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Date: Sunday, March 17, 1991

The following information was obtained by The Times Union, generally in the last month, from deed transfers recorded in the various counties.

ALBANY Lot 143 Hawthorne Ave., Emily B. Kelton, $100,000; to Anthony N. and Maryanne E. Ellis and John P. Smith.

16 Thornton St., Charles H. Magee St. and Shirley Mae Castle, $30,000; to Albany Community Land Trust.

28-30 Wilkins Ave., Christa Besson, $77,500; to Paul Benedetti.

863 Third St., Ronald W. and Patricia A. Morrison, $66,000; to Stephen S. Prokrym.

Lot 22 Woodridge St., Martin I. and Dorothea C. Rosenberg, $126,500; to Mark D. and Dawn A. Ferrer.

156 Ontario St., John A. Jr. and Susan A. Miskewicz, $83,000; to Kathleen Pierone.

11 Woodlawn Ave., Peter James Perkins, executor of the estate of Arthur A. Perkins Jr., $83,500; to Frederick M. Perkins.

10 Homestead Ave., John T. Danielson, executor of the estate of Lina B. Goodrich, $103,000; to Jeffrey and Frances Wittmann.

551 Morris St., Anthony F. and Kathleen M. Ilacqua, $107,000; to Lynn G. Johnson.

Lot 12 Tallmadge Place, The Michels Group Inc., $166,0900; to Denise Marie Kelly.

28 Slingerland St., Guy A. Rider, $72,000; to George T. Jr. and Randi L. Ford.

306 Quail St., Philip H. Bulgar Sr., administrator of the estate of Ann M. Gulgar, $80,000; to Susan Hrib.

526 Yates St., Frederick W. and Dawn V. Kakumba, $287,000; to William C. Blatter and William B. Blatter.


Route 157A, Julia V. Lewis, administrator of the estate of Mabel E. Warner, $42,000; to Debra Ann Magee and Kenneth E. Freer.


14 Equinox Court, John Eric King, $239,500; to Frank and Angelina Multari.

16 Equinox Court, John Eric King, $239,500; to Frank and Angelina Multari.


Three parcels on Rensselaer Avenue and Washington Avenue, Van Schoick Island, P.S. Dusza Distributing Co. Inc., $259,500; to John A. and Sandra J. Smith.


20 Hay Path, Thomas Johnson and Ronilda S. Vega, $110,000; to Robert M. and Deborah Cavanaugh.

15 Cherry Tree Road, Janice L. Clark, also known as Janice L. Brecht, $42,000; to James T. Brecht.

15 Cherry Tree Road, James T. and Janice L. Brecht, $268,000; to Andrew T. McEvoy and Kathleen M. McNally.

26 Lois Court, Kazunobu Morinaga and Kiyomi Morinaga, $108,500; to Thomas J. and Anne M. Maloney and Patricia A. Maloney.

Lots 53,54,55 Clearview Heights, Norstar Trust Co., executor of the estate of Herbert Swatling, $15,000; to Bonnie Swatling.

47 Harvard Road, Cheryl A. Graham, $101,500; to Maureen E. and Patrick J. Wynne.


5 W. Kelly Ave., Donald D. Jr. and Patricia C. Roberts, $118,000; to Frank and Domenica Scarcella.

616 Maywood Ave., William V. Jr. and Mary V. Karson, $142,000; to Bernard F. and Joanne P. Fitzgerald.

820 Greenthorne Blvd., Charlew Construction Co. Inc., $314,500; to Dale C. and Barbara J. Westcott.


Property on Malachi Court, Helderberg Estates, Susan E. Peters, $25,000; to Marie A. Phillipuk and Barbara A. Walch.


1 MacAffer Drive, Edward W. and Dion Drislane, executors of the estate of James J. Drislane, $250,000; to Angel F. and Margarita E. Fermin.


1617 12th Ave., Louise M. Mielewski, $120,000; to Ronald A. Jr. and Virginia K. Boisvert.


