Section: LIVING,  Page: G8

Date: Sunday, September 30, 1990

The following information was obtained by The Times Union, generally in the last month, from deed transfers recorded in the various counties.

ALBANY 7 Hawthorne Ave., Cyril and Lillian Knoblauch, $128,500; to Patrick B. and Sheila A. Gibbons.

687 Western Ave., Philip C. and Mary C. Nasca, $150,000; to Judith Ann Hard.

492 Washington Ave., JMV Realty Associates, $74,000; to John T. and Michelle Marzola.

20 and 22 Cottage Ave., Swamimalai R. Swaminathas, $106,000; to Zulfikar and Daulat Jakhra.

180 Ridgefield St., Matthew D. and Mary Elizabeth P. Babcock, $122,500; to Anne M. Church.

365-367 Central and 358 Sherman St., County of Albany, $30,500; to Surinder Gupta and Premjit Singh.

201 and 203 S. Pearl St., County of Albany, $25,000; to Anthony R. and Stephen M. Clemente.

15 Academy Road, Ihor P. Zwarycz and Marta Lopatynsky-Zwarycz, $175,000; to terrence P. and Roberta J. Christensen.

9 Matilda St., Terryann Teras-Lasinski, $85,500; to Gary B. and Linda McNeal.

Unit 1005 Greenwich Drive, Brookview Court Inc., $79,500; to Charles F. and Deborah S. Seifert.

107 Melrose Ave., Albert V. Jr. and Carol E. Turo, $130,000; to Albert Ormsby and Lisa Aronson.

1087 Fairlawn Ave., Jon A. Zubieta and Susan K. Jereb, $165,000; to Ronald Malcolm Flagg and Tana Fileccia-Flagg.

259 Mt. Hope Drive, Arnold L. and Anetta K. Williams, $80,000; to Dawn E. Hettrick.

176 Brevator St., Michael J. Bickee, $107,000; to John L. and Kim M. Cardillo.

30 Berkshire Blvd., James T. Santer, $160,000; to Margretta Reid Fairweather.

226 Orange St., County of Albany, $5,000;to R.G. McColl.

4 Teunis St., County of Albany, $500; to Bruce B. Burden.

899 Central Ave., George C. Rores, George C. Danes and Theodore H. Caldes, $210,000; to Dino Damascos.

164 Holmesdale Ave., P. David and Barbara G. Billet, $164,000; to Richard W. and Janet M. Derrick.

244 Whitehall Road, James J. and Kathleen M. Jabir, $115,500; to Mark A. Crisafulli and Kathleen Mancini.

32 Second Ave., County of Albany, $9,500; to Charles J. McKenzie.

165 Sheridan Ave., County of Albany, $6,000; to Charles J. McKenzie.

18 Stephen St., County of Albany, $6,000; to Charles J. McKenzie.

3 Slingerland St., Steve and Anna Matwijiw, $67,000; to William J. and Mary Beth Pitts.

17 Mohican Place, George E. Jr. and Karen L. Rockenstyre Ham, $105,000; to James M. and Margaret Viviano.


4 Groot Drive, Severson Acres Development Corp., $202,000; to Frank J. and Donna M. Ronkese.


15 Constitution Drive, The Michaels Group Inc., $160,000; to Claire O'Brien Garry.

34 Sheffield Drive, Edward J. Jr. and Heidi A. Voelk, $199,500; to Albert W. Fisher.

141 Darrock Road, Klersy Building Corp., $476,500; to Martha Ruth Braunstein.

30 Western Ave., William R. Sr. and Michele N. Keleher, $100,000; to Charles B. Rosenstein and Kristin C. Ross.

7 Quail Hollow Road, Paulsen Realty Trust, $30,000; to Quail Hollow Builders Inc.

7 Quail Hollow Road, Quail Hollow Builders Inc., $170,000; to Joseph A. and Janice B. Siniski.

34 Roweland Ave., Sarah G. McNutt, $128,000; to Bruce A. and Elizabeth A. J. Shreffler.

7 Darrock Road, Martin F. and Deborah P. McKneally, $300,000; to Patrick J. and Marie E. Sanderson.


19 Magnolia Circle, Hodorowski & DeSantis Building Contractors Inc., $109,500; to Stephen F. Gargano.


Property on the west side of Saratoga Street, Margaret M. Tremblay, $80,000; to Michael and Josephine DiRubbo.


