Section: LIVING,  Page: G8

Date: Sunday, December 2, 1990

The following information was obtained by The Times Union, generally in the last month, from deed transfers recorded in the various counties.

ALBANY 134-136 Jefferson St., Joseph F. Singleton Sr. and Joseph F. Singleton Jr., $79,000; to Jerri R. Froshaw.

127 Broad St., Quaker Son Development Corp., $71,650; to Josephine Farmer.

123 Broad St., Quaker Son Development Corp., $71,400; to June Coleman.

164 Orange St., Stephen F. and Heather L. Koehler, formerly known as Heather L. Benjamin, $77,500; to Darrien D. White.

45 Milner Ave., Dean D. and Betsy C. Measeck, $175,000; to Samuel J. and Bethany A. Stein.

176 Morris St., Judith M. Keays and Christine Cervera, $80,000; to Albany Medical Center.

3 Maple Ridge Ave., John J. Howard Jr., $70,000; to Elizabeth D. DeHoney.

180 Albany Shaker Road, Marion D. Marino, $124,000; to Thomas J. Marino and Mary Jo Aiezza.

72 Philip St., Daniel J. and Stephen G. Malsan, $72,000; to William H. and Mary M. Leue.

19 Tremont St., Peggy A. Heimburge and Thomas R. Riccio, $70,000; to Elizabeth A. Burke.

60 Ormond St., James A. and Sara M. Morin, $119,000; to Thomas R. and Peggy A. Riccio.

4 Lupine Court, James J. and Nancy A. Trudeau, $142,500; to James A. and Sara M. Morin.

778 Myrtle Ave., Jeffrey R. Marko and Ellen M. Reilly, $99,000; to Patrick J. and Donna A. Keegan.

25 West Meadow Drive, Joseph W. and Rosemary B. Harrigan, $145,000; to Jeffrey R. Marko and Ellen M. Reilly.

9 Marshall St., Michael J. Gerrity, executor of the estate of Olga M. Gerrity, $79,000; to Michael J. Fitzpatrick.


Lot 1 Rolling Meadows Estates, GBM Land Inc., $29,000; to David M. and Jacqueline D. Montesano.

Lot 2 Rolling Meadows Estates, GBM Land Inc., $35,000; to Keith M. Audino.

Lot 4 Rolling Meadows Estates, GBM Land Inc., $30,00; to James M. and Amy L. Furlong.

Property on Route 443, Foxenkill Grange No. 1579, $2,000; to Hilltowns Senior Citizens Inc.


592 Kenwood Ave., A.T. Zautner and Son Inc., $145,000; to Dean D. and Betsy C. Measeck.

Property on Glenmont Road, Lisa E. Tamburro, administrator of the estate of Anthony J. Tamburro, $99,000; to Marla Tamburro.

6 Stratton Place, George and Cheryl Traeger, $29,000; to Timothy Hanifin.

85 Darroch Road, Marie H. Vadney, $170,00; to Fathali and Nasrin Borham- Manesh.


Property on the south side of Indian Hill Road, R. Kenneth and Susan E. Chase, $40,000; to Patrick Doherty.

7338 Westerlo St., Mary Arnold, $45,000; to Ann Marie Verderber.

30 Dempster St., Jerry T. and Diana D. Perrine, $97,000; to James A. and Sheri L. Datri.


30 Campagna Drive, Wertman Lane Subdivision, Newton Woods Associates, $35,000; to Classic Home Builders Inc.

30 Campagna Drive, Wertman Lane Subdivision, Classic Home Builders Inc., $139,000; to Marcia M. Oliveri and Michele B. Oliveri.

30 and 34 Dussault Drive, Hunting Meadows, Filomena Palma, $40,000; to Curry Development Corp.

8 Maple Ave., Kenneth W. Jr. and Tammy J. Dott, $93,000; to Anthony J. and Viola Demarco.

27 Aragon Drive, now known as Duncan Drive, Thomas F. Murphy, $50,000; to James J. Blasi, Carl F. Blasi and Donna L. Blasi.

