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Date: Sunday, October 20, 1991

The following information was obtained by The Times Union, from deed transfers recorded during recent weeks in the various counties listed below.

BALLSTON SPA 9 Van Brummel Lane, Stance P. and Ann M. DeLorenze, $158,000; to James Pike Jr. and Amy Pike.

333-335 Lexington St., Huntington Associates, $124,500; to Philip A. and Cheryl L. Colasessano.


218 Stage Road, Roman F. and Constance Ostrowski, $104,500; to William C. and Lynette A. Metz.


Lot 56 Westchester Drive, Marilyn R. and Stanley Ruderman, $94,000; to James T. Burns.

25 Robinwood Drive, Samuel J. and Joan M. Milicia, $237,000; to Eduardo L. Buso.

768 Plank Road, Barbara Mossey, $140,000; to Joseph R. Teson Jr. and Jeanne M. Barber.

Lot 7 Merrall Drive and McIntosh Lane, Peter M. Fitzner, $109,000; Raymond and Ruth L. Diaz.

22 Baltusrol Drive, Barbara B. Fingar, $126,500; to Steven G. and Deborah A. Goebel.

3 Newport Drive, Teele-Mitchell Design Builders Inc., $223,000; to Arthur A. and Geraldine A. Black.

1 Redcoat Court, Timothy William and Nancy B. Gilligan, $76,500; to Elizabeth A. Clarke.

9 Wilshire Drive, Robert D. and Maureen Werther, $229,000; to Thomas DiLorenzo.

Lot 32 Crescent Estates South, William H. and Patricia A. Mallou, $94,000; to Paul and Louann Obernesser.

61 Grissom Drive, William L. and Janet C. Schatz, $127,500; to Nicholas and Regina Scotto DiCarlo.

Lot 19 Canterbury Lane, Barry M. and Diane B. Nason, $150,000; to David and Carolyn Scripter.

14 Pinewood Drive, Mary Mazzotti, $186,000; to Michael J. and Patricia A. O'Brien.

Lot 5 Brooks Drive, Robert J. and Elizabeth A. Rajeski, $165,000; to Thomas S. and Doris A. Golembeski.

15 Westchester Drive, Kim M. Osborne, Stanley L. Margolius, Joyce Margolius, Bill Cooper, and Kim Cooper, $77,000; to Midlantic Home Mortgage Corp.

23 Orchard Park Drive, Kevin J. and Marcia A. Ross, $235,000; to William E. Ford and Linda Timmons.


34 Pepperbush Place, Barbara A. Davis, $73,500; to Cynthia J. Ernest.

109 Wineberry Lane, Ingrid A. Campbell, $110,000; to Timothy W. Gilligan.

23 Scotch Mist Way, James M. and Regan P. Comins, $107,000; to Catherine M. Graichen and Gregg M. Recer.

Lot 1 Lakeside Acres, Norman E. Brand and Marni Leger, $91,000; to John Kimball.

Parcel on Lake Avenue, Robert A. and Kathleen T. Meneely, $95,000; to Patricia Hyde.

Lot 1322 Luther Forest, Robert E. and Gloria P. Luczynski, $109,000; to John A. and Virginia H. Wiederhirn.


Parcel on Reynolds Corners-Fort Edward Road, Thomas G. and Marie E. Harrington, $88,500; to Jorge Correa and Bonnie Santini-Correa.

12 Washington Road, Robert J. and Barbara A. Brunelle, $95,500; to John David and Carol A. Linehan.


Parcel on Route 50, B&L Development Corp., $103,500; to Allen J. Tefore and Karen M. Older.


3 Willow Spring Dr., Thomas C. DiLorenzo, $485,000; to Robert D. and Maureen E. Werther.


166 Grand Ave., Marlolaine Arsenault, $126,000; to Michael J. Ross.

Parcel on P.D. Harris Road, Peter C.F. Birkel Jr., $260,000; to Ian L. and Gwen A. Pykett.

Lot 135 Arapaho Path, Dolores and Mark Fobare, $91,000; to James M. and Nadine LaChance.

Parcel on P.D. Harris Road, David Batyko, $140,000; to Stephen R. Markovits.

Parcel on P.D. Harris Road, Stephen R. Markovits, $220,000; to Evelyn R. Markovits.

