Section: LIVING,  Page: G9

Date: Sunday, October 7, 1990

The following information was obtained by The Times Union, generally in the last month, from deed transfers recorded in the various counties.

ALBANY 116 Lancaster St., Ralph C. and Kathy A. Rouche, $54,000; to Joseph F. Pickett Jr.

401 First St., Herman F. Bultman, $20,000; to Leo J. and Elisabeth G. Fisher.

167 Lancaster St., Shirley Burnell Lyons, $155,000; to Peter J. LaRocco.

17 S. Lake Ave., Anne Taylor McCartt, $138,000; to Thomas J. O'Connor.

53 Maxwell St., Martha Reifler Myers, $320,000; to P. David and Barbara G. Billet.

507 New Scotland Ave., George M. and Ines B. Saunders, $167,500; to Helen M. Dehring and Joseph V. Dehring.

24 Tallmadge Place, The Michaels Group Inc., $112,500; to Matthew D. and Mary Elizabeth P. Babcock.

18 Buell St., Winifred F. Howe, $87,000; to Dorothy D. McGraw.

114 Benson St., Robert J. Rosinsky and H. Dolly Magarik-Rosinsky, $91,500; to Seth H. and Betsy R. Hohenstein.

65 Lark St., Linbert M. Johnson, $83,500; to Michelle M. Perkinson.

22 Van Buren Ave., David A. and Diane P. Bogardus, $31,500; to David A. Bogardus.

6 S. Main Ave., Robert A. and Rosemary Scholl, $127,000; to Elvion L. and Mariana L. Williams.

60 Harris Ave., Michael G. and Sofeya D.L. Stricos, $110,000; to Joseph W. and Suzanne S. Reeves.

184 Third St., County of Albany, $4,000; to James Olivero and Edward Olivero.

284 Orange St., County of Albany, $3,500; to James Olivero and Edward Olivero.

436 Orange St., Cataldo R. Palmisano, $64,500; to Peter F. Devinski.

6 Coralberry Circle, David A. Bordine, $163,000; to Michael G. and Sofeya D. Stricos.


Parcel and buildings known as White Sulphur Springs Hotel, Route 43, The United Pentecostal Church of the State of New York, $170,000; to Word of Life Ministries.

Property on Overlook Lane, John Paul and Mary Landry Reese, $120,000; to Jerram L. and Esther R. Brown.


25 St. Clair Drive, Frank T. Rhoad, $112,000; to William R. and Michele N. Keleher.

66 Palmer Ave., John H. McIsaac, $32,500; to Keystone Builders Inc.

15 Cayuga Court, Peter Belmonte Builders Inc., $195,000; to Mary E. Evans.

10 Mayfair Drive, John W. and Susan B. Finn, $177,000; to John Paul and Mary L. Reese.

Property on Wemple Road, HMK Associates, $786,000; to Dunnsville Development Corp.

3 Guilder Lane, Jenkins Building Corp., $159,500; to Steven M. and Carol J. Van Hattum.

95 Iroquois Trail, Peter Belmonte Builders Inc., $229,000; to Stewart O. and Marianne E. Hughes.

22 Leaf Road, Bellhouse Homes Inc., $110,000; to David M. Siegal.

Property on Darroch Road, James C. and Candice M. Wiester, $350,000; to PHH Homequity Corp.


Property on Route 143, Gabriel R. and Harriet A. Destio, $108,500; to Warren D. Jr. and Darlene L. Moessner.