12 Victoria Drive, Jerry and Beverly Ann Solomon, $90,000; to Barry A. and Catherine E. Martinek.

21 Bailey Ave., William A. and Tammy M. Boech, $88,000; to Linda Feeser.

24 Willoughby Drive, Peter W. and Joanne M. DeStefano, $151,000; to Jerry and Beverly A. Solomon.

16 Oak Tree Lane, Donald F. and Eleanor T. Feiden, $220,000; to William A. and Fiona M. Edelstein.

3 Crosby St., Donald F. and Therese G. Dunham, $87,500; to Daniel A. LaVarnway and Patricia C. Denegar.

Lot 11 Tokay Lane, Peter A. and Bonnie R. Beneditti, $121,500; to Melinda S. Ross.

7 Andree Court, Dennis P. Jr. and Denise A. Buckley, $113,000; to Philip T. Pugliese.

9 Elaine Court, Elias Weis, $50,000; to Hodorowski & DeSantis Building Contractors Inc.

9 Elaine Court, Hodorowski & DeSantis Building Contractors Inc., $166,000; to Stephen T. and Nancy T. Layne.

64 Highland Ave., Mary E. Block, $224,250; to John T. and Kim E. Lee.

15 Churchill Square, Traditional Builders Ltd., $148,000; to Donald and Gertrude Pappalau.

3 North Lane, Donald D. and Ann D. Perry, $313,000; to Susan F. Buse.

30 Linda Lane, Masullo Brothers Builders Inc., $198,000; to Cyril H. and Lillian B. Knoblauch.

Property at Everett and Albany Shaker roads, William R. and Barbara L. Ahl, Patrick J. and Lois G. Maroney, Michael J. and Laurie A. Ryan, Jayne E. Shahda formerly known as Jayne E. Nichols, Helen Lynn Sprague and Helen Lynn Conners, $145,000; to Edgar S. and Amelia L. Hendriques.

13 Island View Road, David and Kim Raylinsky, $275,000; to John and Marie LaSpina.

12 Crestone Road, James E. and Natalie F. Amsler, $120,000; to William J. Van Guilder and Carol Zembruski Van Guilder.

20 and 36 Furlong Drive, County of Albany, $54,000; to Leo J. and Sue A. Hines.

7 Karen Court also known as 13 Margaret Drive, Maureen L. Bazar and Eugene and Marie Levy, $111,300; to Andrew P. and Irene Petramale.


19-21 Arch St. and 165-167 Paine St., David M. Metchick, $80,000; to Jeffrey M. Connery.


4024 Georgetown Square, Daniel J. III and Carolyn M. Kelly, $113,000; to Eleanor T. Feiden.

8 Devon Court, Chesterfield Developers Ltd., $332,000; to Ann W. Marcelle.

4037 Georgetown Square, Bret D. and Madeline H. Kilbrick Kauffman, $114,000; to Rodney Brian Miller and Kimberly Joyce Miller.

542 Townwood Drive, Linda J. and Michael Hitzmann, $96,000; to Peter A. Durfee.

3031 Lydius St., Frank J. and Donna M. Ronkese, $110,400; to Paulette Taylor.

39 North Gate Drive, James J. Devlin, $146,000; to Albert V. Jr. and Carol E. Turo.

10 Ridgefield Drive, Masullo Bros. Builders Inc., $180,000; to M. Doreen Moore.

8 Shady Lane, Mary V. Kelley, $135,000; to Michael F. and Eileen E. Bopp.


4 Forest Road, Ronald F. and Kathleen E. Smith, $104,000; to Timothy E. and Laura L. Blow.


Property on Barger and Sayre roads, Nellie Schroeder, $115,000; to Eileen M. Kevane and Michael Lynn.


704 Fifth St., Michael F. and Eileen E. Bopp, $91,000; to John E. and Ellen H. Quinn.

1622 Ninth St., Lawrence and Margaret Connors, $81,000; to Ronald J. and Debra J. Jones.


Property on Seneca Street, John Morizio, $110,000; to John Mittenthal.

Lot 5 Spring Garden Subdivision, JRDM, Corp., $112,500; to Dennis and Patricia Milkiewicz.


1 Honey B Court, David A. and Katherine Burdette, $143,000; to William V. Canale.

Lot 1 Huntswood Estates, Huntswood Development Associates, $62,500; to Anthony J. and Sharon E. Carpinello.