Property on Green Hollow Road, Virginia G. Van Nostrand, $105,000; to Thomas F. and Regina F. Keefe.


Property on Route 7, Lanec R. Turner and Diane B. Turner, $55,000; to Lance R. Turner.

Lot 26 North Forty West, J.J. Cillis Builders Inc., $249,500; to Anthony G. and Donna G. Duffy.


Property on Middlesex Road, Christopher M. and Marika T. Papa, $91,000; to Jeffrey A. and Amy J. Tempel.


5 Justin Court, Grandview Estates Construction Co., $20,000; to C.F.L. Builders Corp.

5 Justin Court, C.F.L. Builders Corp., $104,000; to Willard S. and Marion L. Gates.

41 Nelson Ave., George J. Schillinger, $43,000; to Michael E. Miller.

1526 Third St., Simple Prosperity Inc., $9,000; to Joan M. Rapp.


Property on Morey Park Road, Pioneer Savings Bank, $58,500; to Andrea K. Harris and Raymond B. Vroman.

Six acres on Stewart Point Road, Richard J. and Renee A. Farley, $174,000; to Susan S. Freedman.


429 10th St., Blanche Gordon formerly known as Blanche Hosler, $50,000; to Ricky H. and Mary Ann Andrews.

3248 Sixth Ave., City of Troy, $4,000; to Daniel and Michelle Blanchet.

361 Fourth Ave., Mary Ann Gowie, $55,000; to Michael W. Brockway.


Parcel on Burnt Hills-Ballston Highway, Walter D. Crounse, $55,000; to Charles M. Brown.

30 Goode St., Theresa M. Vignali, $105,000; to Joseph P. Camerino.

Lot 138, Manning Park at Ballston Lake, William R. Busier, $142,000; to Charles B. McCormack.

Lake Hill Road parcel, Suzanne W. Reed, $75,000; to William J. Horan.


East Grove Street parcel, Richard James and John West, $20,000; to Richard West.


State Road parcel, Angelo and Kathleen Mastrangelo, $47,500; to Michael and Diane Lawrence.


89 Southbury Road, Pamela A. Louder, $182,000; to Francis T., Jr. and Patricia Spataro.

14 Wildwood Court, Hugh A. Berger, $332,000; to Gary C. Hajek.

3 Sunrise Terrace, Richard J. Rheaume, $144,000; to Ghazala I. Nathu.

24 Sheffield Drive, Teele-Mitchell Design Builders Inc., $285,500; to James and Kathy Suciu.

Unit in Forest Pointe Condominium I, The Michaels Group Inc., $87,000; to Joseph H. Sidorowicz.

7A Woodcliffe Drive, Lawrence and Janine F. Wright, $90,000; to Andriej Staniecki.

14 Kings Court, R.J. McLagan Inc., $31,000; to Ronald D. McLagan.

3 Algonquin Road, The Michaels Group Inc., $35,000; to Chris Abele Builder Inc.

13 Stockton Court, Jamie Haug, $112,500; to Charles and Candace Malmborg.

6 Briar Patch Court, Joseph and Connie Cocozzo, $185,000; to Robert and Theresa Vignali.

Lot 36 Riverview Landing, Louise C. Straney, $225,000; to Albert and Barbara Lawrence.

2 Queensbury Court, George and Diana Schember, $165,000; to Eleanore F. Walker, Joseph T. Hartman, Terrell R. Johnson, Robert W. Bugel and George E. McCarty.


Parcel in Lakeview subdivision, Gilbert L. Stanton and Frances G. Mulyca, as co-executors of the estate of Percy Stanton, $4,500; to Anthony Denning.


Route 29 property, Robert G. Miller, $62,500; to Mark G. Miller and Tamela L. Sangster.


Thunder Run parcel, Dennis and Susan Urra, $142,000; to Russell and Sabine Smitley.


