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Date: Sunday, May 19, 1991

The following information was obtained by The Times Union, generally in the last month, from deed transfers recorded in the various counties.

ALBANY Property on the east side of Colvin Avenue between Clinton and Central avenues, M. Kramer & Sons Inc., $350,000; to Henry Zachs.

133 Edgecomb St., Richard S. and Patricia M. Rosetti-Shmaruk, $130,000; to Anthony B. and Donna G. Cook.

25 Bancker St., Nicole M. Bond, executor of the estate of Dorothy M. Vogel, $80,000; to James M. Carey.

14 Highland Court, Anthony B. and Donna G. Cook, $111,000; to Samuel F. Ford and Fentrice M. Fantroy-Ford.

520 Hamilton St., Frederick W. and Dawn V. Kakumba, $200,000; to John A. and Bonnie L. Brzoska.

149 Madison Ave. and 30 Van Zandt St., Anna Lauria, $125,000; to Michael C. Magguilli.

G-1 196 Morton Ave., Elmer View Deveopment Corp., $98,000; to Martha J. Downey.

437 Clinton Ave., Albany County, $6,000; to Thomas Cullen and Lea Miller.

19 Woodside Drive, New Scotland Woods Inc., $23,500; to Deer Run Homes Inc.

19 Woodside Drive, Deer Run Homes Inc., $111,500; to Sandra Schuster.

382 First St., Steven Feigenbaum, $70,000; to Douglas C. Castle.

127 S. Pine Ave., Brian J. Ward, $140,000; to David J. and Jill T. Evans.

18 Irving St., John W. and Gayle B. Vandervort, $175,000; to Todd Vandervort.

266 Colonie St., Omega Homes Inc., $54,600; to Gemleta Thomas.

13 Sandalwood Court, New Scotland Woods Inc., $23,500; to Deer Run Homes Inc.

13 Sandalwood Court, Deer Run Homes Inc., $103,000; to Randi B. Frank.

220 Hackett Blvd., Joseph F. and Elizabeth J. Laden, $122,000; to Jeffery S. and Leeann Markell.

267 Elm St., Harry and Helene Kishner, $75,000; to Stacey L. Hughes.

Unit 3 Whitehall Station Subdivision, Buchman-McKeon Builders Inc., $123,000; to John B. and Angela T. Cozzolino.


131 Western Ave., Walter C. and Cheryl A. Fay, $107,000; to Jeffrey S. Cohen and Deborah A. York.


48 acres at Bradt Hollow and Peasley roads, Francine Kreidler, formerly known as Francine Hoffman, $7,500; to Everett Rasso.


Property on Font Grove Road, Steven M. and Linda Lynch, $25,000; to E. Scott Macomber.

45 Carolanne Drive, James and Sharon Dillon, $205,000; to Patrick I. Greene and Ellen Sax.

11 Roweland Ave., Barry and Carol Lipnick, $110,000; to Kenneth and Caroline Lee O'Brien.

22 Eton Drive, Carolyn Ziehm, formerly known as Carolyn Brisky, $98,000; to Janet M. Dwyer.

61 Burhans Place, Aloysius L. Hofaker, executor of the estate of Marg Petruska, $111,000; to Elizabeth C. Hogan.

73 Meadowland St., Meyer and Ruth Haft, $122,500; to John K. and Anne V. Dalton and Margaret D. Valentine.

23 Groesbeck Place, Dorothy W. Gordon, $137,000; to Robert K. Davies and Alison Kelly.


Property on Route 143, Sycamore Country Club, $800,000; to Fred Kassner.


83 Simmons Ave., John J. and Denise M. Leibach, $80,700; to Maurice Bariteau.

29 Roosevelt Boulevard Subdivision, Jacqueline M. Falvey and Richard G. Rosetti, $132,000; to Pamela Bowen.

25 Berkley Ave., Josephine Krause, $50,000; to Raymond P. Krause.


46 Miracle Lane, Val Tante, $80,300; to Cindy L. Leonard.

45 Traditional Lane, Norton Home Builders Inc., $275,000; to Antonia C. Cortese.

153 Exchange St., American Housing Trust I, c/o The First National Bank of Chicago, $6,500; to Henry J. and Rosemarie V. Bleichert.

7 Winslow Terrace, Carmen S. and Angela M. Mirabile, $88,600; to Helen Belawski.

19 Valleywood Drive, Francis K. Peo, U.S. Marshall for Northern District of New York, $139,500; to Frederick A. and Louise A. Hering.