27 Duncan Drive, James J. Blasi, Carl F. Blasi and Donna L. Blasi; $122,000; to Peter F. and Patricia A. Kane.

9 Laurel Drive, Sarah N. Dunn, $210,000; to Emmanuel K. and Efua A. Essel.

45 Sparrowbush Road, James C. Schrader and Diane A. Schrader, $106,500; to Victor and Shirley Megluevich.

216 Menands Road, John R. and Elizabeth N. Mineaux, $179,000; to Jonathan D. and Ellen Braun-Howland.

18 Louise Drive, Allan R. and Janice G. Hartshorn, $168,000; to Scott C. Lynch.

54 Miracle Lane, Richard Emery Mabeus, $79,000; to Geraldine S. Brady and Thomas G. Kilgallon.

1 Coronet Court, Virginia A. and John E. Currey, $150,000; to Chang T. and Ging Yu Zhou.

Lot 11 Churchill Square, Traditional Builders Ltd., $147,000; to Leonard T. and Eva Mokhiber.

23 Madison Ave., Stanley M. Jr. and Christina Pasierb, $88,000; to Patrick M. and Patricia A. Hourigan.

56 Rooney Ave., John J. and Beverly J. Beaudoin, $74,000; to Kathleen M. Sheridan.

373 Consaul Road, John S. and Kathleen A. Furno, $114,500; to John J. and Beverly J. Beaudoin.

15 Omega Terrace, Elias Weis, $50,500; to Hodorowski & DeSantis Building Contractors Inc.

15 Omega Terrace, Hodorowski & DeSantis Building Contractors Inc., $204,500; to Michael C. and Kathleen K. Patrizio.

2 Dauphin Drive, Leonard T. and Eva Mokhiber, $129,000; to David A. and Rena Epting.

7 Old Niskayuna Road, Grace Vanderveer McDonough, $170,000; to Clarance J. III and Marianne McDonough.

1B Schuyler Road, Charter Concord Construction Inc., $146,000; to Francis J. Jr. and Nancy Ann McMahon.

4 Dante Terrace, Domenico and Eleonora Cunsolo, $210,000; to Kazimierz and Wladyslawa Jucha.


27 Westmere Terrace, Thomas K. Sorel, $96,880; to Gordie J. Dickinson and Karen Laquidara Dickinson.

9 Fletcher Road, Holly A. Timony, formerly known as Holly A. Trafton, $89,000; to Michael J. and Mary C. Creamer.

2360 Western Ave., Albert J. and Sarah Morier, $330,000; to Jyotsna J. Desai.

117 Mohawk Drive, Roderick W. and Karen A. Mason, $126,000; to Leo G. and Lisa C. Zugner.

Lot 18 Bossi Lane, Stonefield Inc., doing business as Hartswood Associates, $194,500; to John C. and Jeannette Robb.

Lot 410 Danna Joelle Drive, Dunnsville Development Corp., $196,000; to Roderick W. and Karen A. Mason.

Lot 5E Lands of Aldona Vaitulis, Aldona Vaitulis, $46,000; to Anthony and Sandra Spulnick.

Lot 37 Armstrong Drive, McCabe Construction Corp., $154,500; to William M. and Debra A. Moody.

611 Via Ponderosa, Morgan and Ellen M. Desmond, $124,000; to Gerianne Huba and Mark F. Anderson.

4411 Frederick Road, Joseph F. II and Barbara Ann DeFranco, $139,500; to Joseph and Rita Peptis.

Lot 56 Johnston Road, The Michaels Group Inc., $150,000; to Jaswant Mehta, Jayshree Mehta and Razaali H. Mamdani.

5 Springfield Drive, formerly known as Wedgewood Lane, Masullo Bros. Builders Inc., $165,000; to Michael J. Castellana and Marjorie A. Lee.

605 Salvia Lane, Dunnsville Development Corp., $202,000; to Daniel M. and Colleen Q. Foro.

5953 Veeder Road, Joseph Orlando Sr. and Christa S. Castagna, $115,000; to Nelson and Marilyn Bracero.

412 Green Hill Court, George W. Adams, $88,000; to Harriet Kohn.

1824 Western Ave., Daniel M. Burns, $200,000; to Stanley J. Lis.


Property on Derbyshire Road, Samuel J. and Bethany A. Stein, $188,000; to Jeffrey S. and Martha R. Baker.

