Section: BUSINESS,  Page: D1

Date: Monday, December 4, 1989

The following information on deed transfers in the Capital District was obtained by The Times Union, generally during the past month, from transfers recorded in the various counties.

SARATOGA SPRINGS Church Street parcel, sold by M.T. Minogue Inc. for $250,000 to Tom Lewis, W. Gregory Wrobel and Philip W. Klein.

Parcel on Marion Place at Mitchell Place, Marc and Arlene Spiegel, $17,000; to Frank T. Quinn.


Fonda Road parcel, Stephen Dumal Jr., $500; to Neal and Loretta Swatling.

Parcel on VanDerwerken Avenue, Gerald F. Brenz Jr. and Judith O. Cossey, $78,000; to Richard A. Hixon.


Corner Chipmunk Lane and Bear Cub Crossing, the Forest subdivision, J. Lucarelli Land Development Co. Inc., $143,500; to Aidan and Theresa Dockery.

15 Knollwood Drive, Bruce S. Conklin, $184,500; to John and Barbara Omaggio.


59 Thornton St., Thomas E. and Donna E. McCarthy, $77,000; to Errol and Mary McNeil.

435 State St., Brian F. Mumford, $355,000; to Alan P. Goldberg and Nancy E. Carey-Goldberg.

Unit 19 Point of Woods Condominiums, Street Bet Holding Inc., $82,500; to Michael L. Nardacci.

536 First St., Brian S. and Roxanne Wright, $70,000; to Arcade C. and Cheryle A. Giroux.

12, 14, 16 and Lot 345 Hillcrest Ave., Aldo A. and Pamela D. Nardiello, $100,000; to Robert Penna.

26 Hopewell St., Donna Z. Goldslager, $65,000; to Joseph L. and Anna C. Anastasio.

761 Myrtle Ave., James G. Bennett III, $88,000; to Lori L. DeMeo.

368 Elk St., Joyce Thompson Okesson, $60,000; to Donald H. and Donna J. Gunderman.

Property on the north side of Clinton Avenue between Quail and Ontario streets, Martha Hyams and Linda Cohen, as trustees of the Roger S. Cohen irrevocable trust, as successors to Jonathan R. Kopoia and Bernard Appel, $115,000; to Joseph Arno.

Property on the east side of Walter Street near North Second Street, Robert J. and Ellen J. Critcher, $215,000; to Frank M. and Beverly J. Pawlows.

105 and 107 Chestnut St. and 284 State St., Katharine B. MacArthur and Patricia L. Price, $375,000; to James Alund.

466 N. Pearl St., Albany County, $2,000; to Gary Doran and William Doran.

8 Beekman St., Anna Heise, $67,000; to Cathy A. Fuss.

79 Catherine St., Vulcan Affordable Housing Corp., $94,100; to Genevieve Walters.

48 Swartson Court, Janet Etzer, $124,000; to Denise H. Degonzague.

66 Hillcrest Ave., Joseph P. and Ann Marie Schewe, $123,000; to Vincenzo and Rosaria Malatino and Joseph V. Malatino.

265 S. Main Ave., Jordan Langner and Hope Preminger, $178,000; to Margaret W. Davis.

35 Grove Ave., Richard S. and Delia M. Jachimecki, $53,000; to Brian E. and Joan A. Burkins.

18 Moore St., Dorothy A. Wilson, $95,000; to Denise M. Furlong and Ruth L. Furlong.

155 Bradford St., Robert C. Osterhout, $100,000; to Paul R. Leahey and George K. Leahey.

6 Birchwood Court, Bishops Gate Construction Inc., $260,000; to Anthony and Judith P. Mijares.

77 Catherine St., Vulcan Affordable Housing Corp., $94,600; to Roberta F. Fronk.

296 and 298 Central Ave., and 161 Bradford St., Rokill Inc., formerly known as R.H. Miller Paint Corp., $250,000; to Paul R. Leahey and George K. Leahey.

