Inc., $225,000; to Cornerstone Christian Church, formerly known as The Road to Damascus Church.

511 Townwood Drive, Norma R. Standing, $86,000; to Barbara E. Kearney.

3196 Lydius St., William A. Coons, $40,000; to Dunnsville Development Corp.

14 Upper Wedgewood Lane, Weatherfield, Masullo Brothers Builders Inc., $190,000; to Bart J. and Carol J. Feiden.

Property on Gun Club Road, Robert and Sharon Faulkner, $112,000; to Rose J. Celini.

1016 Di Bella Drive, Louis H. and Nancy S. Bloom, $275,000; to William K. and Sharon L. Coly Herbert.

3014 Morgan Court, Stonefield Inc. doing business as Hartswood Associates, $181,000; to KeyCorp.

23 Relyea Road, Weatherfield, Susan F. Renzi, $179,250; to J. Barba Co. Inc.

7070 Suzanne Lane, Cornell Development Corp., $100,500; to Ann Giordano.

Property on the south side of Vosberg Road, Armand Quadrini, $102,800; to American Heritage Realty Partnership.

Parcels on Brandon Terrace, Venezio Avenue and Klink Road, Armand Quadrini and Armand Quadrini Construction Inc., $400,000; to Richard Rosetti.

Property on Western Avenue, Armand Quadrini, $800,000; to Richard Rosetti.

Lot 11 Bossi Estates, Charlew Construction Co. Inc., $143,000; to Ralph and Margaret DeRizzo.

Lot 7 Parkside Estates, Frank Tralongo, $31,500; to Jean Pedone aned Joseph Burg.

Lot 7 Oakdale Court, Dunnsville Development Corp., $169,000; to Timothy J. and Karla J. Ward.

440 Danna Joelle Drive, Dunnsville Development Corp., $202,000; to Richard J. Sr. and Patricia J. Scanlon.

19 Alvina Blvd., Willian R. and Ann V. Dreibholz, $100,000; to Santi and Francesca LoGiudice.

409 Danna Joelle Drive, Thomas D. and Elizabeth A. Polisoto, $249,500; to John F. and Barbara E. Martin.

3015 Valley Pine Drive, Tracey S. Heimberger and Barbara J. Hagins, $130,000; to Michael Fouhy and Kathleen Whitcomb.

102 Cambridge Court, Thomas V. and Donna M. Fila, $55,000; to Kevin Relyea.

6 W. Dillenbeck Drive, Anne M. Tully, formerly known as Anne M. McDonald, and Christopher Tully, $98,500; to John F. and Melissa C. Murphy.

14 Chapman Drive, James W. and Maria H. Sherwood, $94,000; to John F. Jameson III and Colleen F. Harvey.

306 Quidor Court, RSR Associates, $219,000; to Kamran Jannesari.


Parcel of land on Route 157, Krista L. Lombardi, $10,000; to Thomas J. and Sarah C. Ketchum.

Property on the southeast side of Singer Road, Henry A. Whipple, $14,000; to Ronald M. Pecan.

Property on Quay Road, Eileen Kerfoot Joyce, $28,000; to Thomas J. and Ruth A. Cramer.

Property on the west side of Singer Road, Henry A. Whipple, $26,000; to Donna M. Kirkpatrick.

Property on Middle Road, Harold C. Jr. and Louise D. Arvidson, $174,000; to Robert M. Hertz and Karen Louise Smith.


26 Park Hill Drive, Kemper Building Group Inc., $210,500; to Thomas G. Coates and Deborah Budini-Coates.


Property on Clipp Road, Kenneth W. Jr. and Ildiko K. Ingleston, $22,000; to Mark and Laurie Ingleston.

8 Elizabeth Drive, Donald T. and Sandra L. Maselli, $117,000; to Lewis A. Pompi.

18 Foundry Road, Martha MacDonald, formerly known as Martha Kugler, $70,000; to Steven M. and Barbara B. Flindt.

Property on Flat Rock Road, Hazel Sperbeck, $80,000; to James E. and Kay A. Craft.


Property on Willsey Road, formerly known as North Road, Robert S. and Margaret B. Deatrick, $92,000; to Albert A. and Jeanne A. Zippilli.


Parcel containing 15.09 acres on County Route 402, Lynn Donaldson and Sharon Moon, $30,000; to Lynn Donaldson.