Section: PERSPECTIVE,  Page: E6

Date: Sunday, December 10, 1989

A contribution of $1,500 from John Baker of Albany and anonymous gifts of $1,000, $500 and $300 have helped The Times Union Christmas Fund for Needy Old People reach a total of $55,953.73.

Gifts of $250 each were made by R.H. and L.N. Gerard of Albany; Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Jacobs of Delmar and one anonymous donor. Donations of $200 each came from Julia L. Freitag of Feura Bush; Mary L. Busch of Albany; the American Legion Nathaniel Adams Blanchard Post No. 1040 in Delmar; David and Philip Picotte, in memory of Jean Estelle Bartlett from the Phelans; and two anonymous donors. Donations of $150 were made by the Capital District Chapter 78 of the American Association of Retired Persons and one anonymously. Stephen and Patricia Bohram of Wynantskill gave $115.

Other contributions are: $100


and Maynard Guest; Waltraud Philipp, Albany; Edward and Doris Scavia, Clifton Park; Dan and Jean Dwyer; Robert and Charletta Klein, Delmar; James and Rose Barba, Albany; Edward J. Zaremski, Guilderland; Amy Devine and Edward Degen, Loudonville; Janice and Stuart Welner, Averill Park; Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Elliott III, Troy; Christine M. Golash-Lins, East Greenbush; Abigale

Fuller; Patrick and Katherine Gallagher; Horizon Roofing and Sheetmetal Inc., Albany; Judge and Mrs. Roger Miner; in memory of Granny; in memory of my mother, Stella Whimple; Robert and Tracy Miller, Latham; Alan H. Bennett, Delmar; Stephen Susser, Albany; Catholic War Veterans Pat Aiezza Post 1181, Albany; L. Berkley Davis Jr., Schenectady; and one anonymous donor. $88

Personnel section of the New York State Police - instead of buying grab- bag gifts. $80

Neil and Kristina MacCormick, Delmar. $75

Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Dorr, Glenmont; James and Beatrice McManus, Albany; Mr. and Mrs. George Fuda, Albany; and one anonymous donor. $60

Walter and Jean McCrum, Schenectady. $55

James and Virginia Hoffman, Albany. $54

A, B, C and D Shifts, General Electric, Building 37, Waterford. $50

Mr. and Mrs. Harold M. Naske, Albany; Dr. and Mrs. Alan Miller, Delmar; Dr. James and Karla Bottiggi, Clifton Park; in memory of my grandparents, Eleanor and William Sweeney, from Ellen Rupert; Donald and Carol Smith, Rensselaer; Alicia M. Corrado, Schenectady; Ann Vanderberg, Albany; Michael and Michelle LaBate, Delmar; Richard and Irene Clark, Glenmont; Ronald J. Beaudoin, Clifton Park; in memory of Irene Palmer; Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lindsey, Slingerlands; Women's Association of Roessleville Presbyterian Church; Agnes and John Burns, Voorheesville; in memory of Charles P. Crooks; Olive Glynn, Rensselaer; Irving and Shirley Brownheim, Albany; John and Cathy Green, Schenectady; Thurman and June Vaughn Jr., Glenmont; Tom Czerwinski, Loudonville; William and Katie Shaughnessy, Cambridge, Washington County; Christian and Janet Pedersen, Altamont; in memory of Rita Krause by Sonja Goodwin, Loudonville; in memory of my parents by Marjorie Braun; in memory of Michael H. Stern; the Callaghans, Latham; Anthony Belardo; Carl and Barbara Thurnau, Burnt Hills; David James Fay, Menands; Edna A. Smith, Albany; Mary Ann Hilton, Cohoes; Ruth and Harold Rubin; Mr. and Mrs. John Maloney, Rensselaer; and eight anonymous donors. $45

Theodore and Patricia Dralle, Albany; and Winston and JoAnn Blakemore, Albany. $42

