Section: BUSINESS,  Page: D1

Date: Monday, August 22, 1988


2,4 and 6 Foss Ave. sold for $1,500 by Albany County to Marion L. Greenburg, 103 Wendall Ave., Troy. 226 Morton Ave., sold for $55,000 by Lillian Herman, 226 Morton Ave., Albany, to Vincent de Paul Nadeau, 20 N. Allen St., Albany.

427 Second St. sold for $65,000 by Gerane A. Edwards, 427 Second St., Albany, to Ronnie G. Mott and Jacqueline C. Mott, 129 Green St., Albany.

352 S. Manning Blvd., sold for $85,000 by Eudoxie A. Kennedy 352 S. Manning Blvd., Albany, to Mary Elizabeth Allen, 352 S. Manning Blvd., Albany.

54-56 Benjamin St., sold for $67,000 by Peter Sinkevich and Suzanne M. Sinkevich, P.O. Box 977 Hazelhurst, Ga., by Louis-Jack Pozner, power of attorney, to Jesse Temple Jr., 737 Columbia Turnpike, East Greenbush.

82 Dove St., sold for $157,000 by Michael F. DiNapoli and Jean M. DiNapoli, 518 Huron Road, Delmar, to James V. Bono, 82 Dove St., Albany, and Rudolph F. Bono, 1621 Erie Blvd., Clearwater, Fla.

168 Livingston Ave. sold for $5,500 by Albany County to Wallace Ramsey and Martha Ramsey, 164 Livingston Ave., Albany.

101 Alexander St. sold for $2,000 by Albany County to James W. Koonce, 90 Alexander St., Albany.

230 Point of Woods Drive, sold for $99,500 by Joseph J. Lee and Edna A. Lee, 230 Point of Woods Drive, Albany, to Dale L. Miller, 2024 Campbell Ave., Schenectady.

237 Columbia St. sold for $162,000 by Gloria M. Ballien, Dutch Village Apartments, Menands, to Daniel T. Coxeter and Susan J. Coxeter, Lake Road, Delanson.

259 Central Ave. sold for $60,000 by Xero-Fax, Inc., 269 Central Ave., Albany, to Herbert E. Headwell, P.O. Box 6403 Albany.

798 Broadway sold for $24,500 by Delton Courtney and Hursely Pugh Sr., 49 Southbury Road, Clifton Park, to Delton Courtney, 49 Southbury Road, Clifton Park.

51 Buell St., sold for $45,000 by Sarah E. Farrar, 4 Maple Lane N., Colonie, to Elizabeth O. Farrar, 4 Maple Lane, North Colonie.

632 and 632 1/2 Myrtle Ave. and 149 Myrtle Ave., sold for $9,000 by Delton Courtney and Hursley Pugh Sr., 49 Southbury Road, Clifton Park, to Delton Courtney, 49 Southbury Road, Clifton Park.

629 Park Ave. sold for $26,500 by C&P Associates, 49 Southbury Road, Clifton Park, to Delton Courtney, 49 Southbury Road, Clifton Park.

167 Tampa Ave. sold for $11,500 by John J. Mulligan and Kathleen Mulligan, 167 Tampa Ave., Albany, to John J. Mulligan Jr., 167 Tampa Ave., Albany, and John J. Mulligan Sr., 38 Holmes Court, Albany.

152 Fordham Court, sold for $125,000 by William E. Dawson, and Constance Jean Dawson, 46 Fordham Court, Albany, to Donna S. Minassian, RD 2 Box 339, Cambridge.

38 Orlando Ave. sold for $119,000 by Rosario J. Testa and Donna M. Testa, 38 Orlando Ave., Albany, to Mark S. Weinman and Susan J. Weinman, 48 Orlando Ave., Albany.

Broad Street, sold for $165,000 by Carolyn L. Bell, RD 3 Box 305 Valatie, to William E. Bell RD 3, Box 536, Valatie.

271 First St., sold for $50,000 by Yvette Jenkins, 271 First St., Albany, to Edgar J. Bergeron, 271 First St., Albany, and Barbara Ann Bergeron, 505 N. Tioga St., Ithaca.