Parcel on Woodlawn Avenue, Alan S. Perlstein and Terry L. Hamann, $107,000; to Vincent Pelliccia and Carol Cooney.

Parcel on Woodlawn Avenue, Jon A. and Barbara L. Mueller, $117,000; Henry J. and Sharon A. Pennell.

Lot 1 East Avenue, Stewart F. and Joanne D. Kay, $100,000; to Lucinda R. Ginsburg.

93 Quevic Drive, James A. Richards Jr. and Nancy A. Richards, $86,000; to Richard T. Bishop.


4 Stillwood Lane, Donald R. and Elizabeth K. Jones, $142,000; to Nevin D. and Irma E. Harkness.

STILLWATER Lot 7 Ridge Court, Saratoga Pine Ridge Inc., $153,000; to Barbara J. Davis.

Parcel on Saratoga Lake State Highway, Fred C. Keppler, $70,000; to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington, Vermont Inc.


Parcel on Saratoga Avenue, Robert W. and Stephanie S. Tolan, $92,000; to Kathy J. Durivage.

26 Linda Lane, John and Maryann Gushue, $90,500; to Kevin and Marquita L. Hiemel.

130 Third St., Rudolph J. and Carol Ann Nikles, $75,000; to Kenneth A. and Jody A. Willetts.

13 Domenica Drive, Gary A. and Nancy A. Critelli, $120,000; to James C. and Ruby L. Ranne.

6 Lawrence St., Elsie S. Cheney, $84,000; to Craig and Kathleen Messier.


Property on Darby Hill Road, Douglas A. and Patricia A. Hewett, $130,000; to Michael Norris and Deborah Herrington.

Property on the north side of Lakeside Ave., Steven Feigenbaum, $57,5000; to William H. Becker.


10 Sandalwood Lane, Herbert S. and Beverly A. Cole, $146,000; to Richard F. and Darlene A. Parker.

27 Cypress Drive, James V. Gennarelli and Janet S. Hungate, $120,500; to Stephen J. and Marlene A. Filak.

10 Stephen Road, Jeffrey Pollock and Colleen Pollock, $102,000; to David P. and Charlene A. Furiani.


Lot 11 Seneca Manor, Sotile Builders Inc., $79,000; to M.G. Healey Inc.

64 Pheasant Ridge, Rosendale Estates Inc., $75,000; to Sotile Builders Inc.

60 Pheasant Ridge, Rosendale Estates Inc., $75,000; to Sotile Builders Inc.

1954 Townsend Road, William W. Fischer, $160,000; to David M. Smith and Indushobha Chengalur-Smith.

876 Lishakill Road, Robert W. Jarvenpa, $114,000; to Bryan R. Simmerman and Marcia G. Allen.

Lot 2191 Foxhill Estates, Niskayuna Residential Developers Ltd., $294,000; to Meng Ling Hsiao and Tsann Huei Hwang.

Lot 856 Beech Drive, Forest Oaks, The Michaels Group Inc., $50,000; to Carlo E. and Jo Anne Cioffi.

63 Lori Drive, Navion Development Corp., $48,000; to Anchor Builders Inc.

63 Lori Drive, Anchor Builders Inc., $154,400; to Peter S. and Jill A. Briggs.

105 Heather Court, Navion Builders Corp., $48,000; to Anchor Builders Inc.

105 Heather Court, Anchor Builders Inc., $160,500; to Linda M. Pinkans.

914 St. David's Lane, Jane Bucci now known as Jane Stewart, $135,000; to Charles H. Jr. and Ashley G. Gardner.

100 Heather Court, Navion Development Corp., $48,000; to Anchor Builders Inc.

35 Lori Drive, Navion Development Corp., $48,000; to Anchor Builders Inc.

35 Lori Drive, Anchor Builders Inc., $199,000; to Yogendro and Barbara Singh.

100 Heather Court, Anchor Builders Inc., $182,000; to Terrence W. and Mary K. Smith.


Property on the east side of Rynex Corners Road, Winifred A. Chance formerly known as Winifred A. Kretchmar, $22,000; to Jason E. Charbonneau and Paramjit Wallia.