Louis Emerick, Albany. $40

Ronald W. Mason, Glenmont; Norris - Bob's Mini Market, Albany; Daniel and Anne Mary Patt,

Ballston Lake; Dr. Timothy D. Stephen, Rotterdam Junction; Tom and Phyllis Talbot, Voorheesville; and one anonymous donor. $38

John E. Smyth, Albany. $36

Sheila and Arthur Small, Albany. $35

Winifred N. Gibson, Delmar; April Selley, Albany; and four anonymous donors. $32.50

In loving memory of Mary C. Mooney. $32

In memory of Earl Phillips by Rachel and Donna Phillips. $30

Debi and Donald Filkins, Castleton; Mr. and Mrs. William T. Roberts, Albany; Al and Ellen Stickler; Edith Gleeson, Watervliet; Evelyn and Larry Van Hatten; Mr. and Mrs. Roger Schultz, Albany; and in memory of Lona and Philip Stammel from daughter Shirley and family. $29

Dorothy Dundon, Valatie. $26.50 In memory of my mother, Angeline DePace Nigro, my father, Leonardo Nigro, my mother- and father-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Sacci, by Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sacci. $26

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Duchna, Guilderland; Charles and Lena Amodeo, Albany; August and Franzi Kruse, Colonie; and Paul F. Doran, Albany. $25

Mrs. Otilia

D. Binley, Albany, Joann Wilga, Watervliet; Mrs. Edward F. Cheeseman, Albany; Joseph and Gladys Quinn, Mechanicville; John and Tessi Deffigos; Margt

T. Barr, Cohoes; Donna Venditti, Albany; in memory of my mother and father; Charles and Clara Lanahan, Schenectady; Edna M. O'Keefe, Albany; Leonard and Margaret Stangel, Albany; Mary and George Fallati, Loudonville; Mr. and Mrs. Anthony G. Perrino, Schenectady; Katy Lucey; Cheryl A. Wrzochalski, Albany; Maureen P. Fahey, Slingerlands; Virginia L. French, Delmar; Mary E. Wehren, Voorheesville; Ronald J. Kogelmann, Hudson; Cathy and Charles Cassidy, Albany; Ellen and Marvin Elliott, Voorheesville; Joseph and Gladys Mirella, Albany; Charles and Sharon Mattice, Altamont; LaVerne and Nela Tubbs, Albany; Jeffrey and Barbara Emptage, Loudonville; James and Bernadette Seiter, Latham; Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Nealand, Selkirk; Thomas and Antoinette Flood, Latham; Vincent and Beverly Evan, Nassau; Anthony and Concetta Casimo, Delmar; Jacqulyn

M. Stricos, Schenectady; Donald and Marion Tatro, Albany; Willis B. White Jr., Saratoga Springs; Robert and Julie MacAlister, Ballston Spa; Harry M. and Shirley R. Brown, Albany; Mark F. Cacozza/Amy Lanzi- Cacozza; Martin and Audrey Leonard, Albany; Deborah and Gary DeLucco, Saratoga Springs; Willard and Jane LaBarge, Glenmont; Dorothy and Walter Lojewksi, Troy; Jane Ryan, Albany; Raymond G. King, Albany; Joseph T. Polito, Albany; Norma Hickok, Cohoes; in memory of my mother, the late Katherine M. O'Connor, by her daughter, Isabelle M. Neville; William J. Kraus, Voorheesville; Lorena F. Abrams, Slingerlands; Thomas B. Thornton, Guilderland; William and Elizabeth Bradford, Rensselaer; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Brady, Rensselaer; Michael B. Phillips, Albany; Dianne and Gunter Dully, Delmar; Dennis and Tanette

McCarty, Albany; J. Peter and Dorothy R. Harvey, Valatie; Albert and Jean Magnuson, Albany; Robert A. Emery; Lois Welch, Rensselaer; Christian N. Abele, Glenmont; Thomas Folgert, Hoosick Falls; in memory of Harry and Anna Hodgkins by Richard and Rita Bedell; William Beecher, Clifton Park; Mary and Ray Dutcher, Glenmont; Joane