54 Pleasant Ridge Drive, Lynn T. and Stacia M. Sipperly, $178,000; to Joan M. Harrington.

32 Linda Lane, Masullo Brothes Builders Inc., $200,000; to Charles M. and Susan E. Chiappone.

16 Harvard Road, Peter A. and Frances M. Tolusis, $93,000; to Laurence K. Nash.

7 Gail Ave., Janice M. Berghela, $113,000; to Bruce J. and Kathy Miller.

4 Linda Drive, George H. Hoffman, $135,000; to Janice M. Berghela.

158 Old Loudon Road, James M. and Kimberly N. Lauro, $95,000; to James E. and Christine Layden.


6 Williams Court, Theodore R. Warner and Louise V. Warner, $97,000; to Shelly A. Carnegie and Mark G. Wykes.

84 Okara Drive, Calvin C. and Catherine G. Lawson, $141,500; to William E. and Helen H. MacGregor.

113 Severson Ave., Ernestine C. Jensen, $60,000; to Thomas W. Jensen.

Lot 12 Severson Acres, also known as 1 Groat Drive, Severson Acres Development Corp., $215,500; to Philip R. and Mary Ann Jones.

7082 Suzanne Lane, Cornell Development Corp., $95,500; to Christine Carletta.

405 Lincoln Drive, Abraham and Delta E. Kohn, $191,000; to David and Rosemary N. Strumpf.

49 Ridgefield Drive, Masullo Brothers Builders Inc., $157,000; to James C. and Beverly J. Currier.


Property on Knox Cave Road, Herb J. and Judith P. Moreland, $119,000; to Larry E. Keller and Gregory J. Sgroi.


Property on New Salem South Road, Walter J. and Rheta Schoenthal Baker, $165,000; to Beth Ryan and James M. Matejka.

Property on Route 85A, GAM Property Corp., $224,000; to Joseph and Patricia L. Robilotto.

49 Altamont Road, James M. and Shirley A. Cramer, $114,000; to Mark S. and Doreen M. Taylor.


Parcel of 24.14 acres on Bornt Road, Braddock H. and Marion M. Peckham, $281,000; to Sylvantec Inc. of N.J.


0.281 acre, Felix Dambrowski, $130,000; to Michael M. Wright and Robyn Heeder.

Property on Point View Drive, William and Christine Montgomery, $253,500; to Felix Dambrowski.

Property on Elliot Road, William Stevens Ten Eyck, $102,000; to Gregory V. Meader and Kelly J. Rodgers.


Campsites 7-10 at Snyders Lake, Gary G. Charlton, $86,000; to Marshall P. and Angela M. Richer.


3 Iowa Ave., Sadie Cytryn, $87,000; to Sandra Bix and Stephen R. Fahrenkopf.


Lots 7,9,11,12,14,16,18,20 and 22, Phase I, Country Side Estates West, Joseph A. Morizio, Martin J. Morizo and Mark J. Morizio, $141,000; to Charles G. and Gail M. Rector, Janet C. LaCasse and Shirley I. Phillips.

Property on Buttermilk Falls Road, Priscilla Daigle Parodi, $30,000; to Brian S. and Madeline J. Daigle.


Eighth Street north of Rensselaer Street, Trip Realty Management Corp., $90,000; to Frank E. and Mary F. Shaw.

325 Sixth Ave., Paul M. Sheeran and Kathleen A. Sheeran, $82,000; to Kathleen DeRosa.

Unit 321 Building 3 Highpointe Condominium, The Michaels Group Inc., $101,000; to Carolyn N. Isager.

2269 Sixth Ave., April Andrews, executor of the estate of Elaine Desmond Watts, $55,000; to Mary Ann Simard.

2,4,6 Highpointe Drive, The Michaels Group Inc., $114,000; to Brian K. Sponable and Tamera L. Perkins.

Unit 312 Building 3 Diamond Rock Circle, The Michaels Group Inc., $88,000; to Thomas J. and Betteann Dowd.

60 Woodrow Court, Lothar W. and Elli R. Nicolai, $120,000; to Anthony F. and Philomena L. Spensiere.


Lexington Street and Concord Avenue parcels, Huntington Associates, $154,000; to Timothy S. Rousselle and Karin S. Harvey.


Swaggertown Road parcel, Kurt and Kathleen Miller, $16,000; to Lee M. Griffin.


10 Stratford Drive, David and Robin Marquis, $225,000; to K. Wade and Karen Tolman.

Lot 55, Northcrest Vilage Phase III, Richard H. Wright, $75,000; to Deborah K. Riggi.

31 Sonat Road, Robert and Colleen Kohan, $134,500; to Catherine M. Bennett.

17 Esopus Drive, Thomas and Laurel Crook, $144,000; to John and Maureen Thomas.

4 Cranberry Lane, Stephen and Loretta Wilary, $158,500; to Ahmet and Tulay Kaya.

179 Tallow Wood Drive, Hans and Bernadine Luessen, $84,000; to Ronald and Linda Hulin.


Parcel on Edinburg-Hadley Highway, Lena Gianattasio, $33,000; to Richard and Judith Traeger.