12 Jay St., S & S Developers, Cohoes, $85,500; to Nathan and Sharon Speigel.

9 Wilson Lane, H.D. Bell Associates Inc., $40,500; to Kay F. Galloway.

73 Arrowhead Terrace, Delores T. Donato, $117,000; to M. Christopher and Katherine L. DiFiore.

39 Western Ave., Donald W. and Gail Garrity, $117,000; to William T. and Nancy A. Keiler.


110 Latham Ridge Road, Deborah O'Connor, $82,000; to James A. O'Connor Jr.

11 Andre Court, John J. and Wendy J. Richburg, $115,000; to Charles E. and Jean S. Hewitt.

25 Tattersall Lane, Emerson W. Knapp, $127,000; to Christine Milkiewicz and Dennis J. Tracy.

4021 Albany St., Jessie E. Hancock and Bessie A. Van Valkenburgh, $135,000; to John P. and Carolyn F. Walter.

34 Cloverfield Drive, Elio P. and Margaret M. Mariani, $242,000; to Robert and Margaret A. Franzese.

31 Old Birch Lane, Huntington Associates, $96,000; to Desiree Funk.

1 Surrey Hill Drive, Skaarland Construction Corp., $112,000; to Erling Skaarland.

7 Lester St., Christopher L. and Joyce M. Shope, $88,000; to Scott A. Lawson and Barbara J. Foley.

21 Old Birch Lane, Huntington Associates, $101,000; to William F. Ward Jr.

4 Sharon Court, Kim M. and Tonya M. Anderson, $112,500; to Lawrence R. and Margaret E. Connors.

30 Melissa Court, Robert L. and Margaret A. Franzese, $118,000; to Albert P. Jr. and Margaret M. Van Amburg.

801 Watervliet-Shaker Road, County of Albany, $8,500; to Proem-A-Net Economics Corp.

19 Grandy St., Otto A. Burchardt, $79,000; to Frederick J. and Rosemary P. Frey.

25 Carpenter Court, Vincent M. and Maureen Bonanni, $107,000; to Mark and Donna C. Cramer-Sharer.

168 Forts Ferry Road, Henry R. and Lorraine M. Puckey, $125,000; to Michael A. and Kim M. Gaspary.

63 Traditional Lane, Norton Home Builders Inc., $296,000; to Clara Migden.

8 Campagna Drive, Frank J. and Kathleen A. Stramiello, $114,000; to Ralph H. and Rosemayr P. Planz.

21 Maple Lane South, Gilbert C. Bindewald Jr., $148,000; to Filomena Brown.

13 Holland Ave., Ralph H. and Rosemary P. Planz, $87,000; to Amy E. Tomisan and Vincent A. Catalfamo.

15 Old Birch Lane, Huntington Associates, $95,000; to John T. Gary III.

41 Delafield Drive, John H. Audi, $125,000; to Jack H. Sajan and Laurie Warner.

10 Polloch Road, Audrey L. Goldman, $130,000; to James M. and Mary F. Goodbody.

11 Winslow Drive, David W. and Linda J. Ryder, $87,500; to Joan J. Hasko.

Property on Broadway and First Street, Samuel J. and Joan M. Prock, $300,000; to Command Developers Inc.


356 Paine St., Joseph D. and Ann M. Lazzaro, $75,000; to Joseph D. Lazzaro



2 Glenwood St., Patricia R. Comerford, $75,000; to Steven Feigenbaum.

26 Parkway Drive, N. Charlew Construction Company Inc., $262,000; to Arnold J. and Donna Wittig.

4012 Ryan Place, Peter D. Ryan, $56,000; to Stephen J. and Ann Marie Greene.

712 Stephens Place, Charlew Construction Company Inc., $295,500; to Maureen S. and Vincent M. Bonanni.

1009 Cuyler Court, RSR Associates, $194,000; to Raymond W. and Lorraine D. Gay.

227 Woodscape Drive, Jay R. and Laura Myers Lieberman, $162,000; to Thomas P. and Mary P. Bonczar.

Property on the north side of Lone Pine Road, Maureen Martin Johnson, $130,000; to Richard D. and Kerstin M. Martin.

43 Ridgefield Drive, Masullo Bros Builders Inc., $170,000; to Edwin B. and Rosemary J. Bolz.

7517 Antoinette Court, Cornell Development Corp, $52,500; to Alan F. and Holly B. Fox.

7 Armstrong Drive, McCabe Construction Corp., $164,000; to Kevin R. and Ann R. Bacon.

308 Quidor Court, RSR Associates, $273,500; to Lindsay N. and Rhonda L. Childs.

7049 Suzanne Lane, Cornell Development Corp., $102,500; to Thomas J. Tucci.

563 Highwood Circle, Highwood Village Development Inc., $23,500; to Charlew Construction Company Inc.

563 Highwood Circle, Charlew Construction Company Inc., $132,500; to Rosemarie T. Donnelly.

Property on Old state Road, Anne M. Dahl administrator of the estate of Archibold McCorquodale, $92,000; to Drew E. and Diane Bratt.


Property on the east side of West Township Road, Brian S. and Gail L. Corbett, $124,000; to Philip T. Johnson and Deborah K. Ellinger.


Property on Main Street, Salvatore A. Crisafulli, $89,000; to Joseph Van Alphen.


1011 19th St., Virginia M. Powers, $75,000; to Thomas F. and Denise A. Mazzariello.