428 S. Pearl St. sold for $7,000 by Albany County to Kaveh Govanlu and Keyvan Ghovanloo, 32 Wellington Road, Delmar.

43 Third Ave. sold for $1,500 by Albany County to Kaveh Govanlu and Keyvan Ghovanloo, 32 Wellington Road, Delmar.

7 Ashwood Court, sold for $23,500 by New Scotland Woods, Inc., Box 402, Clifton Park, to Deer Run Homes Inc., Box 402, Clifton Park.

7 Ashwood Court sold for $114,000 by Deer Run Homes Inc., Box 402, Clifton Park, to Frank D. Bossert, 118 Makamah Road, Northport; Peter J. Nolan and Laure C. Nolan, 19 Mar-Kan Drive, Northport; James A. Ruck and Susan P. Ruck, 55 Norwood Road, Northport.

14 Barrows St. sold for $69,000 by Thelma Jordan, 14 Barrows St., Albany, to James F. Generali and Rina Generali, 47B Morris St., Albany.

382 Hamilton St. sold for $120,000 by Richard P. Powell and Harriet P. Powell, 352 Hamilton St., Albany, to Donna J. Meinhard and Arleon L. Kelley, 151 Lancaster St., Albany.

44 Meadow Lane, sold for $145,000 by Gary S. Rice and Elizabeth M. Rice, 44 Meadow Lane, Albany, to Neil Cherkosly and Amy Cherkosly, PO Box 610, Guilderland.

144 S. Main Ave., sold for $140,000 by Joseph Culver and Catherine Joyner Culver, 541 Providence St., Albany, to Thomas E. Lemme Jr. and Pamela Lemme, 4 Helderberg Ave., Albany.

14 S. Pine Ave., sold for $151,500 by Edward S. Peplowski, 14 S. Pine Ave., Albany, to Gerard E. Maney and Nancy P. Maney, 360 Quail St., Albany.


28 Woodridge Drive, sold for $190,000 by MAC Builders Inc., 14 Oakwood Drive West, Albany, to Gerald J. Broz and Valentina Broz, 370 Saly Road, Yardley, Pa.

28 Woodridge Drive, sold for $35,000 by Crisafulli Associates Inc., 13 Ledgewood Drive, Albany, to MAC Builders Inc., 14 Oakwood Drive West, Albany.

25 Harding Ave. sold for $112,000 by Sheri M. Gilchrist and Robert P. Morlock, 25 Harding Ave., Colonie, to Joseph D. Green and Donna M. Green, 608 Second St., Watervliet.

3 Crisafulli Drive, sold for $45,000 by Joan O'Connor, 3 Crisafulli Drive, to Bernard G. O'Connor Jr., 435 Loudon Road, Albany.

3 Osborne Road, sold for $45,000 by John E. Curry, 3 Osborne Road, Colonie, to Jed T. Giffen, 3 Osborne Road, Colonie.

24 Lynn Drive, sold for $100,000 by Richard J. Danz and Pamela G. Danz, 3 Lynn Drive, to Thomas F. LaRosa, 81 Consaul Road, Apt. 3, Albany.

Lot 31 Pine Ridge, sold for $35,000 by Conrad Kung, Ka Wai Cheung and Hai Chin Kung, 340 Frank St., Schenectady, to Ka Wai Cheung and Hai Chin Kung, 31 Deer Park, Albany.

22 Lincoln Avenue sold for $73,000 by Bruce M. Darrow and Susan A. Darrow, 22 Lincoln Ave., Albany, to Frank J. Smith and Maria Smith, 5 Mereline Ave., Albany.

16 Amelia Drive sold for $71,000 by David S. Martin and Alice M. Martin, New Brunswick, N.J., to Albert G. Metcalfe and Dolores M. Metcalfe, Watervliet.

2 Turnberry Lane sold for $92,500 by Paul J. Burgdorf and R. Jane Burgdorf, 7 Chippendale Court, Latham, to Daniel A. Lanzetta III, 12 Carriage Hill Dr., Latham.

Lot 6 Hunting Meadows, Section 1, sold for $115,000 by The Eastern Company, 112 Bridge St., Naugatuck, Conn., to Jennifer Harrison and Moses Harrison, 218-11 135th Ave., Borough of Queens.

30 Verdi Blvd. sold for $185,000 by Francis G. Carlascio and Karin L. Carlascio, 11 DaVinci Place, Latham, to James G. Zambardino and Norma E. Zambardino, Michaelangelo Drive, Latham.