Ridgewood Avenue parcel, John J., Carmine F., and Thomas J. O'Donnell, Maria A. Green and Lucy R. Young Seren, $1,500; to George and Betty Vielkind.


Barber Road parcel, Marietta Rodin, $44,000; to Frederick and Dale Bleyl.


Locust Grove Road property, Jay L. Ellsworth, $86,500; to Jacqueline A. Hayes, Thomas Altieri and Joan P. Hayes.


Maple Street parcel, NiMo Power Corp., $5,000; to David and Kathryn Trackey.


Two parcels, one on Route 9, the other adjacent to lands of Martindale Court Inc., Halfmoon Eight Associates, $395,500; to Accent on Health Realty Inc.


Parcel on Milton Center highway, Thomas N. Dulin, executor of the estate of Frank Vargo, $125,500; to James Mitchell.


Lot 32, Gregory Manor, The Dime Savings Bank of New York, $55,000; to Richard and Gayle Lasarso.


Baker Drive parcel, Terel Hills, Nicola Lanaro, $100,000; to James M. Kasson.


Lot 2, subdivided lands of George F. Pettinos Inc., $30,000; to George F. Jr. and Wanda Perkins.

Lot 2, subdivided lands of Clayton D. Johnson, $22,500; to Carol C. McGinnis.

Neilson Road parcel, Raymond G. Morby, $1,500; to Eva May Decker.


Round Table Road parcel, Jerrold and Kathleen Jaiven, $192,000; to Kenneth and Linda Yackly.

Caroline Street parcel, Sara E. Snodgrass, $115,000; to David H. Casner and Julie M. Miller.

738 Hathorn Boulevard, Thomas and Dawn O'Flaherty, $85,000; to Kenneth and Janet Pascoe.


Main Street property, Thomas and Carolyn Tilley, and James and Emma Tessino, $160,000; to Jack and Rose Harvey.


7 Colonial Road, formerly owned by William and Sheila Ontkush, sold by John Cromie, referee, to the New York Mortgage Servicing Co., $34,000.


Lot 4, Shulusky Estates, John F. Bakerian, executor of the estate of John Bakerian, $83,000; to Robert and Diane LaPlante.


Property on Schoharie Turnpike, Philip A. Brandt and Frederick G. Rychick, $88,500; to Carl V. and Stephanie A. Foland.

Property on Cole Road, Ardeth Taber, individually and as administrator of the estate of Herbert E. Taber, $65,000; to David A. Mollevik.


12 St. Jude Lane, Donald J. Valiquette and Alice M. Valiquette, now known as Alice M. Revelia, $40,000; to Robert H. and Alice M. Revelia.

43 Fredericks Road, Susan D. Green, $125,000; to Margaret I. Prudden and S. Leigh Prudden.

29 Roslyn Drive, Ruth Ann Fraley, $122,500; to James E. and Barbara E. Pennie.

5,6 and 7 River Road, Liag Realty Corp., $20,000; to Sigmund Ltd.

Property on Mohawk Turnpike, Liag Realty Corp., $25,000; to Sigmund Ltd.

11 Mayfair Drive, Allan J. Andersen, $91,500; to Ronald and Carol Belstraz.

Property on the north side of Vley Road, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Washington, $67,500; to Anthony and Anita L. Rossler.

11 Aleda Drive, James E. and Barbara E. Pennie, $90,000; to Michael Yezzo and Leslie D'Ambrosio.

12 Redwood Drive, PHH Homequity Corp., $170,000; to Jungsuk and Kyungja Ryu.


1747 Union St., Liag Realty Corp., $55,000; to Sigmund Ltd.

10 Owasco Court, Seneca Manor, Frank Rossi, $75,000; to Sotile Builders Inc.

10 Owasco Court, Seneca Manor, Sotile Builders Inc., $78,000; to M.G. Healey Inc.

Property on Rowe Road, Woodcrest Associates Inc., $11,000; to Niskayuna.

Property on Country Club Drive, Vernon F. Hovey, $150,000; to Michael B. Hovey and Jeffrey T. Hovey.