33 Colonial Ave., Leonard T. and Bridget H. Orsini, $133,500; to Paul Masters and Jill Taylor.

3 Edison Ave., Stephen Dys Jr. Marie Dys Miller and Philip J. Dys, $147,000; to Del S. and Donna L. Cole.

141 Madison Ave., Steven T. Lang, $103,150; to Prawpan Siwapradit.

55 Pinewood Ave., Richard L. and Mary T. Rodgers, $87,500; to Steven A. and Janice E. Preston.

861 Park Ave., Winifred E. Lavigne, $145,500; to Thomas H. and Sarah B. Straw.

22 Belvidere Ave., Donald Hugh and Betty Jane Blocher, $138,000; to George Heretz.

248 S. Manning Blvd., Margaret M. Lanphier, $146,000; to David J. and Janet M. Cady.

14 Benson St., Charles C. Sr and Patricia Canabush, $66,000; to Paul Amanatides.


88 Brightonwood Road, Chadwick Square, R. Paul Carey, $132,000; to Mary Ellen Brennan.

55 Stockbridge Road, Deerfield, Tilia Partnership $50,000; to Bruce V. and Carolyn S. Ginsberg.

35 Woodmont Drive, Samuel J. and Maria Falvo, $240,000; to James B. and Michele M. Wallace.

27 Bittersweet Lane, William F. Baccaglini and Ingrid E. Fisher, $210,000; to Donald A. and Pamela Clark Robbins.

68 Longmeadow Drive, also known as 3 Wakefield Court, George T. and Lenore R. Lowery, $156,000; to Gabor and Nancy E. Danchetz.

5 Quincy Court Chadwick Square, Steven Moskowitz and Paula Carlson, $126,500; to Thomas and Heidi DeBerry.

23 Beacon Road, Marilyn FLores and Lisa Ann Murray executors of the estate of Gilford J. Murray, $99,000; to Dorothy E. Karp and Carolyn D. Karp.

43 Fernbank Ave., Robert D. and Joan M. Carron, $157,000; to Peter R. and Suanne L. Smith.

66 Palmer Ave., Fred C. Weber, $50,000; to William W. Turner.

66 Palmer Ave., William W. Turner, $155,000; to Duncan and Amy E. MacKenzie.

1745 New Scotland Road, David D. and Janet E.P. Stout, $185,000; to William B. and Suzanne Freedman.

185 Krumkill Road, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $137,500; to James C. Hrbek.

48 Bobwhite Drive, Karl A. Paulsen, trustee, $30,000; to D&M Swift Builders Inc.

48 Bobwhite Drive, D&M Swift Builders Inc., $175,000; to Eric B. and Cathleen M. Niehaus.


Property on the west side of Route 9W, Timothy N. Thompson and Karen L. Mackey, $73,000; to Robert D. III and Diane Thompson.


99 Van Schoick Ave., Cynthia M. Geddis, $38,000; to Tony M. Franjiek.

269 Congress St., Norman P. and Janice F. Morris, $85,000; to James P. Morris.


45 Bailey Ave., Pearl T. Nugent, $72,500; to Michael J. and Valerie Halpin.

14 Carriage Hill Drive, Skaarland Homes Inc., $67,500; to David S. Shamlian.

25 Carriage Hill Drive, Skaarland Homes Inc., $67,500; to Craig T. and Karin S. Shamlian.

22 Fenway Drive, also known as 1 Fenway Court, John Reynolds Loftus, $547,000; to Edward J. and Donna L. Dague.

61 Locust St., Min Ja Song, $81,000; to Stephen J. and Joan A. Wunning.

15 Huckleberry Lane, Mary M. Hansen, $88,500; to Barbara L. Davis.

224 Osborne Road, George J. Jr. and Ada Schreck, $30,000; to Daniel A. Kenneally and Janice M. Ensslin.

42 Brickley Drive, Vincent P. DeMare and Barbara A. DeMare, $28,000; to Vincent P. DeMare.

14 E. Glenwood Drive, William J. John and Theresa A. John, $57,500; to Theresa A. John.

23 Hampshire Way, Thomas G. and Carol A. Griesmer, $169,000; to Richard and Christine Hammond.

17 Ridge Terrace, Frank B. O'Brien, $113,000; to Gary A. and Dana E. Flood.

25 Hunters Run Blvd., The Michaels Group Inc., $324,500; to Wanda A. Austin and David R. Peters.

17 Green Meadows Lane, Standley G. Walker Jr. and Mary E. Purcell- Walker, $212,000; to Thomas E. and Linda P. Malone.

1 Pleasantview Drive, Donald F. and Annabelle J. Bartlett, $151,500; to Thelma H. Lumpkin and John P. Martin.

Lot 3 Delta Boulevard, Home Town Construction Company Inc. doing business as Delta Associates, $41,500; to Mario M. and Nancy L. Lollino.