222 Exchange St., sold for $90,000 by John Papa, Jack McPadden and Terence A. Bouchard of Pap Jay Associates, 23 Gadsen Court, Albany, to John J. McPadden and Laura Papa McPadden, 42-2 Woodlake Road, Albany.

33 Berkshire Drive, sold for $25,000 by Rose Cerone Kotecki, John Cerone Jr. and Anthony Cerone, 4 Sunset Blvd., Albany, to Cerone Ltd., 4 Sunset Blvd., Albany.

33 Berkshire Drive, sold for $150,000 by Cerone Ltd., 4 Sunset Blvd., Albany, to Conrad Kung, 31 Deer Path Drive, Albany.

24 Morone Place, sold for $76,000 by James Allin Pryor, 51 North St., Greenwich, Conn., executor of the estate of Marvin J. Pryor, Colonie, to Debra L. Reif, 286 Manning Blvd., Albany.

20 Stewart St., sold for $72,000 by Mark Gallagher and Phyllis Gallagher, 20 Stewart St., Albany, to Joseph Di Toro and Annamarie DiToro, 5 Van Rensselaer Road, Albany.


Lot 4030 Chaucer Place, Canterbury Park, sold for $94,500 by Hodorowski & DeSantis Building Contractors Inc., 270 Burdeck St., Rotterdam, to Betty B. Canape, 18 Winding Ridge, Clifton Park.

Random Acres, Section 1, sold for $11,000 by Dunnsville Development Corp., Box 149 Dunnsville Road, Altamont, to Thomas S. Coonan and Kathleen M. Coonan, 3108 Lydius St., Rptterdam.

Lands south of Altamont Road, Albany County Route 365, also known as Route 146, sold for $55,000 by Ralph H. Drake, 3 Drake Court, Albany, to Joseph R. Nicolla, 17 Reddy Lane, Loudonville.

14 DeLee Ave., sold for $126,000 by Richard Ripp and Gwendolyn Ripp, 14 DeLee Ave., Albany, to Salvatore and Maria Commisso, 343 Madison Ave., Albany.

Church Road, sold for $58,000 by Harvey Goldstein, 3 Cedar Court, Voorheesville, to Phyllis E. Haskins and Mark P. Haskins, 6293 Church Road, Guilderland.

124 Garnett Lane, Covington Woods, sold for $138,000 by Edward J. Murphy, 124 Garnett Lane, Slingerlands, to Simon A. Wilson, 6-4 Woodlake Road, Albany.

50 Dana Court, sold for $108,000 by Camelot Associates Corp., 10 Dennis Terrace, Schenectady, to Brian F. Zell and Linda U. Zell, 28 Windslow Drive, Schenectady.


18 Windmill Drive sold for $103,000 by William C. Pearce, 18 Windmill Drive, Bethlehem, and Susan J. Brennan, formerly Susan J. Pearce, presently residing at 9 Witbeck Drive, Scotia, to Jeffrey C. Pitts and Christine D. Pitts, 7823 Russell Lane, Manlius.

Jericho Road, sold for $8,000 by Juris Vancans and Norine Vancans, 14 Adriance Lane, Slingerlands, to Ruth Ayers, Elm Avenue, Selkirk.

Magee Drive South, sold for $94,000 by Linda Lamouree, executrix of the estate of Frank W. Bauer, to Christopher J. Reidy and Victoria Reidy.

Parker Road, sold for $103,000 by Pauline A. Covey, RD 1, Parker Road, Selkirk, to Steven C. Wing and Loriann Wing, Box 121 South Road, Feura Bush.


Hungerford Road, sold for $55,000 by Leslie Bevington and Cindy Bevington, Box 320 Elm Drive, East Berne, to Henry J. Warchol Jr. and Sally C. Warchol, 3009 Helderberg Trail, East Berne.

Sickle Hill Road, sold for $18,000 by John J. Graham and Shirley Graham, 21 Park Place, Delmar, to Mark Junco and Victoria Junco, 136 Elm Ave., Delmar.


Route 143, sold for $84,000 by Corrinne Bailey, 433 Chestnut St., Oneonta, to Jeffrey L. Mattice and Arlette S. Mattice, Central Avenue, Ravena.

Alcove Road, sold for $50,000 by Joseph F. Messina Jr. and Jade E. Messina, Route 7, Pittstown, to Michael Pry, Box 274, Ravena.