Property on both side of Onesquethaw Creek, Douglas Stanton, $108,000; to Timothy and Colleen Stanton.

214 Deerfield Court, Spaulding and Rogers Mfg. Inc., $52,000; to Rita Speanburg.

214 Deerfield Court, Rita Speanburg, $125,000; to Bernadette M. Grant and Frank Carrk J.r

Property on Route 85A, Julie R. Cumgay, $20,500; to James C. and Carol Cillis.

Lots 1-4, 6, 8, 9, 12, 13 Heldervale Section IV, MLD Holding Inc., $1,380,390; to Homeland Development Corp. Inc.

9 Orchard Hill Road, James L. Kendall and Shirlee H. Kendall, $83,000; to Shirlee H. Knedall.

Property on Orchard Hill Road, Shirlee H. Kendall, $25,000; to Bruce Michael and Joann Marie Kendall and Gary Patrick and Lisa Mary Kendall.


2 Railroad Ave., Harriet Ann Bogdanowicz, $64,000; to John A. Calabro, Cynthia Smith, Richard R. and Nancy L. Smith.

403 Fifth Ave., Barbara Camolli and Jasper Comolli, $45,000; to Russell S. Taylor and Theodore F. Kuczynski.

2611 Fourth Ave., Gloria Ann Ryhanych, executor of the estate of Peter Dziamba, $82,500; to William Jr. and Faith Conroy.


Lot 6 Lake Park View Subdivision, Limm Realty Co. Inc., $24,500; to Bryan P. and Susan O. Whalen.


Property on Old Troy Road, Pauline Smith, $55,000; to Andrew A. and Linda J. Smith.

19 California Ave., Russell H. and Donna R. Reed, $90,000; to Mark E. and Nancy J. Perrin.

10 Daniel St., Ronald J. and Karen B. Kovac, $111,000; to George W. III and Sandra J. Engle.

8 Spruce Run, A.V.M.H. Development Corp. $20,000; to George D. Shannon Jr.

1 Carriage Road, Traditional Builders Ltd., $155,000; to Dennis E. and Nancy J. Ellis.

Lot 16 Red Mill Estates, Thomas A. McDonald, $144,000; to Stanley and Christine Pasierb.


Property on Taconic Lake Road (Route 88), Gordon J. and Junette C. Barlow, $18,000; to Andrew R. and Marsha M. Morneault.


Property on Seward Street, Paul W. LaPorte and Marcia R. Holbrook, $52,500; to Joseph K. Sr. and Melinda Zaffino.

28 Munsell St., Cheryl Ann Krisky, $85,000; to Edwin I. Hunt and Louise T. Hunt.


114 Sandra Drive, Extension, Frank J. Granger, $130,000; to David W. and Christine Horam.

Unit 423 Highpointe Condominium, The Michaels Group Inc., $92,500; to Michael J. and Ann T. McGraw.

512 Winter St., Ext., William H. and Ruth Wade, $107,000; to Peter W. and Denise F. Muller.


37 Northside Ave., Alma L. Smith, $82,000; to Susan Reilly.

36 Sterling Ridge Drive, Grandview Estates Construction Corp., $20,000; to C.F.L. Builders Corp.

36 Sterling Ridge Drive, C.F.L. Builders Corp., $109,500; to John L. Schillereff.


312 High St., Mary Swankey by Evelyn J. Gifford, attorney-in-fact, $32,000; to John E. and Carolyn V. Rustin.


Property on the south side of Route 43, Nancy W. Cross, $32,000; to Mark H. Bentley.

Property on Presbyterian Hill Road, Phyllis R. Lindsey and Clara R. Reynolds, $76,500; to Henry F. and Laura M. Zwack.


280 Fourth Ave., John C. and Mary Flemming, $85,000; to Robert M. and Shari L. Kern.

802 Fourth Ave., Francis Gerald Wade, $65,000; to James R. and Laurie A. Brand.

81 Sixth Ave., Robert F. and Lisa Z. Weaver, $75,000; to Arthur L. and Annie B. Hasberry.

455-457 Seventh Ave., Michael J. and Ann T. McGraw, $110,000; to James Sr. and Ann Riggins.

