GIFTS OF $1,100, $1,000 HELP FUND TOTAL RECORD $163,534.68

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Date: Sunday, December 25, 1988

The 31st annual Times Union Christmas Fund for Needy Old People has reached a record total of $163,534.68. The previous high was in 1987, when contributions totaled $153,371.58.

Recent gifts include $1,100 donated in memory of Laverne and $1,000 from the Louis-Hortense H. Rubin Foundation Inc. of Troy. A donation of $645.50 was made by employees of the Federal Highway Administration's Regional Office. There were two gifts of $500 each, one in memory of Catherine Quinn and one anonymous. Marcel and Janis Chevalier of Cohoes gave $400. Donations of $300 each were made by James E. McCann of Averill Park, Kathryn L. Foy and two anonymous. A gift of $250 was made by Alex and Barbara Nikiforoz of Clifton Park. Gifts of $200 each came from Joanna M. Solowski and on behalf of George and MaryJe

Rutnik and family.

The state Department of Social Services, Eastern Regional Office, Audit and Quality Control gave $175. A donation of $155 was made on behalf of the Matthew Bender Financial Area. Gifts of $150 each came from Irene M. Olson and in memory of Jean Bartlett by John and Robin Phelan.

A donation of $130 was made on behalf of the Public Employees Federation, Division 179, Office of General Services. A contribution of $125 was made in memory of Louis and Helen Marx by the James J. Kitts family. The Claims Processing Support Department and Slingerlands gave $110 and the Department of State, Division of Information Services, Albany, gave $102.32.

Other contributions include:


In loving memory of Caroline, Harry, Isabelle, Bradley and Tony Vidli by Wesley B. Bradley; Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Tobin III, Delmar; Knights of Columbus Coxsackie Council, No. 548; Dr. and Mrs. Samuel S. Ciccio, Delmar; Richard and Sadie Stahl, Loudonville; Paeglow/

Bridge, Rensselaer; Warren and Dorothy Pratt; proceeds of the Boutique Noel sale by the Sisters of the Holy Names, Albany; in memory of Ruth Keys; Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Esposito, Guilderland; John and Debra Carson; Norman and Shirley Bowmaker; in memory of Mom by Betty Hamilton; Marie, Ed and Eric Rogers; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Grant Jr. in memory of Artie; Lovisrie

and Maynard Guest; Frank G. Gebhardt, Clifton Park; Barb and Art Hunt, West Coxsackie; Stewart M. Finton, Esq., and Pamela Finton; Joan C. Benney, Spencertown; and one anonymous. $75

Edna M. Wallace; in memory of my husband Charles W. Bieniek by Mary Bieniek; J. Rissacher General Contracting Inc., Selkirk; and two anonymous. $70

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Johnson, Albany. $65

On behalf of the Home Care Division, Rensselaer County Department of Social Services. $60

James and Nancy Green, Slingerlands; employees at the New York state Education Department Division of Professional Licensing Services: Margaret Wilkinson, Deborah Mayo, Helen Sapone, Martin Carmody, Ethel Waugh, Jean Carson, Janice Tudor, David Cobb, Sandra Carlson, Jean Hanson, Jane Herzhauser and Joan Butler. Also Robert and Hope Donovan, Guilderland; Chester and Ruth Vanderbilt, Rensselaer; Armand Carazzo Realty, Albany; and 2nd Shift Reconcilers. $57

New York state Health Department Bureau of Community Sanitation and Road Protection. $56

In the name of William Leventhal retiring from the Department of Taxation and Finance by Gary W. Evens.