282 Morris St., Dana E. and Kathleen T. McGuiness, $90,000; to Edith Agnes Allen.

10 and 12 Swan St., Albany County, $14,000; to E.W. Tompkins Co. Inc.

184 and 186 Orange St., Albany County, $10,000; to E.W. Tompkins Co. Inc.

Property on Edenburg Avenue, Stephen and Denise I. Palella, $88,000; to Perry J. Rothaupt Jr. and Vic A. Potocki.

811 Washington Ave., Kathleen M. O'Connell, $129,000; to Stefan C. and Lea M. Koutsakis.

3 Thornton St. and a strip of land in rear and 277 Second St., John Medley Jr., $60,000; to Elizabeth Alexander.

195 Elk St., Eugenia Moraski, $67,000; to Larry T. Sr. and Sherry L. Stone and Kenneth and Barbara G. Richeson.

211 Sheridan Ave., Robert Kornegay, $40,000; to Mildred A. Ellis.

315 Myrtle Ave., Thomas M. Canaday, $80,000; to Kenneth and Ramona B. Lopez.

17 Moreland Ave., Arthur L. Walton Jr. and Linda V. Dare-Walton, $135,500; to McKeon Enterprises Inc.

627 Third St., Pamela Coley, $64,000; to Stephen W. and Kathy M. DeMarco.

Property on Washington and Pine avenues, Donald O. Meserve, $70,000; to William J. Mulderry.

Property on Washington and Pine avenues, William J. Mulderry, $115,000; to Brian J. Ward.

43 Croswell St., Leland and Joan Thomas, $77,000; to Paul D. and Patricia A. Hunley.

Unit 703 399 State St., Kent & Haroldsen Associates Inc., $75,000; to Dixie A. Hathaway.

50 Fordham Court, Robert J. Jr. and Deborah C. Bucher, $121,000; to Charles A. and Joan E. Vernoy.

Property on Washington Avenue between Lawrence and Allen streets, and 120 W. Lawrence St., Hudson Valley Auto Club Inc., $740,000; to Joy M. Frisch.

64 and 66 Second St., Albany County, $12,500; to Bethany Baptist Church.

22 Tudor Road, T. Eugene DePew, $155,000; to Garner and Kathleen M. Johnson.

20-22 Corlear St., Joseph M. and Marcia J. Igoe, $158,150; to Delton Courtney.

Unit 6-25 B Pine Lane, Andrea M. Daisernia, $72,000; to Louise H. Nadeau.

Unit 113 Point of Woods Condominiums, George and Nancy DeSain, $93,000; to Michael B. Murray and Robert M. Murray.

205 Elm St., Mark M. Siemens and Bradford S. King, $134,000; to Ann Gati.

610 Providence St., Jane C. Holtzer, $136,000; to Judy S. Karmiohl and Kenneth J. Kinghorn.

51 Melrose Ave., David G. and Sara J. Scotchmer, $118,000; to Thomas M. Canaday.

45 Ryckman Ave., William H. Allen Jr., $118,000; to Stephen and Diane Tosh.

168 Ormond St., Norman I. and Shirley A. Burman, $180,000; to Murray S. Carr.

Unit 252B Hudson Affordable Condominiums, Albany Area Housing Opportunities, $50,000; to Joel and Philippa Cohen.

61 Catherine St., Vulcan Affordable Housing Corp. $96,100; to Charles and Carol Richardson.

Property at Madison Avenue and Washington Avenue Extension, John and Rosa Williams, $110,000; to December Hill Associates Inc.