822 River St., Richard A. Caroccia, $56,000; to James J. and Sharon L. Abbott.


Phillips Street parcel, Michael and Sharan

Heins, $97,500; to Lance and Jennifer Conklin.

Lot 5 in subdivided portion of Merchant lands, Gary Bordeau and James C. Furey, $250,000; to Peter J. Jr. and Melanie Moschetti.


Property in Colonial Hills, B.G.H. Enterprises, $435,000; to Huntington Associates.

Maple Avenue parcel, Gloria N. Wheeler and Glenn R. Balmuth, $435,000; to B.G.H. Enterprises.


32 Huntwood Drive, John and Maureen Futscher, $137,000; to Ingo and Mary Lou Pointer.

13 Valencia Lane, Leatha B. Farrell, $133,500; to Charles J. Horton Jr.

23 Algonquin Road, Vernon T. Headley, $146,000; to Scott and Priscilla McKee.

93 Southbury Road, Keith and Karen Quisenberry, $132,000; to Mary B. Brown.

Glenridge Road property, Raymond and Patricia Tobin, $109,000; to Philip C. Jr. and Linda Sturman.

Boyack Road property, Josephine M. Charland, $106,500; to Alex A. Keleman and Jennine M. Nobile.


Parcel on western boundary D&H Railway, Philip Smith, $24,500; to Antonio Petruzzo and Joseph S. Papa.

Property on Saratoga Springs-Corinth Highway, Carl H. Sr. and James Bovee, $21,500; to Antonio Petruzzo and Joseph S. Papa.


Property along local road known as the County Highway, Daniel and Ingebjorg


, $35,000; to Daniel and Gail Johnsen



Woodside Road property, Robert J. Ratajczak

, $65,000; to Raymond S. Gardner and Melissa M. Dennison.


13 Anyhow Lane, Harold and Susan Berger, $180,000; to Samuel and Sharon Lantz.

Lot 25 Castleberry Drive, Harvey and Margaret Lee, $128,000; to Gregory and Mary Pfitzer



Unit in Grenadier Court Condominiums, Scott and Denise Tetreault, $70,000; to Barbara Jean Koglman


Unit in Grenadier Court Condominiums, William B., III and Bonnie Watson, $73,000; to Maureen A. Baum.

Unit in Rivercrest Estates Phase II, Jean M. Daigle, $111,500; to Ah- Soon Tay and Wee-Lee Tay.


Lot 628 Arrow Wood Place, George and Frances Kennedy, $70,000; to Michael T. Durocher.

Lot 629 Arrow Wood Place, George and Frances Kennedy, $70,000; to Thomas and Marilyn Hepner.

10 Pennyroyal Road, John H. Sr. and Dorothy Klein, $125,000; to John and Karen Manning.

Wake Robin Road property, Kurt Kind, $84,000; to Michael and Renee Phillips.


Property on County Highway 49, Rock City Falls, Mark and Diane Krenzer, $90,000; to Paul and Jacqueline Mound.

Geyser Road property, Ralph A. and Ralph D. Siano, $29,000; to Louis and Irene Duval.

214 Whitetail Court, Amy B. Patton, $82,500; to Joseph and Beatrice Brower.

Saratoga Avenue property, Marion and Roberta Mayer, $45,000; to Henry and Margaret Zezulinski (c.q.).

Middle Line Road property, Sharon Sherman, $140,000; to Bryan and Virginia Brownyard.


Lot 17, The Emerald Forest, William J. McNeary Development Co. Inc., $182,500; to Stephen and Susan Dorsey.

East Avenue parcel, Ruth E. Gaffney, $110,000; to Mason and Leonora Carlin.

22 Clubhouse Drive, Brooke D. Lennon, $81,500; to Sharon A. Spencer.

Lot 22 Michael Manor, Gregory and Eileen Montgomery, $109,500; to Richard and Tamra


11 Tompion Lane, Scott and Sondra

Rose, $85,000; to Ruth Gaffney.