6 Fox Ave., Alyce Jo Maynard executor of the estate of Jennie E. Hormovitis, $63,000; to Alyce Jo Maynard, Dianna R. Lake and William R. LeFevre Jr.

52A Broadway, Joseph A. and Sharon A. Thouin, $104,000; to Richard and Denise Speciale.

39 McNutt Ave., Helen G. Dyda, $50,000; to Raymond C. and Masako Dyda.


Property on the northwest side of Jones Hollow Road, David W. and Barbara A. Matthews, $157,500; to Arthur R. Jacobs and Leslie Presser.


18 Kemp Ave., Rose Marie Rogers, Bernard J. Husser and Elizabeth Ann Rhatigan executors of the estate of Bernhardt F. Husser, $70,000; to Craig M. and Jennifer A. Willson.

2022 Piney Point Road, Mavoureen

and Donald E. Roy, $120,000; to Benard

J. and Julianne DeRubertis.


Parcel of 17.390 acres on the Property of George F. and Martha Crandall, Patricia A. Selmer, $25,000; to Briny Marlin Gent.


Property on Brenenstuhl Road, Scott William and Susan L. Cooper, $24,000; to Clarence N. and Agnes I. Hager.

Property on Dolan Avenue, Alfons Schmigel, $15,000; to Hoosic Valley Homes Inc.

Parcel of 21 plus acres on Ball Street Extension (Route 101), Patten Corporation Northeast, $30,000; to Edward J. and Barona E. Powers.

8 Fourth St., John H. and Sue Hickey, $63,500; to Richard A. and Mary M. Bromirski.

71 Elm St., Edward J. and Theresa A. Bornt, $86,000; to Scott F. and Barbara A. Rogler.


Property on McGuirk Road at Van Patten Road, Leroy B. and Caroline D. Vines, $38,500; to Dennis C. and Joyce C. Claypool.


24 Glen Drive, William T. Jr. and Tara M. McKenna, $120,000; to Timothy P. and Nicole E. Ryan.

32 Zelenke Drive, Roger D. and Shirley A. Howard and Mildred S. Gifford, $180,000; to Edward J. Jr. and Sharon N. Fennell.


Property on Vosburgh Road, Douglas and Joanne Boughton, $102,500; to Jeffrey J. and Carol J. Jacon.


Lot 6 Sunrise Estates, Route 50, George E. Duggan doing business as Best Building, $105,000; to Michael and Kathryn Kuhrt.


20 East St., Robert E. Jr. and Elizabeth A. Green, $71,000; to Thomas E. and Lisa S. Bowles.

Lot 2 Bracken Road, Joseph A. Morizio, Martin J. Morizio and Mark J. Morizio, $103,000; to Michael Jr. and Juliana Gnoutcheff.


1336 Angelo Ave., Carlos and Erica Puentes, $125,000; to Heidi Leeret.

Property on Morey Park Road, Bonnie I. Nissen, $83,000; to Kent H. and Wendy Menges.

Lot 38 Maple Crest Two, Herbert B. Neiman and William Wampole, $136,500; to John E. and Jean J. Nicholas.

2231 Hunt Club Road, Sidney J. and Dorris J. Mitchell, $296,000; to Richard F. and Katherine M. Rowley.

51 Green St., Joyce M. Zweibel executor of the estate of Lottie M. McCluskey, $75,000; to Matthew F. and Frances L. Carner.

8 Josephine Lane, Howard J. and Dolores M. Boyd, $148,000; to David L. and Carol A. Kretzschmar.

Property on Brookview Road, Robert H. Herrle, $262,500; to Jerrald F. and Barbara E. Gordon.