Lot 23, Foxhollow Estates, Chatfield- Rockwell Construction Co. Inc., $16,500; to R.J. McLagan Inc.

Lot 23, Foxhollow Estates, R.J. McLagan Inc., $122,000; to John and Joy Schroeder.

Lot 34, Foxhollow Estates, Section 2, Chatfield-Rockwell Construction Co. Inc., $16,500; to R.J. McLagan Inc.

Lot 34, Foxhollow Estates, Section 2, R.J. McLagan Inc., $114,000; to Kathryn L. Ireland.

Parcel on Middle Grove-Porters Corners Road, Laura R. Roeckle, $33,500; to Greenfield Fire District.


207 Monmouth Way, Thomas and Laura Skelly, $69,000; to Eileen Bender.

Callanan Road parcel, Ralph E. Button, $140,000; to Peter W. Meaney.

6 Shafer Drive, Westfield Acres, Richard D. Postulka Sr., $145,000; to Michael and Margaret Shea.

Parcel on the Waterford-Mechanicville Highway, Patricia A. Waldron and E. Bruce Hasbrouck, as executors for the estate of Brenda Hasbrouck, $71,000; to Steven and Tina Strohmeier.

Burgoyne Drive condominium, Robert J. and Katherine Stoffel, $63,500; to Vaughn F. McCloskey II.

6 Cheltenham Place, Timberwick Phase II, Colony Craft Homes Inc., $400,000; to Domenico and Eleonora Cunsolo.

Parcel in Rivercrest Estates Phase II, Victor Gush and Jeanne Daigle, $115,500; to Francis and Laurie Flint.

Beach Road parcel, Daniel J. McCumber, as executor of the estate of Marshall Silvernail, $16,000; to David and Joan Everitt.

Lot 15, Deer Run Hollow, JLRB Realty Inc., $193,000; to Michael and Sara Sullivan.

11 Cromwell Drive, Knox Woods, PHH Homequity Corp., $79,000; to Lori and Robert Matt.


170 Thimbleberry Road, Sharon T. Swede, $82,000; to Jo-Anne Hostig and Melody DeMass.

Property in the Kayderosseras

patent, D. Brooks Teele and Timothy K. Mitchell, $300,000; to Malta Development Co. Inc.

6 Wake Robin Road, Morgan and Mary Jane Ryan, $74,000; to John K. Ryan.

Malta Avenue parcel, Brian and Jacqueline Farry, $106,000; to Randolph and Lori Hoose.

Saratoga Lake parcel, Nina Mae Stoops, $69,500; to Raymond and Joan Melander.


19 Legend Lane, Arthur and Jean Kranick, $96,000; to Saratoga County.

1 Finley Road, Thomas A. Hug and Richard L. Miranda, $19,000; to Carol A. Pappalau.

10 Carriage Way, Tra-Tom Development Inc., $96,000; to J. Richard and Virginia Burt.

16 Ichabod Lane, Janice Serbalik Bergeron, $70,000; to Ronald Milham.

16 Carriage Way, Coachman Estates, Tra-Tom Development Inc., $109,500; to Joseph and Melanie Zuiker.

Rock City Falls property, Russell and Gladys Rhodes, $1,000; to Charles and Linda Carey.

9 Carriage Way, Tra-Tom Development Inc., $117,500; to Todd and Karen Phelps.

Parcel on Rock City Falls to Ballston Spa Highway, Gary and Susan Flynn, $34,000; to Marc and Sally Briggs.


Parcel on Gansevoort Road, Route 32, Viola C. Smith, $75,000; to Charles A. Diehl.

Little Acre Bar, Route 9, Gary D. Abbenante, $81,500; to Edward Douglas.


31 Cramer Path, Nicola Lanaro, $98,000; to Frank K. Moreau.

Parcel on Route 50, Tananger Woods proposed subdivision, B&L Development Corp., $119,500; to Kevin M. Hedley and Kim M. Lanteigne.