In memory of our parents by Margaret and Leslie Glenck, Nokomis, Fla.; Hunter Country Estates Inc., Hunter; Lewis and Charlotte Buckman, Westerlo; Mary B. Burke, Troy; Helen DeBonis, Saratoga; Nicholas and Cathy Bruno, East Greenbush; Nicholas Valentine Jr., Albany; E&E Defensive Driving Associates, Loudonville; Kimberly A. Mastrianni, Clifton Park; Stanley J. Ryniec, Albany; K.B. and L.H. Collins, Clifton Park; the Women's Association of United Presbyterian Church, Albany; Mrs. Jay S. Austin, Delmar; Robert and Jane Skerrett, Delmar; Dr. Charles D. Martin, Albany; Helderberg Home Bureau; Mr. and Mrs. James Basila, Cohoes; in memory of Lena and Charles Otto by Barbara J. O'Heaney; Ladies Auxiliary Rensselaer Lodge No. 2073, East Greenbush; Susan M. Swartz, Clifton Park; Mr. and Mrs. Donald MacElroy, Clifton Park; in memory of our parents by MaryLou and Werner Classen; Helen and Sandra Douglas, Schenectady; Ellen M. Prakken and John H. Smolinsky; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fortune, Clifton Park; Peter and Karen Kermani, Delmar; Dorothy L. and James P. Murray; in memory of my father Burton W. Ambrane by Nelson J. Armlin; Public Employees Federation Division 257, Albany; Mr. and Mrs. Manny Santos, Ballston Lake; James and Linda Smith, Delmar; Renee Green, Menands; Beverly and Nellie Adams, Burnt Hills; John and Jean Skorenski, Loudonville; and 11 anonymous. $45

In memory of my late husband Arthur B. Chiarello by Katherine. $44.50

Patients of the Callanan Medical Office. $43

Patricia E. Kerrigan. $42

In loving memory of Stephana Zovistoski. $40

Georgiana M. Cietek, Albany. $35

In loving memory of Jack Dyer by wife Peg; Mildred Knauff, Glenmont; Mary Ann VanAlstyne, Schenectady; and one anonymous. $33

In memory of Katie Schoonbeck by Gail Andrews. $32

One anonymous. $30.14

Duke and Jack Davis of Castleton. $30

Ernest and Margaret Amabile; Christy and Janet Truss, East Schodack; in memory of our parents of Glaz's and Newbury's; Frank E. Paturzo Jr., Watervliet; Charette-Beaudoin,

Saratoga Springs; Mr. and Mrs. William House, Albany; Mr. and Mrs. William M. Zullo Sr., Cohoes; Martha M. Walrath, Altamont; Del's Ladies Bowling League, Delmar; Katherine M. Gulliver, Chatham; JoAnn and Patrick Timme, East Berne; Sunshine Chemical Supply Co., Albany; Parker and Associates, Ballston Spa; and three anonymous. $29

Sixth-grade classes at Lisha Kill Middle School - students gave up extra snacks: Kate Burger, Mike Geraci, George Siller, Jeff Purzycki, Kristina Brown, Rich Torturici, Craiz

Dickert, Ryan Briggs, Dave Clements, Frank Ferraro, Karen Sigas, Allison Thomsen, Jennifer Mason, Amy McBride, Danielle Nichols, Susan Siverman, Mike Tafel, James Fritz, Eric Houghton, Jennifer Munro, Erin McCardle, Brian Eng, Theresa Carson, JoAnn Haller, Kristen Edsall, Amy Milham, Todd Boomhower, Brian Houlihan, Michael Kochan, Jim Thornton, Jennifer Link, Tammy Bullis, Eric Pasko, Matt Fiorillo and Mike Amund; and teachers Jim Stolis and Barbara Sieme. $28

Jenkins Mobile Service, Albany; and in memory of Victor and Narciso

Quintana by Blanca McBrien, Valatie. $27

In loving memory of Raymond C. Broughton Sr. $26

In memory of a great Dad, Charles "Gus" Matejka, by his children; and Anne G. and Edward M. Hart, Loudonville. $25.01