873 New Scotland Ave., Lawrence L. Wade, $80,000; to William H. Bayer.

636 Myrtle Ave., Albany County, $2,500; to Roman and Helena Wytrwal.

42 Collins Place, Robert G. McNamara and Gerard J. McNamara, $60,000; to Gerard J. McNamara.

254 Manning Blvd., Wendy Sue Barody, $102,000; to Timothy C. Reiss.

158 Hudson Ave., Gerald R. and Judith F. Dievendorf, $120,000; to Margaret W. Shirk and Daniel Mehlman.

233 Marion Ave., Beatrice J. Longe, $113,000; to Thomas Blanch and Amjad Munim.

581 Washington Ave., David R. Lynch, $85,000; to Christopher A. and Nancy J. Lindsay.


Lot 17 Severson Acres, Severson Acres Development Corp., $179,100; to Gene M. and Kathy H. Winter.


Lot 22, campsite near Warners Lake, Antonio Robustino, Filicia Robustino and Claudio Robustino, $68,000; to Lynn M. Carey.


87 Meadowbrook Dr., Jimmy L. Miller and Elizabeth D. Moore, $115,000; to Bradley Scott Muench and Vonda Lynne Gortner.

11 Carolanne Drive, Dr. Herman Kaack, $130,000; to James R. and Penny D. Williams.

Property on the northwest corner of Hartwood and Greenock roads, Eric and Judith Block, $180,000; to J. Paul and Euthemia S. Paksarian.

7 Hawthorne Ave., Jeffrey A. and Patricia Hair, $110,000; to Nicholas P. and Alison V. Kurtessis.

11 Wilshire Drive, James E. Kolb and Sughra Raza, $136,500; to Stephen A. Betterly and Laurel A. Munro.

4 Wedge Road, John G. and Dianne L. Forti, $170,000; to Daniel and Marianne B. Degan.

24 Adams Place, Mary Reilly, $153,000; to Kevin P. and Susan M. Fouhy.

Lot 1 property of Clara Wiggond, Patrick E. and Kathleen C. Dean, $138,000; to John Keehan and Andrea Hoffman Keehan.

Lot 35 Gladwich Road, Donald P. Jr. and Mary Frances Ford, $160,000; to Harold J. Rosenthal and Mari E. Vosburgh.

26 Nathaniel Blvd., M. Joan McDermott and James Garofala, $116,000; to David V. and Kathi L. Cook.

244 Elm Ave., Andrea B. and Geraldine A. Burger, $148,000; to Ronald P. Matthews and Mary E. Mathers.

16 Forest Road, Gregory R. and Carol F. Morra, $161,000; to David Strogatz and Rosalind P. Thomas.

25 Stonewall Lane, Charter Concord Construction Co., $290,000; to Gerald J. and Eileen C. Cassidy.

Lot 5 Equinox Court, John Eric King, $226,000; to Frank and Angelina Multari.

Lot 4 Equinox Court, John Eric King, $226,000; to Frank and Angelina Multari.

102 Berwick Road, Ivo and Susanne Buhac, $230,000;to Marc S. and Joanne S. Freed.

46 Tamarack Drive, Alan D. and Susan K. Goodman, $230,000; to Jordan and Hope P. Langner.

270 Elsmere Ave., David W. and Margaret W. Karl, $132,000; to Brian C. Keir and Viviana Marcateli.

59 University St., Louise H. Nadeau, $124,000; to Glen D. and Patricia D. Johnson.

Lot 103 Poplar Drive, Helen M. Dehring, $118,500; to Kenneth G. Orner and Eric S. Orner.

Lot 19 Dana Court, Maureen Mauro, $179,000; to Christopher L. and Janet Barker.

Lot 28 Commonweath Drive, Chadwick Square, Lynn M. Edmunds, $112,500; to Joanne Cox.

Lot 24 Frances Lane, Kircher Realty Inc., $185,000; to Richard E. and Anne F. Tuers.

Lot 10 Bradstreet Court, Biatess Corp., $22,000; to Maureen Mauro.