York Avenue property, L. Foster and Kathleen James, $82,000; to Stephen and Patricia James.

120 Union St., Gussie Longley, $87,500; to C. Mark and Melanie Overton.

Marvin Street parcel, Thomas R. Bowser, $65,000; to Michael and Marta James.

Hayes Road property, B&L Development Corp., $118,000; to George and Terry Duval.


23 Gurba Drive, John A. Gurba, $5,000; to SAG Enterprises Inc.

23 Gurba Drive, SAG Enterprises Inc., $100,000; to Peter L. III and Linda Hughes.

Colonial Road parcel, Patrick J. Pinto, Jr., $65,000; to David P. Ryan.


Lot 54 Swayze Acres subdivision, Karen A. Manning, $95,000; to Thomas and Cathleen Iachetta.


Property on Saratoga Springs-Gurn Springs Highway, Jeanette Weinstein, $95,000; to George Koshgarian.

Jones Road property, Sharon G. Schwank, $3,000; to Edward M. Lewis Sr.

12 Norland Court, John and Susan Breska, $107,500; to Linda Bernash and Joseph Couture.

Old Gick Road property, John and Viola Burnetter, $103,000; to Denise A. Regen



Property on Route 7, Giovanni Vigliotti, $120,000; to Wallace I. Johnson.

Property on Route 7, Mary Elizabeth Fuller, $30,000; to Todd and Christina Brizzel.

Property on Youngs Road, Herbert and Susan Ritiger, $39,000; to Michael P. and Julie M. Burnetter.


144 Amsterdam Road, Anthony B. and Phyllis A. Manzi, $104,500; to John G. and Janet M. Mongillo.

47 St. Stephen's Lane, Henry M. and Donna F. Neilley, $124,300; to Joseph P. Jr. and Patricia Pericone.

Property on Vley Road, Anna E. Leaderach, $42,000; to Richard Leaderach.

1007 Sacandaga Road, W. Hollis Witbeck, $97,000; to Shaun E. Hines.

12 Vernon Blvd., Ada L. Turner, $90,000; to George E. Giroux.

831 Sanders Ave., Adalbert Konrad, $121,500; to Richard P. Jr. and Angela M. Schmidt.

31 Woodside Drive, Anthony J. Matrazzo and Karen Dombrosky, $94,500; to Guy T. and Janice M. Zaengle.

26 St. Anthony Lane, William J. Whitty Jr. and Tammy Carpenter-Whitty, $114,800; to Glenn L. and Janet Williams.

Property on Orlinda Ave., Jan Warner, $77,000; to Frank E. Leffler.

4 Marjon Ave., Frank Babiarz, executor of the estate of Stella Bobell, $109,500; to Victor M. and Kathleen A. Valentino.

524 Englemann Ave., Maria Principe, executor of the estate of Robert A. Jandro, $46,500; to G. Ross Mills.

904 Charles St., Michael J. and Nancy A. Trumpler, $128,000; to Eric Dan Gray.


46 Ray St., Donald W. McLaughlin, $70,900; to Timothy and Christine Feeney.

Lot 1127 Lu-El Estates, Mohegan Road, Luigi and Elia Lecce, $90,000; to Vincent and Helen Lecce.

2329 Barcelone Road, George N. and Valerie Freeman, $119,000; to Aleksandar Prole.

735 St. Mark's Lane, Ernest M. Jr. and Maria A. DeLugo, $195,000; to Pierre C. and Barbara C. Fontaine.

1519 Myron St., Edna Mae Yowell, $147,500; to John H. and Tara A. Reilly.

Property on Van Antwerp Road, Mohawk Stockade Development Inc., $350,000; to the Town of Niskayuna.