2 Horton Ave., Ruth Genden, $86,000; to Philip A. Gicobbi and Kathryn A. Schultz.

Property on Fox Hollow Road, East Acres, Elizabeth K. Dowley, $395,000; to Richard G. and Ellen B. Robison.

27 Coolidge Ave., Robert L. Jr. and Lorraine A. Fowler, $88,000; to Louis and Rosemary Caruso.

Lot 8 Spring Garden Subdivision, JR- DM Corp., $155,000; to Douglas G. Sr. and Kathleen M. Adamek.


Lot 10 Huntswood Estates Development Associates, $52,000; to Daniel S. and Yvonne L. Cornman.

13 Country Lane, Vincent C. Meleco, $226,500; to Robert N. and Mary T. Swidler.

30 Celeste Drive, Onderdonk Associates Inc., $124,000; to David and Laura Spencer.

23 Hyland Drive, Francis S. and Sally B. Daggett, $118,500; to Edward R. and Debra A. Hallman.

Lot 16 Huntswood Estates, Huntswood Development Associates, $56,000; to William J. and Kathleen R. Leahey.

110 Capitol Place Emperor Hills, The Michaels Group Inc., $189,000; to John Jay Barnes and Amanda May Barnes.

446 Hays Road formerly known as Church Hill Road, Donna DiBello administrator of the estate of Joseph J. Murphy, $118,000; to David A. and Hydee J. Yonkers.

7 Carriage Road, Traditional Builders Ltd., $159,000; to Robert L. Jr. and Lorraine A. Fowler.

Property on Third Avenue Extension, Eugene R. Spada and Capital Developers Corp., $90,000; to The Michaels Group Inc.

Property on Third Avenue Extension, Mallview Hill, Eugene R. Spada and Capital Developers Corp, $120,000; to The Michaels Group Inc.

Property on Mallview Hill, Eugene R. Spada and Capital Developers Corp., $120,000; to The Michaels Group Inc.

Property on Mallview Hill, Eugene R. Spada and Capital Developers Corp, $120,000; to The Michaels Group Inc.

Property on Mallview Hill, Eugene R. Spada and Capital Developers Corp., $90,000; to The Michaels Group Inc.


Property on the south side of Route 2, Helen M. Raver, $40,000; to Patrick T. Burroughs.

Property on Dyken Pond Road, Robert A. Higgins, $23,500; to Nicholas J. Jr. and Carol A. Bruno.


Property on Johnson Hill Road, Karen K. Johnston, $42,000; to Glenn Cipperly.


Property on Route 203, Darrel M. and Patricia L. Rogers, $160,000; to Russell R. and Patricia L. Camadine.


484 Winter St. Ext., Anne O'Donahue, $92,500; to Michael and Sharon Wilson.

38 Peck Road, Harold and Harriet Wieboldt, $97,500; to Vincent S. Ingenoso.

133 Main Ave., Marjorie A. Milanese, $90,000; to Anthony S. L. Valente.


Property on Plank Road, William L. and Harriet C. Wagner, $99,500; to Hung Bin Zou and Jin Yang Zou.

Lot 30 The Meadows, Marvin I. Honig and Peter E. Gibson, $592,900; to Peter E. and Janice Gibson.

Lot 10 The Meadows, Marvin I. Honig and Peter E. Gibson, $70,000; to Kenneth B. and Patricia J. Bitter.


Property on Route 154, Wendy S. Hunziker, $78,000; to Kevin J. Sr and Kelly R. Sweeney.


432 Broadway, John T. McDonald Jr. and James K. McDonald Sr., $53,000; to Frederick W. and Joanne J. Zalucki.


Lot 5 Ridgewood Estates, Thomas H. III and Anne C. Heritage, $141,000; to Lynn R. and Joy L. Williamson.

Property on Glass Lake Road, Barbara Brooke Gorski and Henry Joseph Hughes III, executors of the estate of Dorothea F. Hudson, $189,000; to Peter T. and Patricia A. Burkart.


Property on Route 40, John Scott Christy and Nadia Lynn Christy, $40,000; to Partco Inc.

1100 River Road, Charles David and Kathleen Testo, $120,000; to Andrew C. and Dorothy L. Lewis.


Lot 1 Lands of Michael P. and Mary E. Mansion, Lape Road, J.D. and Carol L. Gilbert, $85,000; to Anthony J. and Edith F. Rinella and Mayann Weekes.