10 Bradstreet Court, Maureen Mauro, $159,000; to Timothy M. and Suzanne M. Conroy.

11 Vista Lane, George A. and Mary Diane Mercier, $117,500; to Paul F. and Maureen C. Cagino.

7 West Bayberry Road, Cynthia A. Manion, $144,000; to Terrence L. Kindlon and Laurie Shanks.

4 Belmont Court, James J. and Barbara J. Adesso, $124,500; to John W. and Linda W. Meany.

44 Stockbridge Road, Tilia Partnership, $317,500; to Steven P. and Rosemarie E. Boyle.

17 Holbrook Way, William R. Swift & Sons Builders Inc., $189,000; to Jeffrey J. and Elenore C. Sherrin.

22 Chapel Lane, Sharon C. Ornoski, $161,500; to Berny and Carol Rasowsky.


Lot 36 Main Street, Top Ten Associates, $81,750; to J. Douglas Sheppard.

88 Howard St., Roger L. and Lynn A. Hordines, $79,500; to Jay P. and Jennifer Gravelle.

Property on the east side of Mann Avenue, Helen M. Cocca, $72,000; to David M. Kelly.

13 McDonald Drive, Duane Booth, $98,000; to Joseph R. and Kristine H Memole.

10 Foxhollow Square, Gerald A. and Patricia A. Thompson, $86,500; to Virginia M. DeMio.


Unit 188 Building 23 Shaker Commons, Shaker Commons Realty Corp., $71,500; to Gordon E. Smith.

Lots 24, 26, 83, 85 Maplewood Park, Adam K. Szabiet, administrator of the estate of Joseph Szabiet Jr., $82,500; to William J. and Ann Marie Connors.

Unit 121 Building 6, Shaker Commons Realty Corp., $65,000; to Cindy L. Malcolm.

28 Dan Del Drive, Thomas M. and Ann Marie Connors, $120,000; to Joseph Jong Sund Park and Mary Sinja Park.

53 Fullerton Ave., David B. and Wendy J. Ashline, $94,000; to Francis A. and Deborah Leo.

Property at Shaker and Niskayuna roads, Steven and Dona Moffatt, $132,500; to Carmen Lomonoco.

26 Space Blvd., Robert J. and Margaret Rogowicz, $133,000; to Robert J. Rogowicz.

6 Thelma St., Frederick and Jane Hildenbrandt, $38,250; to Rosewood Home Builders Inc.

Lot 7 Winslow Drive, James F. and Susan D. Blasting, $87,000; to Carmen S. Mirabile and Angela M. Rico.

Lot 97 Harvard Road, Skaarland Homes Inc., $115,000; to Roland J. Down Inc.

3 Glade Drive, Skaarland Homes Inc., $66,000; to Joseph P. and Ann Marie Schewe.

20 Booth St., Audley P. Ramsey, $104,500; to Alfred P. Shuman.

Lots 33, 34, 35, 38 and a portion of 36 and 37 Archmont subdivision, Haswell Road, Peter N. Jr. and Leah R. Fulgan, $140,000; to Paul J. and Kimberly Ann Comproski.

20 Martin Terrace, Katherine Caraynoff, $75,000; to Dorothy A. Marchese.

Property on Chestnut Hill Road, Daniel S. and Margery W. Cooper, $207,000; to Howard G. Berg Jr. and Kathryn S. Love.

8 Stonegate Court, Huntington Associates, $122,500; to Eleanor R. Ferraro.

11 S. Royal Drive, Stephen A. and Tracy A. Boldish, $115,000; to Stephen J. and Barbara A. Schultz.

2 Anthony Lane, Katherine L. Dimler, $109,000; to Christopher G. and Mary Lou Martinek.

7 Vista Ave., also known as 7 Vista Drive, Hi Joong Lee and Keun Ha Lee, $75,000; to Fred J. and Cindy L. Friedel.

Lot 16 Spring Meadow Phase 1, Gary A. DeLuke, $107,500; to Peter A. and Frances M. Tolusis.