950 Glouchester Place, Anthony F. and Lynn L. Carnevale, $325,000; to Frank J. Jr. and Mary Jo Foglia.

2128 Baker Ave., East, Philip B. and Janet S. Hawkes, $149,000; to Richard C. Jr. and Linda L. Fritz.

2137 Lynn Plaza, Joseph A. Flora, $150,000; to Theodore J. and Elaine J. Kessler.

1351 Ruffner Road, John C. and Evelyn L. Horning, $230,000; to John L. and Nancy J. Vanderhoef.

1301 Ruffner Road, Julia Retartyk, $175,000; to Alan W. and Carol L. Holmes.

Lot 13 Seneca Manor, Sotile Builders Inc., $375,000; to Karl J. and Patricia L. Rodenhauser.

1420 Baker Ave., Nancy E. O'Donnell, $90,000; to William J. and Melinda Dare Hill.


1055 Palazini Drive, Jeanne M. Smith, $95,000; to Robert A. and Ina J. Fischer.

Building E Unit 135 Bigsbee Village Condominiums, Traditional Builders Ltd., $77,500; to Paula Phillips.

1147 Sunrise Blvd., Henry A. Battaglia, $112,000; to John A. Losee and Kristy M. Harlow.

1037 Roberta Road, Richard and Sheila R. Caruso, $72,800; to Robert J. Geloso.

2002-2204 Hamburg St., Dominick Andreoli Jr. and Pasqualina Andreoli, $110,000; to Michael J. Valachovic.

1406 Fern Ave., Brian J. and Laurie B. Macken, $110,000; to Gary R. and Linda M. Kartner.

Property on Harlem Street, Cesare Maniccia, $51,000; to William J. Relyea.

Lot 15 Sunrise Estates, Charlew Construction Co. Inc., $158,500; to Brian J. and Laurie B. Macken.


118 DeWitt, Paul Corradi, $93,000; to John F. and Brenda L. Rager.

54 James St., Peter J. Rizzo and Janet Lake Rizzo, $$71,500; to Carlos M. and Ana D. Hemenegildo.

Lot 309 Lafayette St., Robert Grzeskowiak, $78,000; to Artis E. Loftis.

803 Vischer Ave., Gary F. and Patricia J. Thompson, $89,000; to Thomas F. and Jeannine Messina.

1A Winston Place, Robert A. and Ina J. Fischer, $64,000; to David A. DeBonis.

538 Harrison Ave., Leonard J. Montorio, $78,500; to Phyllis J. Allen.

Property on Lakewood Ave., Jeffrey C. and Gale H. Cohen-Caplan, $103,000; to Jean B. Rose.

50 Clayton St., Ethel D. Ledley, $69,500; to Judith A. Pellegrino.

836 Londonderry Road, Park Estates, Sanford Spraragen, $125,000; to David A. Berlant and Joseph T. Berlant.

969 Emmett St., Dominick J. and Norma C. Angilletta, $28,000; to Pete A. Marmarinos and Pete A Marmarinos Jr.

1898 Broad St., Jeffrey E. Stockholm and Karen G. Barr, $77,000; to Joseph E. Morlock.

Property on Herrick Road, Raymond and Violet Whitbeck, $70,000; to Walter V. Jr. and Elizabeth L. Dixon.

2505 Van Vranken Ave., Estelle H. Versocki, $98,000; to Thomas Iacobucci and Marlene Dalton.

1253 Lexington Ave., Foster C. and Dorothy A. Goodale, $129,000; to Philip B. and Janet S. Hawkes.

1109 Second Ave., Lisa M. and Rocco Angerami, Louis R. Cirelli Jr. and Carmela Mone, $72,500; to Charles J. Bertolino Jr.

1177 Sumner Ave., Emma Betty Herderich, $100,000; to Linda A. Hatheway.

176 Starr Ave., Muhib Hiliveh, $100,000; to Mark K. and Maha H. Williams.


11 Fawn Drive, Charles Jr. and Diane M. Beninati, $89,000; to Edward W. Feuerstein Jr. and Hope A. Young.

Unit 104 Cambridge Manor Drive, Brookview Court Inc., $66,000; to Josianne Funk.

105 Third St., Paul and Michele Peruzzi, $84,000; to Daniel M. Gates.

Unit 607 Cambridge Manor, Brookview Court Inc., $77,500; to Louis George Pileggi.

116 Sixth St., Neil and Jo Marie Bremser, $88,000; to Joseph and Victoria M. Rizzo.