Property on Lakeshore Drive, David F. and Brenda Pope Traynham, $71,500; to Robert R. and Barbara A. Hilton.

75 South Main St., David C. and Barbara C. Spink, $71,500; to Jonathan M. Roz and Patricia I. Phillips.

A parcel of land on the east side of First Street, Mabel D. Prins, $20,000; to James Reid.

Property on Scott Avenue, Joan F. Knox, $56,000; to Nancy Rose.


Property on Route 43, Richard W. and Laura A. Deters, $123,000; to Scott A. DiMaggio, Anthony J. DiMaggio and Carol A. DiMaggio and Wendy S. Hunziker.


26 Tyler St., Michael D. and Sharon A. Wilson, $64,000; to Karen R. Griner and Watler F. Hayostek.

420 Second St., Joseph Teitch executor of the estate of Mary A. Teitch, $38,500; to Trohia Ahmath and Aysah Id.

151 Delaware Ave., Raymond G. and Dawn M. LeFevre, $95,000; to William W. and Bonnie S. O'Connor and James A. and Grace B. Strife.

3 Macsberry Court, Thomas R. and Elsie J. Swift, $88,000; to Elizabeth S. Smith.

Lot 53 Michigan Ave., Eugene W. Hurlbut administrator of the estate of Helen M. Hurlbut, $77,500; to Elizabeth A. Nichols.

36 Oakwood Ave., Peter and Jane Comtois, $97,000; to William L. and Margaret E. Bonney.

438 Eighth Ave., William E. and Marybeth Fosler, $73,000; to John R. and Carol L. Dwyer.

266 Spring Ave., Elizabeth S. Albrecht and Mary A. Albrecht, $160,000; to Anthony V. Gaetano.

177 Fourth St., Gerard E. Mangione and Michael F. Mangione, $100,000; to James F. Collins Jr.

180 Fourth St., David T. Fox, $45,000; to Carl S. Erickson.

31 Ballina St., David and Sally Druckenmiller, $106,000; to Zenek and Tami J. Sydor.

27 Spring Ave., Shirlie A. Pokeda, $55,000; to Catherine E. Ralkowski and Michael B. Ralkowski.

28 Spring Ave., Shirlie A. Pokeda, $55,000; to Tammy J. Ralkowski and Michael B. Ralkowski.


1 Moonlight Drive, Albert Mackey, $7,000; to John and Crystal Craft.


18 Kelley Square, Griffin Building and Construction Corp., $124,500; to Craig A. Maloney and Lori B. Goodale.

Middle Street property, Jeffrey and Julie Smith, $94,000; to Denis and Kelly Kissane.


Lot 68, The Wheelers' Estate, Fred and Elaine Nardacci, $92,000; to Kathryn M. Andress.

Charlton Road parcel near Shadick Road, Torben and Jean Abbo

$22,000; to Paul and Kathryn Falotico.

Route 67 property laying partially in Charlton and partially in Amsterdam, Montgomery county, Alvin and Alma Fick, $123,000; to James F., Albert V., and Agnes P. Rogers.

20 Hillandale Drive, Robert and Cindi Plauger, $37,000; to Luis and Cheryl Ducos.


14 Dorsman Drive, Richard and Victoria Pryor, $125,000; to Edward and Stephanie Hammond.

564 Englemore Road, Jeffrey and Vicki Marshall, $93,500; to George Cavooris.

Unit in Forest Pointe Condominiums, The Michaels Group Inc., $101,000; to Anne and Anthony Spataro.

Jonesville lot, Lee and Linda Garber, $121,000; to Daniel and Nancy Gorski.

3 Kashmiri Terrace, Gary and Kathy Arnold, $122,000; to Jeffrey and Vicki Marshall.

3 Hiawatha Drive, Gary M. Rinaldi, $146,000; to Gary and Karen Braglia.

75 Westchester Drive, Ronald B. Lewis, $91,000; to Helen I. DeKorp.

37 Green Meadow Drive, Robert and Frances Harding, $94,500; to Barbara R. Oberdeick.

11 Kings Court, John and Geraldine Bellow, $216,500; to Seymour Craimer and Jane C. Gellert.


Spier Falls Road property, Oscar and Gloria Frizzi, $12,000; to Candice B. Bosworth.

Property on Route 9N, Jeffrey H. Beattie, $100,000; to Mark and Lynne Deuel.


Two lots in Lake Park, Jana Warner, $42,000; to Michael and Claudette Koza.