3 Regal Court, Marianne Shrader and Christopher Buell, $104,000; to Michael A. and Maureen G. Kinley.

30 Emerick Lane, Robert J. and Margaret M. McKennan, $123,500; to Noreen A. Bieniek.

4 Chestnut Hill North, William F. Jr. and Amy C. DeLuca, $593,000l to Jonathan M. and Sandra J. DeSantis.

4 Loudon Heights North, Robert K. and Anita MacCrone, $380,000; to Andrew Macina and Inez L. Pagnotta.

10 DeLucia Terrace, Linda A. Gensheimer, $235,000; to Alan R. and Margie H. Koslow.

8 Theresa Ann Court, Eleftherios and Paraskevi Koutoulas, $102,000; to Douglas A. and Eileen M. Denette.

25 Maple Lane St., Richard P. and Sarah E. Schneider, $164,000; to Thomas W. and Cynthia I. Burns.

13 Best Ave., Erma Ryan and Linda Nealon, $99,000; to Michael B. and Lori J. Milks.

21, 23A, 23B, 24A, 24B Meadowbrook Road, JMR Builders Corp., $105,000; to Joseph R. Wunderlich Inc.

Property on Wildwood Drive, Frances W. Hanley, $113,000; to John E. and Karen Hart Ford.

Property on Osborne Road, Ann Shirley Scripps, $175,000; to R. Andrew and Chloe W. Brothers.

Property at Rooney and Central avenues, James Richard Green, Thomas B. Green and Albert H. Green, doing business as Green's Associates, $110,000; to Joseph R. Danaher.

5 DeVoe Drive, Robert W. and Joanne A. Schleich, $82,000; to James C. and Mary Kathleen Kalica.

12 Harding Ave., Berny and Carol Honan Rasowsky, $110,000; to Mitzi J. Williams.

19 Victory Drive, Thomas M. and Donna J. Tarasovich, $171,000; to Duane Booth and Katherine L. Dimler.

30 Laura Drive, Gregory M. and Linda Ann Felice, $132,500; to Lisa J. McManus.

14 Knadler Drive, Carol S. Post and Cathie Blanchard, executors of the estate of Bertha S. Caviston, $110,000; to Thomas A. and Terese O'Brien.

27 Loudon Heights N., Anthony and Judith P. Mijares, $340,000; to Walter V. and Barbara B. Ferris.

Lot 215 Shaker Ridge Drive, Traditional Builders Ltd., $206,000; to Evan and Andrea Congress.

74 Surrey Hill Drive, Skaarland Homes Inc., $117,500; to Dona L. Watson.

27 Fuller Terrace, Marco J. Tomaso, $85,000; to Denis and Barbara S. Candee.

30 Cortland Drive, Kenneth C. and Stephanie Scism, $167,000; to Terrell R. Johnson, Joseph T. Hartman, George E. McCarty, William G. Anderson and George J. Egner, trustees.

30 Cortland Drive, Terrell R. Johnson, Joseph T. Hartman, George E. McCarty, William G. Anderson and George J. Egner, trustees, $189,000; to Roger G. and Cindy Lou Rankin.

5 Van Rensselaer Road, Charles A. and Carolyn J. Carr, $118,000; to Donald J. and Thomasina C. DeGonzague.

32 Woodridge Drive, Philip M. Crisafulli Builders Inc., $203,500; to J. Robert and Janice W. DeGennaro.

18 Huntington Drive, George A. and Glenda E. Siller, $166,000; to Kevin C. and Salva J. Hillegas.


140 George St., John J. Jr. and Sharon Feeley, $82,000; to Charles and Patricia M. Finning.


205 Placid Drive, Dunnsville Development Corp., $202,000; to Peter S. and Karen O. Vergoni.

Unit 3014 Rosedale Meadows, BLR Associates, $102,500; to Lorraine T. Hall.

21 Malpass Road, Karen O. Vergoni, $134,500; to Cosimo A. Crupi and Anne M. Alescio.

Property on Church Road, John and Adelina Marando, $20,000; to Ronald W. and Patricia A. Morrison.

533 Ivaloo St., Susan M. Dzintars, $56,000; to Joseph Kabrehl and Charles W. O'Connor.

Property on State Farm Road, Raymond H. and Maureen Palmer, $113,000; to Joseph Moltzen and Faith Ann Takes.