L. Walsh, Rensselaer; in memory of Nina and Wally Edwards; John and Lois McCluskey, West Coxsackie, Greene County; Mary H. Pullan, Watervliet; Louise Kuziomko, Albany; Anthony L. Crucetti, Watervliet; Donna J. Almy, Albany; in memory of Helen and Tom Houghton and Helen Schmeltz by D. Feagles; Kaye L. Olmstead, Petersburg; Edna B. Ward, Albany; Shirley Schmitt, Albany; in memory of George L. Hope by Helen M. Hope; Madeline T. Whaley, Green Island; Mary Krug, Castleton; the Greenfield Hairport, Greenfield Center; Helen M. Delaney, Albany; Jessie F. Burton, Albany; Lee and Judy Euard, Schenectady; in memory of Auntie and Unkie by Mike and Ruth Grauso; Paul and Harriet Scoons in memory of our parents; Yankee Doodle Entertainers, Rensselaer; Daniel and Jean Callahan, Delmar; Orrin C. Stevens, Greenville, Greene County; Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Mellan, Craryville; in memory of my husband, William L. Otterbeck, by Ellen; Marie Delorenzo, Albany; Catherine M. Hoar, Albany; Marge Lyons, Albany; Ines

C. Miller, Loudonville; Constance Peterson, Loudonville; Mary Girtler, Albany; William and Ellen Domago; John and Josephine Paolucci, Albany; Patricia D. Schoof, Albany; Marion Antonucci, Guilderland; George and Selma Marshall, Ravena; MaryAnn Carey, Latham; Judith and David Hancox, Albany; in memory of my mother, Sylvia Blankfield, by Phyllis Baldino; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Cleary, Delmar; Suchitra and Chakrapani Subramanyam,

East Greenbush; Joseph and Eileen Micheli, Clifton Park; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Don, East Greenbush; Nancy C. Ahola, Voorheesville; and 19 anonymous donors. $22

In memory of our father, Joseph F. Cox, by Mr. and Mrs. John Cox. $20

Ann and Jack Meehan, Albany; Jim Melucci, Schenectady; Elsie M. Turon, Greenville; Dinah D. Blanton, Clifton Park; Thomas F. Andrews; Donna L. Callahan, Galway; in memory of Joe and Esther and Hy and Henrietta by Evelyn S. Newman; John and Joan Pladel, Rensselaer; Elizabeth Kelso, Schenectady; Hilda and Bill Luft, Slingerlands; Bob Franklin and Glenna Spitze; in memory of David W. Lane; J. William Hurley, Schenectady; Richard Delaney, Mechanicville; in memory of MeMa by Larissa; Mr. and Mrs. George R. Meers, Loudonville; Elsie B. Purello, Albany; Leo and Frances Catalfamo from

Schodack; Patricia and Nancy Ellenwood, Albany; Irene E. Acker, Schenectady; John and Patricia McArdle, Delmar; in memory of Cora K. Swartz; Joseph and Sharon Civalier, East Greenbush; Virginia C. Abele, Albany; Henry and Lorraine Hillmann, Selkirk; Helen Fairlee, Albany; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Crupi, Albany; Madeline Heineman, Albany; Mr. and Mrs. Theron C. Stevens Jr., Latham; Theresa L. Kalohn, Albany; Mr. and Mrs. Victor Taber, Delmar; Simon and Trudy Van Ryn, Selkirk; Victoria and Robert Peek, Middleburgh; Lawrence C. Gray, Rensselaer; William Rider of Clifton Park; and three anonymous donors. $19