Allen Road property, Marjorie Varney, $2,000; to James M. Dorey.

Allen Road property, John C. West Jr., $2,000; to James M. Dorey.

Allen Road property, Lester F. Ramsdill Jr., $26,000; to James M. Dorey.

Allen Road property, Ernestine Stoddard, $2,000; to James M. Dorey.

Allen Road property, Anna Weatherwax, $6,000; to James M. Dorey.

Property on Route 9N, Christina M.J. Jones, $30,000; to Patrick Eversole.

Young Road property, Roderick and Marie McIntyre, $30,000; to Preston D. Crandall and Jean Kohout.


Lot 24, Rollman Heights, Clyde F. Rollman, $16,500; to Thomas and Brenda Ryan.


Lot 10, Merry Hill, William B. Jr. and Kathleen Fink, $92,000; to Daniel T. Sr. and Tina Forgett.

Lot 3, subdivision lands of Douglas and Donna Mikol, $35,000; to Richard Postulka Jr.

Stone Quarry Road property, Raymond F. Martin, $78,500; to Jeanne M. Cody.

Unit 14, Rivercrest Estates, Victor Gush and Jean Daigle, $105,000; to David Catallo.


59 Glade Mallow Road, Susan A. Dandaraw

, $125,000; to Sidney and Iris Tarrant.

9 Snowberry Road, Rolf and Kent Andersen, $82,000; to Karl F. Newton.

21 Northwest Pass, Carole A. Highfield, $136,000; to Neil and Doris LaForest.

6 Kingsley Ave., Herbert and Vivian Filkins, $76,500; to Peter Sheridan and Muriel Ziegler.

4 Pepperbush Place, Stephen Locatelli, $82,000; to James and Molly Montanye.

5-6 acres bounded by Route 9, a creek and lands of the D&H Railway, David and Jane Charbonneau, $305,000; to Robert and Katherine Claydon


1-A Scotch Mist Way, Harold J. Redling, $83,000; to Thomas R. Bora.

62 Meadow Rue Place, Richard and Mary Alexander, $130,000; to David and Sofia Rizzo.

Second Avenue property, Harold J. Drake, $53,000; to Wilfred P. Messier Jr.


Sixth Avenue property near Elizabeth Street, Steven Davis, $68,500; to Frank and Lynn Knight.


Lewis Road property, Thomas Kincheloe and Bruce E. Vedder, $60,000; to Timothy and Joni Hanchett.

120 White Road, William and Laura Teller, $48,000; to Dana and Cheryl Kiggins


Lot 21, Oak Hills subdivision, Mark and Sarah Schultz, $70,000; to Todd and Sandra Ryan.


Old Saratoga Road parcel, Richard and Dorma Salazar, $30,000; to M. Richard Salazar.

Lot 34, Pine Valley Development, Rodney H. Congdon, $26,500; to Dennis and Della Parlapiano.

Lot 35, Whispering Oaks subdivision, Paul Breton, $25,000; to Michael and Nancy Park.


Homestead Road property, Homestead Developers, $115,500; to Nancy M. Nicholas.

27 Cramer Path, Nicola Lanaro, $91,000; to Michael and Antoinette Bannon.


Hayes Road property, Russell and Susan Hanson, $42,500; to Stephen D. Arnold.


6 and 8 Sherwood Trail, W.J. Grande & Son Inc., $77,500; to Hodorowski and DeSantis Building Contractors Inc.

Hodorowski and DeSantis Building Contractors Inc., $400,000; to John A. Piccolo.

Two lots in Sherwood Forest, W.J. Grande & Son Inc., $79,500; to Hodorowski and DeSantis Building Contractors, Inc.

St. Rose Court near St. Charles Place, Robert and Helena Stevens, $86,500; to Donald C. Von Linden Jr. and Raksha Patel.

Webster Street parcel, Andrew L. Roy, Herbert F. Roy III and Emily R. Doyle as co-executors, estate of Emily L. Morrell, $95,000; to Ernest and Camille Hord.

Adams Road property, John H. Burdett, $10,500; to Paul L. Safran.


Burgoyne Street parcel, Patricia A. Travis, $32,500; to Gerald Brenz Jr.

Liberty Street parcel, Stephen and Paul Martinovich, $70,000; to Timothy and Deborah LeBaron.


Fourth Street property, Gerald and Dorothy Fitzgerald, $65,000; to Richard and Lisette Thomas, William Jr. and Deborah Chandler.