Lot 2 Huntswood Estates, Huntswood Development Associates, $62,500; to James J. and Delores Miller.

35 Celeste Drive, Onderdonk Associates Inc., $117,500; to Phillip S. Laya and Lynn M. Eckert.

201 Park Ave., Eleanor Shepperdson, $65,000; to Beth M. Deyo.

2 Stock Lane, R. Paul and Suan E. Gagnier, $102,000; to John V. and Priscilla A. Dollard.


Property on Route 7, Joseph E. and Geri Ruggiero $77,500; to Robert G. Sr. and Linda Richard.


Property on Route 20, Anton A. Johansen and Charlotte J. Johansen, $158,000; to Richard P. and Lorraine A. Farnan.

Property on the east side of Hickory Avenue and the west side of Oak Avenue, William M. and Michelle Sweet, $108,000; to Alexander and Laura Szemplinski.

Property on the northeast side of Sherwood Acres Road, Frank and Marion DeCataldo, $28,000; to Isidora Marra.


Property on West Sand Lake Road, Herbert Hoffman, Ellen Merrihew, Lester Hoffman, William Hoffman, Dorothy Van Valkenburg, Olive Hoffman and Anna Kennedy, $79,500; to Gary and Lori Robichaud.

Lot 4 Heritage Hills, Filkins Development Corp. and Serge F. Isabelle doing business as Ferisa Builders Co., $210,000; to Kenneth P. and Rosemary A. Durivage.

1413 Hamtpon Place Blvd., The Michaels Group Inc., $88,000; to Joseph B. Aluck.

Lot 77 Shepard's Needle Court, High Meadows, Stanco/DiLorenzo Ltd., $575,000; to William H. and Gloria M. Lawrence.


84 Spring Avenue Extension, Robert A. Higgins, $125,000; to Jeffrey P. and Valerie L. Raymo.


835 Fifth St., Barbara A. Dodge, $79,000; to Peter V. Mahar.


Property on Wisner Road, Steven F. and Nancy S. Kasper, $161,000; to Roger and Marilyn Y. Searle.


174 Speigletown Road, Donald L. and Shirley R. St. Gelais, $80,000; to Francis A. and Karen A. Volks.


1884 Dover Lane, Sandra Hempstead, $105,000; to David A. Jr. and Kim M. McClintock.

17 Van Buren Ave., Carolyn J. Stetson formerly known as Carolyn J. Prendergast, $85,000; to Clyde P. Patton and Patricia T. Caro.

Lot 7 Duncan Farms Subdivision, Harry J. Duncan, $23,000; to Bradley C. Sr. and Anna Marie Lebrecht.

Lot 6 Duncan Farms Subdivision, Harry H. Duncan, $23,000; to Bradley C. Jr. and Birgit Lebrecht.

Lot 2 Sunset Hills, Dennis J. and Christina M. Dantro, $125,00; to Daniel J. and Karen M. Cadigan.


Property north of Brainard Road near the lands of Collister, PHH Homequity Inc., $106,000; to Robert J. Jr. and Melanie L. McAuliffe.


11 113th St., Joanne M. Conboy and Frances E. Schrag executors of the estate of Margaret M. Clark, $75,000; to Kristi S. Anderson.

5 Broadway, Cannon Place Associates, $1,717,500; to Home Front Inc.

501 Eighth Ave., Paul R. Plante, $85,000; to Norman W. and Elizabeth F. Patterson.

298 Fourth St., Frank A. Iacketta, $50,000; to George R. and Janet M. D'Allard.

42 1/2 119th St., Peter A. Thornton executor of the estate of Alan F. Thornton, $38,500; to Raymond P. and Mary Ann Brown and Gordon T. and Helen C. Brown.

2629 Fifth Ave., Troy Rehabilation and Improvement Program Inc., $56,500; to George E. and Colleen M. Christian.

151 Seventh Ave., Dori L. Evans, $78,000; to Walter W. and Deborah Hubicki.

149 Second St., Michael Bianco Jr., $197,500; to Donald R. and Judith A. Watson.

30 Heyden Road, Pace Homes Ltd., $113,500; to James J. and Margie M. Clancy.

2506 15th St., Winifred C. Hayes, $88,000; to Thomas C. Hendry.

264-276 River St., City of Troy, $100,000; to River Triangle Company.