Mary Lou Pabst. $18

In memory of my beloved wife, Jeraldine Greenspan, from Ben Greenspan. $15

Nancy B. Raphael, Menands, Cecelia A. Homan, Schenectady; Howard and Catherine Townsend Jr., Latham; Anna and Joseph Welter, Albany; Martin H. Kalkbrenner, Schenectady; Otto and Jean Sutter, Slingerlands; Mercedes R. Moran, Menands; Mr. and Mrs. Achille J. Vitti, Troy; Dr. Jeffrey S. Ross, Delmar; Harry and Ruth Schinnerer, Loudonville; in memory of our parents by Mr. and Mrs. James Mahoney; Mr. and Mrs. J. DeAngelis, Guilderland; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Yanni, Albany; Mr. and Mrs. Philip M. Taranto, Loudonville; Jeannine Carpenter, Rensselaer; in memory of my husband, Joseph G. O'Connell, by Anne O'Connell; Donna Brent, Albany; Susan Flanders, Albany; Helen F. Padula, Castleton; Lottie Conlin, Rensselaer; Sara Gallup, Latham; Esther and David Thorsland, Albany; Connie Fairhart, Cohoes; Elizabeth M. Kuhn, Albany; Margaret A. Farrell, Delmar; in memory of Robert S. Langer Sr.; Mrs. Charles Cabeen, Albany; Richard Cole, Ballston Lake; Sandra McKinney, Menands; Ralph and Marion Kelly, East Greenbush; Ralph and Barb Hartman, Ballston Lake; Charles and Eleanor Button, Schenectady; and five anonymous donors. $14.36

Jean Salisbury, Schenectady. $14

Roberta Kirby, Albany. $12.50

In memory of my mother, Helen J. Cooke, by Margaret M. Fennell; and in memory of my granddaughter, Lorie Ann Howland, by Margaret M. Fennell. $12

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Miller, Glenmont. $11

Mrs. Emory A. Mead, Albany; and Gordon and Mary Anne Nesbitt, White Creek. $10

In memory of mother Catherine Angerame and father Amedeo Angerame Sr. by daughter Angeline and son Amedeo Jr. and daughter-in-law Patricia; Mr. and Mrs. John F. Forner, Menands; Edward Relyea, Voorheesville; Mary E. Farrell, Delmar; Mrs. D. MacEwan, Albany; Mr. and Mrs. J. Conrad Robert, Slingerlands; Benjamin and Beatrice Rockowitz, Albany; Margaret and Joseph Baum, Rensselaer; James and M. Jane Byrnes, Greenville, Green County; Maria Cairns, Troy; Helen Knapp, Albany; in memory of mother Pauline McCormick by James McCormick and Mary Rockenstire; in memory of brother Jack McCormick by James McCormick and Mary Rockenstire; in memory of brother Jack McCormick by Mary Rockenstire; in memory of mother Pauline McCormick by Mary Rockenstire; in memory of Uncle Jack McCormick by Pauline Rockenstire; in memory of grandmother Pauline McCormick by Pauline Rockenstire; Jean Carpenter, Latham; in memory of Beatrice Cassell; Lillian A. Finch, Ballston Spa; Judith B. Christensen, Albany; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bagley, Coxsackie; C. and T. Crounse, Altamont; Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Brayton, Saratoga Springs; Jane and Philip Berman, Albany; Kathy D. Fleegal, Albany; William and Nancy Barr, Slingerlands; Irene F. Anstey, Menands; the Rev. James J. Kane, Gloversville; in memory of Joseph and Mary Gilmore by daughter Patricia and son-in-law Amedeo Angerame; Susan and Edward Romanoski, Schenectady; Mary and Francis Corbett, Albany; Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Dubois, Rensselaer; Robert and Dolly Rosinsky, Albany; Pat and Joe Adelska; Mrs. Perry T. Patterson, Albany; Stanley and Jane Trimble, Troy; Patrick D. Haack, Feura Bush; Mr. and Mrs. George Woodruff, Latham; Anna Allen, Albany; Alfred R. Bremm, Albany; Ruth C. Golash, Albany; Mary and Kenneth Wilson, Rensselaer; Carolyn A. Burkett, Troy; Mae and Michael Wilga; Mrs. Owen Kieran, Albany; Elizabeth Seymour, Schenectady; Mary T. Costello, Loudonville; Kaia