South Line Road parcel, Ronald Urevich, executor of the estate of Ann Soloway, $15,000; to Brian and Susan Bishop.

Caribou Court parcel, Michael R. LaFlamme, $35,000; to Elvin and Maria Goldsmith.


Ruckytucks Road property, James W. Baker, $65,000; to Wallace and Pamela Parsons.

Fitch Road property, William B. Wilmot and Joan M. Taylor, $950,000; to Lydie H. Wilmot.


Congress Street parcel, Minnie Cohn, $94,000; to Timothy M. Hall.

Van Dam Street parcel near Railroad Alley, Hugh M. Kelly, $67,500; to Elizabeth A. Timoney.

285 Curt Boulevard, Nola Myers, $21,000; to Jeffrey and Michele Marcil.

Kirby Road parcel, National Savings Bank of Albany, $65,000; to C. Kirk and Alinda Nichols.

Nelson Avenue parcel, John and Jerene Thelen, $190,000; to Enis R. Weston.

Two parcels on South Circular Street at Circular Alley, Trevor and Beckie Downie, $170,000; to Bruce and Cathleen DeLuke.

Clark Street parcel, Gerry Krall and Marilyn Olson, $80,000; to Jeffrey and Margalit Olson.

Quevic Drive parcel, Cynthia A. Boyka, $86,000; to Daniel and Kimberly Hagen.


Clark Street parcel, Beatrice H. Norton, $85,000; to Joseph and Karen Tarantino.


Saratoga Lake parcel, Kevin T., Stephen J., Nadine and Vincent P. Sleasman, $12,000; to Kevin T., Stephen J., and Nadine Sleasman.


Lot 53, Suncrest Farm Estates, Barbara Harms and Sandy Padilla, $104,000; to John D. Meurs.


Parcel formerly owned by Raymond and Susan Sylvain, Saratoga County, $1,000; to Henry and Beverly Mazurkiewicz.

Parcel, owner unknown, Saratoga County, $10,000; to Thomas and Joanne Klepetar.

30 Davidson Drive, Lawrence and Brenda Eschelbacher, $81,000; to Brian and Pamela Sanford.

13 Palmer Terrace, Lake Lizzie Estates, Raymond E. Zymowski, $110,000; to Daniel and Tracy Breen.

Lot 4, subdivided lands of Harold R. Schultz, $30,000; to Northwoods Development Inc.

33 Ryanwood Court, Lake Lizzie Estates, John Deere Industrial Equipment Co., $131,500; to Mark and Cynthia Schroeder.

Lot 9, The Forest, The Sunsmiles Group Inc., $20,000; to Stephen M. Staalesen.

38 Fieldstone Drive, Michael D. Wood, $160,500; to Brian T. McMahon.

Lot 11, Foxhound Run, Garry R. Heflin Inc., $148,000; to Andrew and Julia Culver.

19 Lonesome Pine Trail, Marilyn Morris, $75,000; to Joseph and Palmyra Weliczka.

Lot 177, Kyer Estates, Michael T. Dennis and Christopher Laing, $108,500; to Terry and Laurie Culp.

Property east of Jones Road and south of the Delaware & Hudson Railway overcrossing, Joseph F. McMillian, $4,500; to Francis C. Sr. and Rose Mary Danforth.


7 Hollywood Drive, Walter F. and Ruth B. Jorgensen, $116,000; to Larry J. and Camille L. Sones.

32 Surrey Road, Timothy G. and Karen E. Beck, $90,000; to Richard White-Smith and Joan White-Smith.

701 S. Holmes St., Mark O. Walter, $76,5000; to Josephine Palkovic- Opitz and Yvonne Nowak.

118 Oakland Ave., Gary M. and June P. Downs, $104,000; Scott D. and Lynn B. Harkness.

72 Fredericks Road, Harmon Glen, $18,000; to John H. and Barbara G. Fogg.

Lot 209 Sunrise Estates, Charlew Construction Company Inc., $135,000; to Teresa Savona.