Champlain Avenue property, Sandra L. LaPointe, $86,000; to Michael F. Haughney.


Evans Street property near Route 4, The Church of the Visitation in Schuylerville, $20,000; to Schuyler Village Day Care Associates.


28 Cedarcrest Drive, Lawrence A. Lewandowski and Joel A. Aronson, $122,000; to Ross and Mary Ellen Perkins.


Lot 6 Meadow Pond Estates, Heater Ridge Development Corp., $153,500; to Mark J. and Karen D. Klawin.

Property on Thousand Acre Road, David M. and Ruth B. Grover, $70,000; to Darcyean St. Louis.


Property on Spring Road, Cardinal Valley Estates, William and Beryl Kirk, $153,000; to Frederick L. and Bette G. Ewing.

414 Sacandaga Road, Marie Sautter, $130,000; to Donald and Crystal Mongillo.

Property on Closson Road, Frank E. and Michele A. Leffler, $82,500; to Otto A. and Amne Marie Burchhardt.

21 Hadel Road, John S. and Patricia M. Czuba, $134,000; to Kent T. and Sandra M. Solomon.

11 Mayfair Drive, Lawrence M. Blumer, $92,500; to Allan J. Andersen.


2219 Webster Drive, Chester V. and Casimira C. Przewlacki, $92,000; to Steven E. and Katherine Katz.

20 Ray St., Russell Jr. and Susan B. Dubisch, $94,000; to James E. Jr. and Theresa A. Grant.

2304 Nelson Drive, Judith Pearlberg, $96,000; to Casimira C. Przewlocki.

Lot 2304 Lu-El states, Saratoga Pine Ridge Inc., $278,500; to Peter R. and Elizabeth Atherton.

1209 Vischer Ferry Road, Genevieve McCullogh, $58,000; to Shirley Schofield.

Lot 1036 Shannon Blvd., Avon Crest North, Drawing Board Developers Ltd., $225,000; to James R. and Sandra S. Jacobs.

Lot 64 Ramblewood Court, Tom P. and Jane Sambola, $230,000; to Jeffrey C. and Holly H. Stone.

1144 Van Antwerp Road, Geroge K. and Elizabeth Crewe Williams, $88,500; to Robert J. and Linell S. Montana.


1341 Lawn Ave., Madeline Buonagurio and Cecelia Andi, $15,000; to Cecelia Andi.

1045 Riggi Ave., Winifred M. LaBarge executor of the estate of Eugene H. Volpe, $88,000; to Mark S. and Joyce M. Dubuc.


1501 Kingston Ave., Anthony and Theresa Navaretta, $100,000; to Paul J. Vadney, Arlene N. Vadney and Catherine T. Vadney.

1316 Fourth Ave., Tina Peccichio now known as Tina Danai, $94,150; to Cherrie Dee Sanders.

1322 Baker Ave., Kent T. and Sandra M. Solomon, $88,500; to Christopher G. Mancini and Heather E. Burton.

229 Green St., Associated Textile Rental Services Inc., $5,000; to Paul C. Cardamone, Joseph R. Cardamone, Paul C. Corr, and Michael J. Collins.

237 Green St., Associated Textile Rental Services Inc., $75,000; to Paul C. Cardamone, Joseph R. Cardamone, Paul C. Corr and Michael J. Collins.

619-621 Rankin Ave., Ronald R. and Suzanne Anderson, $79,000; to Nancy E. Altier.

Property on Bradford Road, Mark L. Chylinski, $15,000; to Allan Sperling.

55-57 Willow Ave., Joy P. Stewart, $50,000; to Timothy M. and Janice A. Stewart.

49 Roosevelt Ave., George J. and Catherine A. Repicky, $69,000; to Michael R. and Seerognie Persaud.

322 State St., Alber Realty Corp., $30,000; to Joseph J. Montone.

1021-1023 Hegeman St., John Toffolo, Luciano Toffalo, Bruno C. Toffolo by Naomi Gallo attorney-in-fact, $69,000; to Raymond A. Decker and Alice M. Montanarelli.


Unit 101 Cambridge Manor Drive, Brookview Court Inc., $66,000; to Mildred I. Lewis.

705 Cambridge Manor Drive, Brookview Court Inc., $78,500; to Bernard P. Donnelly.

255 Washington Ave., Mildred I. Lewis, $72,0900; to Pamela G. Grimes.