Vanpraag, Albany; Mary and Henry Bahm, Rensselaer; Marjorie Schryver, Albany; Mrs. E.B. Llewellyn, Castleton; Mabel C. Burkle, Castleton; Winifred Gietz, Castleton; Hazel R. Wurthman, Clifton Park; Jack and Juanita Cook, Castleton; Mrs. Harold W. Merritt, Delmar; Mildred G. Snow, Albany; Charles Connors, Albany; Ann Conley in memory of Eileen Lyons; Betty A. Krug, Delmar; Steven and Helene Vitalo, Schenectady; Robert T. Beza, Feura Bush; Anne Conway, Albany; Rita J. Smith, Rensselaer; Mr. and Mrs. John J. Meleski, Delmar; Dan and Donna Burnhart, Johnsonville; Dorothy Lewis, Delmar; Florence M. Hoenig, Troy; Joseph and Ruth Rosano, Albany; Marion H. Castellano, Albany; Terry and Larry Hyslop, Selkirk; Emil and Jean Sinisky, Rensselaer; Janet N. Russell, Albany; Ann Stevens, Albany; Betty Miller, Albany; Harry J. Breen, Albany; Anna-Mary Gleeson, Albany; Leonard Everhart, Albany; Mary J. Lynch, Albany; Margaret C. Smith, Troy; Clare V. Fagan, Albany; Mr. and Mrs. Donald Carpentier; Bernard S. Koblensky, Cohoes; Ellen M. Beaudoin, East Greenbush; Thomas and Ann Moran, Albany; in loving memory of father, James O. Bryer; Elsa Haswell, East Greenbush; in memory of LeRoy Van Amburgh and Sophie and George Houting by Evelyn and Roy Van Amburgh; Kelly Porter, Albany; Robert and Anna Allen, Cohoes; Marion R. Bernier, Menands; Cornelius Casey, Troy; Ann C. McCall, Albany; Rosemarie Conlon, Albany; Ray and Barbara Conklin; Mr. and Mrs. Peter Buckhoff, Coxsackie; James F. Cahill, Troy; Evelyn Ann Motyl, Amsterdam; William and Kathleen Heere; Karen and Leonard Maxon; Mr. and Mrs. Clif

Pemberton; Edwin G. Scheibly, Rensselaer; Kathleen Fitzgerald, Albany; Patricia Hilton, Albany; Sid and Edie Sosnow, Averill Park; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wilderman, Westerlo; Helen Hines, Waterford; Thomas J. Mara, Rensselaer; Edith and Donald Fransworth, Albany; Lucy and Gordon Brudshaw, Albany; and 12 anonymous donors. $8.50

Andrew J. Janz, Albany. $7

Eugene and Patricia Shanley, Scotia; and Lillian A. Seedorf, Albany. $6

One anonymous donor. $5 Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Allx,

Surprise; Rosalind G. Delamater, Selkirk; Eleanor Kirchner, Delmar; Esther and Frank Wideman, Rensselaer; John H. Bickel, Albany; Anita and George Fitzpatrick, Albany; Dorothy Newell, Westerlo; Alita

J. Noyes, Valley Falls; Isabelle Hotaling, Rensselaer; Deborah R. Martin, Schenectady; Ethel S. Harnau, Slingerlands; John and Ellinor

Kawczak, Feura Bush; Glenn H. Inghram,

Albany; Margaret Goliber, Albany; Mildred Mathias, Schenectady; Edward Hyward, Greenville; Mary Rita Pagano, Albany; Ethel Molomot, Albany; Helen S. Hamilton, Delmar; Norma Swartz, Albany; Sandra A. Bailey, Albany; Barbara Wood, Delmar; and four anonymous donors. $3.50

Jane C. Gillespie, Albany. $2

Donald McCoon, Albany; and one anonymous donor.