468 Duglin Ave., Loren W. Page, $65,000; to John W. and Cathleen McMahon.

8 Owasco Court, Seneca Manor, M.G. Haley Inc., $349,000; to Salvatore N. Bonfanti and Jeanne C. Bonfanti.

Property on Dunnsville and Stanek Roads, Arthur J. Mastro, executor of the estate of Elygiusz J. Wdowinski

, $35,000; to Jean Van Patten.


1059 and 1067 Merlin Drive, Frank and Anthony Gallucci, $90,000; to J.J. Kennedy Construction Corp.

2819 Aqueduct Road, Susan Mary Mooney, administrator of the estate of Helen W. Gosch, $15,000; to Ugo Popolozio.

Property on Stoneridge Road, Trustco Bank NY, trustee for Henry B. Parker Jr., grantor, $130,000; to Oak Enterprises.

871 Stark Ave., Dean A. and Jacqueline Barbera, $129,000; to Donald P. and Colleen A. Washock.

2184 Story Ave., Larry Forneris and Vera Forneris Willi, $95,000; to Parimal B. and Julie A. Mody.

11 Macaulay Lane, Drawing Board Developers Ltd., $223,000; to Robert K. and Rosalie P. Phelan.

2179 Foxhill Drive, Donald S. and Eileen Rappold, $145,000; to Bernard J. and Mary F. Garbauskas.

2370 Algonquin Road, Ben A. Jr. and Inga S. Green, $160,000; to Richard E. and Cornelia Cahill Sise.

Property on Wiltshire Way, Jody S. and Janet M. Bleier, $174,500; to Donald S. and Eileen Rappold.


112 Alexander Ave., John J. Jr. and Carolyn G. Hugerich, $91,500; to Barton B. Zabin and Elizabeth Reynolds.

Unit 501 Cambridge Manor Drive, Brookview Court Inc., $68,500; to Yolanda C. King.


1503-1505 Foster Ave., Lokendra Singh, $69,000; to Alexander Simkhovich and Michael Finn.

6 Jackson Place, Keith A. Rebehn and Karin Nybo Rebehn, $78,000; to Denise A. LaFarr and Rhonda Lee Harrigan.

432 Clayton Road, Kevin M. DiGirolamo, $72,000; to Jeffrey L. and Linda Peek.

Property on Gifford Road, Larry E. Martinelli and Todd P. Martinelli, $80,000; to Leonard J. and Kelly A. Thomas.

1246 Sumner Ave., Robert S. and Suzanne M. Frederick, $96,000; to James and Elaine Aldi.

1507 Albany St., Leonard J. and Kelly A. Thomas, $53,000; to Jason P. Benedict, Joseph M. Benedict, Robert J. and Leslie J. Benedict.

62 Spruce St., John and Sharryl A. Crowther, $75,000; to Donna Eileen Levine.

1008 Albany St., Edward H. and Claire S. Beaudoin, $11,500; to Rexford Plumbing, Heating and Hardware Company Inc.

15 Elbert St., George Blanas, $79,000; to Andrew J. Michela.

539-541 Nott St., Christina Viscariello and Elisa Recupero, $47,500; to Christina and Antonio Viscariello.

9 Clement Ave., Eugene L. and Kimberly J. Martin, $70,500; to Peggy L. Wilson.

Property on Manchester Road, Joann G. Cippitelli and Virginio L. Cippitelli, $92,500; to Gary W. and Deborah R. Kirkham.

Property on Holland Road, Robert W. and Deborah A. Zink, $79,000; to John E. and Debra L. Murray.

314 Division St., Richard White-Smith, $71,000; to David M. and Marcia L. Bassett.

Property on Lakeview Avenue, Robert Ravas executor of the estate of Mary Ravas, $69,000; to John R. and Theresa A. Ravas.

635-639 Crane St., Arthur C. and Ann W. Kilian, $60,000; to Lee A. Walker.