62 Lori Drive, Navion Development Corp., $48,000; to Anchor Builders Inc.

62 Lori Drive, Anchor Builders Inc., $148,500; to Steven F. and Joyce M. Noyes.

80 Pheasant Ridge, Rosendale Estates Inc., $72,000; to David A. DiSarro Inc.

24 Downing St., Avon Crest, Carnevale Venture Corp., $211,000; to Peter E. and Lieu C. Pohl.

945 Douglas Court, Navion Development Corp., $48,000; to Anchor Builders.

945 Douglas Court, Anchor Builders, $152,500; to William J. and Marie A. Gehringer.

1503 Regent St., Marion K. Hamilton, administrator of the estate of Marie S. Mueller, $86,000; to James T. Jr. and Lisa Pollacek.

796 Red Oak Drive, Jeffrey A. and Beth J. Marfurt, $177,000; to Suzanne M. Wetherington.


371 Skyline Drive, John and Rufina Guerra, $130,000; to Dennis R. and Dianne Earls.


One acre on Mariaville Road, Arlene W. Tablewski, $58,000; to Amy S. and Joseph W. Mulyca.

405 Marengo St., Ronald H. Paul, $55,000; to Jarrett M. Smith and Audra L. Ayers.

1288 Floral Ave., Dennis R. and Dianne L. Earls, $83,000; to Ronald H. Paul.

1048 St. Anna Drive, Thomas H. Marks and Darelle A. Bryant, $129,000; to Howard C. Jr. and Paula B. Russell.

Lot 46 Eldorado Acres, J. Lucarelli Land Developmers Co. Inc., $180,000; to Stephen J. and Loretta A. Wilary.

Lot 12 Eldorado Acres, J. Lucarelli Land Development Co. Inc., $189,500; to Michael J. and Deborah E. Foley.

634 Poutre Ave., Clifford O. and Suzanne M. Gridley, $12,500; to John B. and Dianne K. Shiely.

Lot 45 Eldorado Acres, J. Lucarelli Land Development Co. Inc., $168,000; to Thomas and Maryann P. Cotugno.

Lot 214 Sunrise Estates, Charlew Construction Co. Inc., $131,000; to Peter B. and Suzanne A. Weed.


810 Bridge St., Guinevere L. Thaler, $86,500; to Mark C. and Pamela K. Berrian and Jeffrey Wildermuth.

405 Eleanor St., Shirley M. Polgreen, executor of the estate of Alexander M. Templeton, $61,000; to Dana L. Preddice.

401 Broadway, Liag Realty Corp, $28,500; to Sigmund Ltd.

Vacant land on Lorraine Avenue, City of Schenectady, $500; to Gwendolyn Maxin.

Property on Vienna Street, City of Schenectady, $500; to Sebastian Cristo.

1871-1873 Becker St., Dale A. Hassett, $77,000; to Michael A. and Maxine Grinmanis.

1367 Cullen Ave., City of Schenectady, $500; to Frank G. and Roclynn M. Herba.

415 Summit Ave., City of Schenectady, $500; to Marie P. McDermott.

1121-1123 Albany St., Franklin R. Walters, $46,000; to Steven Means.

1491 Nelson St., Daniel F. and Shannon M. Thouin, $87,500; to Carl R. and Josephine N. Richute.

433 Schenectady St., Better Neighborhoods Inc., $75,500; to Lester Foster.

143-145 Van Guysling Ave., Liag Realty Corp., $3,500; to Sigmund Ltd.

576-578 Broadway, formerly known as South Centre Street, Liag Realty Corp., $6,500; to Sigmund Ltd.

586-590 Broadway, Liag Realty Corp., $ 15,500; to Sigmund Ltd.

580 Broadway, Liag Realty Corp., $9,000; to Sigmund Ltd.

904 Emmett St., Robert B. and Toni O. McCarroll, $87,850; to Christopher Trevis Johnson.

52-54 Waldorf Place, Kathleen A. Bradt, $64,000; to Frederick T. and Dawn M. MacGregor.

2510 Consaul Road, James J. and Elaine Abbass-Lanza, $70,250; to Miguel A. Ramos and Flora Ramos.

104 Erie Blvd., Anthony A. Renna, $650,000; to Albert W. Lawrence.

100 Jay St., Albert W. Lawrence, $300,000; to Anthony A. Renna.

711 Michigan Ave., Sandra Palma, $75,000; to First National Bank of Amenia.

846 Wright Ave., Paul John Sennett, executor of the estate of Paul J. Sennett, $127,500; to Kenneth L. Ames.


Lot 331 Scotia Highland Tract, Angela Carrano, formerly known as Angela L. Castaldi, $57,500; to Daniel F. and Shannon M. Thouin.

176 Sacandaga Road, Stephen and Anne Lasak, $75,000; to Christopher J. Buono.

Unit 907 Cambridge Manor Drive, Brookview Court Inc., $79,000; to Gary J. Mantello.

332 Mohawk Ave., Agnes R. and Anthony F. Rossler, $65,000; to Samuel D. Aldi.