Lot 10 Taylor Court, Charles A. Brusch executor of the estate of Angie Brusch, $85,000; to Thomas M. Ceresia.

343 Taylor Court, Brian and Kathryn Lay, $85,500; to Robert T. Fitzgerald and Colleen L. Mazurowski.

12 Park View Court, Kenneth A. and Ellen M. Lippincott, $70,000; to Paul R. and Catherine A. Ziter.

Lot 38 Ridgeview Estates, Troy Associates, $125,500; to John A. and Theresa A. Ferro.

73 14th St., Rosemary Colloton, $25,000; to Marian M. Hug.

641 Pawling Ave., Robert J. Jr. and Melanie L. McAuliffe, $91,400; to James L. and Carole L. Donnelly.

146 Hill St., David A. and Carol M. Hunt, $53,000; to Kenneth A. Diane L. Selby.


11 Cider Mill Drive, Carolyn and Joseph Scensny, $141,000; to Leo and Cathy Derocher.

84 Old Coach Road, Robert, Patricia and William Merchant, $87,000; to Helen and Leonard Coluccio Jr.

Unit in Forest Pointe Condominium III, The Michaels Group Inc., $98,000; to Stephen A. Coccetti and Debra L. Quade.

204 Lapp Road, Barbara L. Pelc-Grant, $189,000; to John and Theresa Buckley.

32 Esopus Drive, Stephen and Carla Francese, $168,000; to William and Theresa Casey.

7 Lincoln Ave., William and Carolyn Basch, $179,500; to Terry and Ramona Fishel.

Westchester Drive parcel, Kim M. Osborne, $29,500; to Pathway Asset Management Inc.

34 Woodhall Lane, Roger and Alice Jones, $140,000; to Robert and Claudia English.

19 Meridian Lane, Allan and Linda King, $131,000; to Stanley and Elizabeth Simpson.

68 Gloucester St., Navion Development Corp., $40,000; to Anchor Builders Inc.

68 Gloucester St., Anchor Builders Inc., $172,500; to Stephen and Carla Francese.

Property near English Road, Andrea N. Roemer, $135,000; to Gary and Francisca Hickok.

33 Haystack Road, Walter E. II and Frances Otto, $160,000; to Anthony and Maureen Pietrantonio.

Ashdown Road parcel, Wouter Weening, $250,000; to Greta N. White and Kent R. Homburger.

6 Wildflower Way, Thomas and Barbara Cernera, $284,000; to Thomas and Barbara Dennison.

12 Tanglewood Drive, Thomas E. Jr. and Edythe Enright, $138,000; to Donald and Terry M. Tipton.

21 Valencia Lane, Michael and Gale E. Lawler, $157,000; to Marcelle and Arthur Etringer.

101 Appletree Lane, Charles and Rebecca McClure, $150,000; to Michael W. Kelly and Elaine Z. Archer.

22 Esopus Drive, David and Barbara Papandrea, $168,500; to Martin and Diane Reed.

Seven parcels, Robert A. Lupe and Amelia Lupe Owen, $205,000; to Amelia Lupe Owen.

Townhouse at Grant Hill Court, Henry J. MacDonald, $27,000; to Lewis M. Howells.

2 Walsh Lane, Gary and Patricia Lagree, $160,000; to Monsy Arce.

20 Eagle Trace, Christopher and Barbara Rinaldi, $225,000; to Donald and Leanora Curt.


Gabriel Road parcel, Thomas and Sherry Madison, $11,000; to Alan and Joyce Amodeo.


South Shore Road parcel, Susan M. Kirschke, $54,000; to Kenneth and Sandra DeCerce.


Whitesides Road property, Joan F. Cokelet, $30,000; to Vincent S. Ingenoso.

Hermance Road parcel, Laura R. Pierce, $82,000; to Lucinda S. Wood.

Graves Road property, Fred Bateholts, $10,000; to William and Leah Bateholts.

Ridge Road parcel, William and Luana Button, $133,000; to Martin and Patricia Yannerilla.


South Greenfield Road property, Donald and Ann Cornell, $22,500; to Duane and Mary Wright.


Newton Road property, Michael S. Hoy and Matthew T. Shea, as executors of the estate of Matthew H. Shea, $87,500; to Julie A. Anderson.