In memory of loved ones by Susan Larmon and Michael Daniels. $25

Richard Biglow, Albany; Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Rapp; Mr. and Mrs. David L. Brokaw, Loudonville; Jean and Vincent McKee, Troy; Ann B. Peek, Schenectady; Merry Christmas, Mom and Dad, by Kathleen Callan, Catskill; Gerald and Valentina Broz, Loudonville; Martin and Barbara Schenck, Vero Beach, Fla.; John and Ann Daley, Glens Falls; Richards family, Schenectady; Raymond and Evelyn Charette, Clifton Park; Kathy and Brian Weiss, Old Chatham; New York state Department of Health Purchase Unit Coffee Fund, ESP Tower, Room 1358, Albany; Thomas and Elsie Dwyer, Albany; E.M. and J.E. Difabio, Loudonville; Jack and Ellen Devine, Loudonville; Mary Ellen and Michael J. Moore, Albany; Charles and Sheila Rappazzo, Albany; Sara L. Palka, Watervliet; Gladys Samuels, Albany; Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Smith, Westport; Virginia Ciancio; Steven J. Triantafillou, Troy; Mary Jane and Glenn R. McGlaflin, Albany; Helen Marshall, Albany; Mary M. Mogan,

Watervliet; Jane Mitchell, East Greenbush; Phillip and Carol Niles, Clifton Park; Mr. and Mrs. James E. Deeghan, Loudonville; Mark, Michelle, Melissa; Jerry and Christa Dubois, Delmar; Frances and Stephen Plonka, Albany; Alex and Jean Misterman, Menands; Philip J. Hart Jr., Latham; Mr. and Mrs. Ted Anton, Albany; Mrs. James A. Hughes, Guilderland; Joan and Sam Milicia, Clifton Park; R.C. Miller and L. Patrice, Clifton Park; Eva H. Crippen, Troy; C.D.B. Hensel and Joan F. Hensel, Albany; Peter M. Herzfeld and Susan Mitchell-Herzfeld, Delmar; Robert and Joanne Perkowski, Valatie; Margaret and Stephen George, Albany; Theresa N. Anzelc, Pittsfield, Mass; Lloyd and Sandra Barnhart, West Sand Lake; in memory of Nanny by Barbara A. Davis; Henrietta and Glendon Bombard, Albany; Dennis and Jean Redmond, Saratoga Springs; Leona M. Tobin, Menands; Mildred P. Murphy, Schenectady; in memory of Fred Smith by Kenneth W. Smith; Capt. and Mrs. Harry Stevens; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Silva; Donald and Esther Cole, Rensselaer; in memory of Betty Murray and Ruth Trainor by Marie and Alton Crewell, Albany; Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Brady, Schenectady; Teresa L. McArdle; J. Lamprecht Jr. and Judith H. Lamprecht, Delmar; in loving memory of our son and brother, Timothy Pockne Hickey, by Mr. and Mrs. William Hickey, Brigid and Patrick; Ann Marie and William Mather, Clifton Park; Wm. M. Bear, Glenmont; Dr. and Mrs. J.E. Connelly, Albany; Mr. and Mrs. George Nealon, Albany; Ronald J. Kogelmann, Hudson; the Freibergs, Albany; Douglas P. Thompson, Albany; Wallace and Berta Sonntag,

Ballston Lake; Marion C. Fitzpatrick, Troy; the Constellations Bowling League; Mrs. Keating, Greenville; Kathleen Bievenue, Albany; Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Wear; in memory of David W. Lane; Florence E. Abrams, Loudonville; Theodore and Patricia Dralle, Albany; Roger and Judith Becker, Voorheesville; Lorraine P. Winkler, Albany; in memory of my parents by Sondra Abbott; Gertrude Lynch, Albany; Don and Marilyn Bermas, Sand Lake; Martin and Sarah Dunbar, Troy; Jack and Mary Teffenhart, Waterford; Jean and Dan Callahan, Delmar; Guy and Debrah