10 Williams Court, Lewis Alan Holmes and Elaine W. Holmes, $96,000; to Donna S. Lamkin.

Lot 2 Whispering Pines Annex, Gene M. and Kathy H. Winter, $127,000; to Barbara J. Hagins and Tracey S. Heimberger.

Property on Loren Avenue and Fletcher Road, Gerald F. Walter and Ronald F. Walter, $80,000; to David K. and Susan S. Walter.

597 Highwood Circle, Charlew Construction Co. Inc., $126,500; to Joseph A. and Maureen A. Marski.

Unit 3018 Fern Court Rosedale Meadows, BLP Associates, $100,500; to Robert J. and Mary L. Massaroni.

597 Highwood Circle, Highwood Village Development Inc., $23,500; to Charlew Construction Co. Inc.

Property on the south east side of Fuller Station Road, the Rev. William de Forest, executor of the estate of Leroy Stacy, $72,000; to Richard C. and Mary M. Mohr.

Lot 19 Old State Acres, Traditional Builders Ltd., $156,500; to Christopher L. Buell and Marianne Shroder.

543 Highwood Circle, Donald S. Metzner and Joseph F. Kramer, $122,500; to William J. Farley.

24 Upper Wedgewood Lane, Masullo Brothers Builders Inc., $212,000; to Martin L. and Linda S. Feinstein.

Unit 3020 Fern Court Rosedale Meadows, BLR Associates, $107,000; to Anthony and Vicki Del Brocco.

Property on the east side of Carman Road, Albert Leininger and Marion M. Robinson, executors of the estate of Edith A. Leininger and Guy and Marie A. Bratt, $75,000; to Robert Tetreault and William Tetreault.


Property on West Township Road (county Route 259), David O. and Elizabeth Beresford and D. Jonathan Beresford, $70,000; to Paul and Lori Lee Groudos.


Property on Edgewood Circle, J.T. Loftus Inc., $832,000; to William F. Jr. and Amy C. DeLuca.


Property on Cedar Grove Road, also known as county Road 301, William B. and Madeline A. Croft, $185,000; to R. Michael and Jeramy C. Kammerer.

151 Stonington Hill Road, Margaret I. McManus, $98,000; to David and Paula J. Handen.

Lot 212 Deerfield Court, Michael and Linda McGraw, $108,000; to Fred B. Jr. and Prudence K. Candee.

Property on Town Road, David F. and Violet Brown, $280,000; to Tullio R. and Gianna Mereu.

Property on Voorheesville-New Salem Highway, Alan W. and Kelly M. Domermuth, $95,000; to Catherine L. Ferrara- Hazell and Donna L. Youmans.


Lots 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 27, 31, 33, 35, 37, 39, 41, 43, 44, 45, 46, 53, 61, 62, 63, 65, 66, 67, 69, 72, 74, 75, 76, 77, 79, 81 Magnolia Circle subdivision, Ralph H. Drake, $572,850; to Hodorowski & DeSantis Building Contractors Inc.

Property on McCulloch Avenue, Michael and Kathryn DiNapoli, $90,000; to Michael D. Cantwell.


Property on Wilsey Road, John III and Alayne Smigel, $35,000; to David S. and Tracey L. Busch.


2 Roxbury Court, Grandison S. and Toby L. Hartley, $105,000; to Michael A. and Mary V. McDonough.


1546 Third Ave., William J. and Ann Marie Connors, $85,000; to William Liburdi and Christine Toftegaard.

Lot 49 on the south side of 19th Street, Joseph B. DiModugno, $78,000; to Brian and Cheryl Taylor.

1301 Seventh Ave., John H. Sr. and Sonya Nazarian, $80,150; to Irving G. and Betty J. Clark.


Property on Airport Road, David M. and Mary Jane Chapman, $103,000; to Charles V. and Tina Marie Baldwin.