Property vicinity Ruhle Road, Round Lake Rod & Gun Club Inc., $6,500; to State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co.

5 Pepperbush Place, Steven Koss, $17,500; to Kenneth L. Bullock.

86 Arrow Wood Place, William and Joy Irvin, $86,500; to Scott Ferguson.

East Line Road parcel, Jeffrey and Margaret Seckendorf, $89,000; to Thomas and Dolores Donovan.

7 May Apple Way, Craig R. Blackmore, $145,500; to James and Carol Parker.


Brickyard Road parcel, Paul and Kendra Rustin, $67,000; to Raymond and Debra Proctor.


Lewis Road parcel, Patricia Nuzzi, $120,000; to James A. Visco.

Lot 6, Kelley Square, Brian and Constance Simpson, $107,500; to Wayne and Germaine White.


Saratoga Avenue parcel, South Glens Falls Village, J. Richard Corley, $125,000; to William Kostechko.

Lot 28 Gregory Manor, Universal Homes of Saratoga Inc., $95,000; to Charles and Mary Campbell.


On Chestnut Street, Schuylerville, $62,000; to Dominic and Louis Zalar.


Monroe Street property at Wright Street, Joseph Uscavitch, Ann Brown and Catherine O'Connell, $85,000; to A. Anthony Testo and Byron C. Stover Jr.

277 West Circular St., Robert and Cynthia Longdane, $94,500; to Ronald J. Mongelluzzo.

14 Tompion Lane, Travers Manor Developers Ltd., $19,000; to Charlew Construction Co. Inc.

14 Tompion Lane, Charlew Construction Co. Inc., $89,500; to Bradley M. Somerman.

42 Tompion Lane, Travers Manor Developers Ltd., $19,000; to Charlew Construction Co. Inc.

42 Tompion Lane, Charlew Construction Co. Inc., $86,500; to Janet A. Gordon.

Saratoga Lake property, John Poirier, $27,000; to Michael P. Darling.

Lot 26, MacArthur Drive, Laura Walsh, $110,000; to Nancy J. McGrath.

Lot 32, The Emerald Forest, William J. McNeary Development Co. Inc., $203,000; to Thomas and Wanda Bogaczyk.


14 Moonglow Road, Benedict and Catherine Marino, $25,000; to Michael T. Dennis.

14 Moonglow Road, Michael T. Dennis, $103,000; to Sharon D. Smith.


2.5 acres on Oak Hill Road, Jeanne T. Herrmann, $14,000; to Walter B. and Cheryl L. Cavanagh.

Property on Mudge Road, Ronald H. and Amy F. Weaver, $22,000; to Jamey- Ray C. Gray and Karen M. Brooks.


Lot 1 Swaggertown Road, Glenville Development Corp., $50,000; to Edward V. and Diane L. Mazzo.

10 Knollwood Drive, Mooyoung and Emily Ham, $191,000; to Michael F. and Louisa M. Collins.

Property on the east side of Swaggertown Road, Paul G. Hartshorne and Amy Hartshorne, $18,500; to Scott K. and Patricia J. Anderson.

11 Bartlett Place, Edward Earl Matthews, $81,000; to Stephen F. and Melissa A. Helm.

61 Freeman Bridge Road, The Oakite Corp., $150,000; to Charles Jasinski.


Lot 521 Amherst Ave. Fagans Locust Park, Donald J. Morello, $8,000; to Blue Barn Leasing Inc.

3714 State St., Karen Matarazzo, $130,000; to CRS Associates of Troy.

1909 Union St., MCP Ventures, $142,000; to James G. and Sharon A. Huff.

2084 Lexington Parkway, Mark R. andf Kathleen M. Elwell, $145,000; to Kathie E. Sherman.

3409 LeRoy St., Edmund F. and Lori J. Dessingue, $84,000; to Lisa A. Jewell and Shirley A. Burton.

190 Village Road, 1916 Village Road, 1907 and 1911 Little Hill Road, Robert A. Lupe and Amelia Lupe Owen, $112,500; to Robert A. Lupe.

Properties on Little Hill Road, Robert A. Lupe and Amelia Lupe Owen, $270,000; to Hexam Gardens Construction.

Property on Balltown Road, Robert A. Lupe and Amelia Lupe Owen, $30,000; to Robert A. Lupe.

Property on Ramblewood Court, Richard J. Preisman, $69,000; to David A. DiSarro Inc.