Cooper, Delmar; Drs. F. Wayne and Anne E. VanSaun; and 15 anonymous. $24

One anonymous. $23

Edward E. Strevy, Schenectady; and Howard Richburg, Schenectady. $20

Menands Senior Citizens Club; Lorraine Ferguson, Albany; Sue and Rodger White, Albany; in memory of my parents Helen and George Pfister by Meg Barr, Cohoes; Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Franz, Albany; Deborah Craig, Greenwich; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Kelly, Watervliet; Mr. and Mrs. John E. McArdle, Delmar; Douglas and Sandra McKnight, Castleton; Helen Fairlee, Albany; Diane Deeley, Voorheesville; Marlene and Thomas Dehner, Clifton Park; Robert H. Washburn, Albany; David J. Kissane, Green Island; Bernard and Sharon Radtke, Loudonville; Louise I. Ryan, Clifton Park; Dr. and Mrs. Alwin

F. Steinmann, Albany; Thomas and Sharon Evans, Averill Park; Joan M. Schaeffer, Albany; Dorothy and Frank Budlong, Voorheesville; George and Lolita Anthos, Clifton Park; Connie Kruszewski, Albany; Richard and Maureen Neal, Albany; in memory of my mother and father Frank and Victoria Williams by Leila A. Jones; Paul Robert Dillon, Albany; Nancy A. Kapp, Rensselaer; Lisa T.H. Liu, Albany; Robert and Christine Hoffay, Averill Park; Virginia Mayo, Albany; Mr. and Mrs. Gus Lizzi, Albany; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nieman; John W. Mundell, Watervliet; Roz and John Conway, Albany; the Allocco family, East Durham; Clair and Thelma Elston, Loudonville; Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Wagoner, Selkirk; August and Grace Franze, Glenmont; Olga Kirkpatrick, Albany; in memory of James and Florence McDonald; Jonathan and Priscilla Maskin, Delmar; Leon and Maureen Rowe, Latham; Karen L. Mullen, Clifton Park; Bob and Muriel Espey in memory of her parents, Alta and Roy Rapp; Dennis A. Rucci, Colonie; Mr. and Mrs. Philip L. Foote, Albany; Sandra J. Schell, East Schodack; Angeline E. Polimerou, Albany; and 13 anonymous. $17

In memory of our parents by their children; and Helen Nelson, Albany. $16

In memory of John Gardnor by daughter Marie C. Barhydt, Albany; and David and Jean Ellenbogen, Albany. $15

Milne and Onderdonk-Milne families; Barbara Henderson, Albany; Georgann and Francis Yeager, Scotia; Chuck and Betty Emery, Selkirk; Jean A. Bookhop, Schodack Landing; Hugh and Dorothy McDonald, Voorheesville; Herbert and Marilyn Weisburgh, Albany; Cecilia P. Kimmey, Albany; Margaret Cushman, Clifton Park; Barbara Ann Coleman, Schenectady; Barbara L. Winne, West Coxsackie; Margaret McCarthy, Albany; Elaine Wieczorek, Schenectady; Edward F. Coffey, Albany; in loving memory of Richard F. Klein; May and Harold Bearder, Wynantskill; Paul and Ruth Fafard,

West Sand Lake; Larry and Jean Phinney, Voorheesville; Jean M. Thompson and Ruth M. Lentine, Albany; Katharine Mace, Averill Park; the Meehans, Ballston Lake; Joseph and Patricia Curione, Schenectady; the Marketing Department, First American Bank, Albany; Ellen J. Kenney, Albany; and Sigrid H. Naar, Delmar. $12

Ralph J. Rahm, Slingerlands. $10.05

In memory of my beloved parents, Morris and Lillian Goldstein by Sandra L. Goldstein. $10

Richard and Ruth Miller, Albany; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Pillsworth, Rensselaer; Eva Teal, Rensselaer; Adelaide E. Vigars, Albany; George and Elizabeth Seminary, Voorheesville; Hayden and Delphina Vrendenburg,