Lot 22 Avon Crest North Macauley Lane, Drawing Board Developers Ltd., $226,000; to Edmond G. III and Tina Massa.

1360 Hillside Ave., Dee M. Lindsey, $5,500; to Gladys Paravalos.

33 Fairfax Ave., Sammie Danzy, $62,000; to Genevieve McCullough.

Property on Troy Road, Charles D. and Lois J. Morton, $129,500; to Amy L. Masick and Mary C. Hollenbeck.


Property on Keator Drive, Anthony V. Lucca and Daniel Lucca, $25,000; to Paul C. Grasso.

Property on Wescott Road, James Jay and Sophie T. Faboskay, $112,000; to John J. and Sandra M. Hladik.

1313 Floral Ave., William F. Britten, $30,000; to Vincent and Shirley Costanza.

351 Howell St., Eva Phoenix, $89,000; to Dale F. and Dandra M. Guldenzapg.

1085 Manas Drive, John F. and Regina M. Godlew, $144,000; to John A. and Marcia Mango.

Lot 23 Eldorado Acres Phase I, J. Lucarelli Land Development Company Inc., $159,000; to Gary Lawrence and Barbara Jean Gardenier.

2653 Second Ave., John A. and Marcia Mango, $100,500; to Chester C. Ciembroniewicz and Elizabeth M. McGuire.

111 Lake Drive, Clara E. Lewis, $110,000; to Dawn M. D'Arcangelo.

Building C Unit 120 Bigsbee Village Condominiums, Traditional Builders Ltd., $76,500; to Alice Griesmer and Sandra Griesmer.

2820 Wellington Ave., Alfred J. Metzger, $68.000; to Christopher M. Clow.

2609 Fourth Ave., Marlin A. Norris and Lorraine M. Boink, $86,000; to Ronald and Janet Cirincione.


1870 Grey St., Madgalene F. Johnson, $67,000; to Jereldine M. Cuomo.

Property on Star Avenue, Dominick and Eva Cortella, $92,000; to Thomas M. Cesarano and Amy L. Unser.

832 Londonderry Road, Germano and Vincenza Califano, $45,000; to Sheridan J. and Kathryn Martin.

233-235 11th St., Joseph A. and Nancy M. P eccichio, $70,000; to Cindy Diane Herbert.

1375 Union St., Donald H. and Susan Sommer, $76,000; to Elizabeth K. Tuttle.

102-104 Western Parkway, Celeste M. Kessler administrator of the estate of Jean M. Johnston, $40,000; to John A. and Judith Kovatch.

2321 Watt St., Robert A. Lupe and Amelia Lupe Owen, $40,000; to Hexam Gardens Construction Co. Inc.

Property on Crane St., Robert A. Lupe, $10,000; to Amelia Lupe Owen.

1524 Crane St., Robert A. Lupe, $50,000; to Amelia Lupe Owen.

2824 Coniston Road, Carol I. Charland, $59,000; to John E. Ericson Jr. and Lisa A. Fairlee.

536-538 Broadway, Theodora M. Harris now known as Theodora M. Fleres, $100,000; to Julio Cappiello.

1020-1022 Cutler St., Clyde H. and Sandra M. ing, $52,500; to Anthony W. and Maria A. Jasenski.

2501 Campbell Ave., Victoria Adel DiCocco executor of the estate of Ubaldo Brugnetti, $90,000; to Victoria A. DiCocco and Joseph P. DiCocco.

2 Snowden Ave., Lynn L. Droms, $100,000; to Steven Miller and Claudia K. Miller.

530 Mumford St., Dominick and Carmella Petucci, $3,500; to Lewis K. Snearly Jr.

Property on Snowden Ave., Roger W. Laime, $73,500; to William J. Jr. and Kathy A. Breen.

840 Bridge St., Anthony M. Galka executor of the estate of John W. Galka, $31,000; to John P. and Marcia A. Galka.

1802 Avenue M, Ronald G. and Janet M. Cirincione, $70,000; to Michael C. and Christine Murphy.


Property on Mohawk Ave., Associated Textile Rental Service Inc., $150,000; to Perry Noun Jr., Arnold Fisher and Stanley Cohen doing business as Mohawk Avenue Associates.

258 N. Ballston Ave., Anna H. Dayton by Paul Dayton attorney-in-fact, $40,000; to Paul Dayton.