Mechanicville; Frank and Debra Sutliff, Herkimer; Albert and Dorothy Dubois, Rensselaer; Stephen Lewis, Medusa; Jeff Hinkle, Albany; Gene Rapp and family; William J. Henry, Clifton Park; Elizabeth Brady, Latham; Clarence S. Gordon, Albany; Harry and Mary Dean, Troy; Ann and Thomas Moran, Albany; Mr. and Mrs. Art Bertini, Schenectady; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Richards, Selkirk; Mr. and Mrs. C.P. Finkle, Castleton; Mr. and Mrs. S.C. Nock, Castleton; Katherine A. Erdt,

Albany; Alfred and Charlotte Levitas, Albany; Thomas and Jacqueline Martin, Watervliet; Stephen T. Long, Albany; Julian R. Kolod, Albany; Dwight Morton, Rensselaer; Robert Armao/Rebecca Rector, Troy; Priscilla G. DeGeorge, Schenectady; Mr. and Mrs. Sam Robideau, Albany; Isabel Moore, Latham; William and Lisa McGee, Albany; George and Maryann Rosko, Albany; Edgar and Lillian Colvin, Ravena; Joseph F. Desler, Schenectady; Joseph F. Cleary, Schenectady; William J. Evans, Albany; Ruth S. Martin, Albany; Bert and Amelia Gould, Slingerlands; Theresa Pipe, Albany; Aloysius L. Hofaker, Delmar; Eleanor Green, Albany; Kathy and John Ciampa, Castleton; Ronald and Linda Stipe, Greenville; Lamarian and James Lesperance, Castleton; Katherine M. Shea, Albany; S&S Lawn and Yard Care, Watervliet; Mr. and Mrs. J. Harmon Kirkendall, Troy; Bernard and Isabelle Colfels, Albany; Hallet Knight, Gloversville; Sharon and Donald Whiting, Slingerlands; Stanley and Barbara Akers, Saratoga Springs; Mr. and Mrs. Ron Phillips, Schenectady; Marion B. Bender, East Greenbush; George and Martha Turon, Greenville; Richard Buyer, Delmar; Martin and Patricia Youchan, Clifton Park; in memory of my parents Mr. and Mrs. Roy Kelsey by Phyllis Beechert; Dorothy E. Roberts; the Magin family, Cohoes; Michael and Maryann Mroz,

Colonie; in memory of my mother, Maria J. Costa, by Sylvia Maher; Frank and Eleanor Maio, Albany; in memory of our cousin, Dottie, by Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Berggren

; Robert and Barbara Koski, Delmar; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Noiseux, Albany; James and Barbara Coffey, Albany; M. Marion, Guilderland; Douglas and Rose Elson; Barry and Betty Bogardus, West Coxsackie; Beverly J. Zukowski, Albany; Mary A. Procak, Cohoes; and 23 anonymous. $5.50

Jennifer Campbell. $5

Eleanor C. Krackeler, Slingerlands; Anthony M. Courcelle Jr., Albany; in memory of my daughter, Janna, from Jacqueline Allen; Evelyn K. Bernstein, Voorheesville; Lorri R. Setford-McCarthy, Ravena; Constance Dufty, Troy; Verna H. Rolf, Albany; Bev and Ken Hill; in memory of Stella Mary DeNucci by the DeNucci family; the Heyer family, Elsmere; Helen Hamilton, Delmar; Jeanne A. Benas; Jane Gabriels

Houle; in memory of our parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ransom Graves and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Richards, by Francis and Elizabeth Graves; Mr. and Mrs. George Walker, Troy; Doreen DiFondi, Latham; Mary Spargo, Delmar; in memory of Julianna Culver, Corinne Peter, Castleton; and three anonymous. $3

Marion H. Wogatske, Loudonville. $2

One anonymous.