Route 9W, sold for $50,000 by Heldor Sepman and Helju Sepman, Miller Road, Selkirk, to George Tsirakis and Patricia Sadowski, 282 Elm Ave. E., Selkirk.


Route 156, sold for $180,000 by Kathleen M. Ruecker, Box 12, Star Route, Altamont, to Terrance M. McGrath and Therese A. Shady, 64 Ryckman Ave., Albany.

Lot 2, Subdivision by James H. Filkins, Knox, sold for $31,500 by James H. Filkins, PO Box 389, Altamont, to Dominick Marello, PO Box 92, Knox.


Sage Hill Lane, sold for $210,000 by Lynde W. Simmons, 11 Patroon Place, Loudonville, to Gloria J. Reeves, 3 Hazaltine Lane, Clifton Park.

11 Patroon Place, sold for $143,000 by Mary A. Griffon, 14 Myton Lane, Menands, to Lynde Wooster Simmons, 10 Sage Hill Lane, Menands.


Orchard Avenue, sold for $40,000 by Anthony L. Germano and Edith J. Germano, 18 Homestead Ave., Albany, to Edward Jubrey and Shirley A. Jubrey, 76 LaFayette Ave., Coxsackie.


36 Second Ave. sold for $49,000 by John F. Decker, 201 13th St.; Ruth Ann Decker Egan, 1330 Third Ave.; Robert A. Decker, 514 Sixth Ave., Watervliet, and Michael Decker, P.O. Box 1557 Green Island, to Michael Decker, P.O. Box 1557 Green Island.


86 Main St., sold for $2,5000 by Martha DePietro, to Anthony DePietro, 4 Rudolph Court, Cohoes.


128 Winslow Drive sold for $77,000 by Brian F. Zell and Linda J. Uhl, now known as Linda U. Zell, 28 Winslow Drive, Schenectady, to Michael R. Carroll and Sally A. Carroll, 14 Woodland Drive, Schenectady.


Highway from South Westerlo to Lambs Corners sold for $60,000 by Archie Jamieson, 20 Ripple Dr., North Port, N.Y., to Rita A. Ganzert, Apt. 3 Cooper Estates, Greenville.



19.05 acres at Poyneer Road and Silver Bridge Road for $60,000 by Oscar Rheingold to Eugene Brown and Karen B. Brown.

Lot 10 Maple Crest 2, Section 4, for $44,000 by William Wampole and Herbert Neiman to Michael Albino and Valerie Albino.

Two parcels totaling 8.77 acres on Schodack Landing Road, sold for $147,500 by George S. Lee and Schodack Landing Development Ltd. to Sean Turley and Karen Fagan.

16 Briarwood Drive, sold for $137,000 by Ernest D. Burkart and Gabriel A. Burkart to Alex A. Schaefer and Ruth M. Schaefer.

Latham Road, sold for $105,500 by Michael J. Scott and Michael Scott Jr. to Kathleen Probst and Timothy W. Valle.

12.577 acres at Route 20 and Lape Road sold for $35,000 by William Irish to Herman Joseph Wiese and Suzanne Hoffman.

1.15 acres on Tina Lane, sold for $15,500 by Paul Glaz to Alstan Custom Builders Inc.


27 24th St., sold for $204,000 by Harold J. Raveche and Elizabeth S. Raveche to Robert Conway Jr. and Michelle Khemili.

Lot 151 Hillsview Heights subdivision, sold for $84,000 by Robert Michael Conway Jr., to Eric J. Cruickshank and Nancy Cruickshank.

10 Parmenter Ave., sold for $60,000 by John M. Stacy to Carol A. O'Meara.

361 First St. sold for $65,000 by Martin M. Glynn and Karen O. Glynn to John W. LaFortune and Elizabeth E. Baker.

507 Second St., sold for $62,000 by Richard F. Bobel to Michael Hyde.

32 116th St., sold for $120,000 by Rita Carignan to Daniel R. Nicholas.

589 6th Ave., sold for $22,000 by Paul E. Dame and Susan J. Dame to Thomas Lilleen and Patricia E. Killeen.

23 Meadowlawn Ave., sold for $87,500 by Michael J. Hickey and Kathryn A. Hickey to Dennis J. DeBonis and Susan L. Stewart.

Highland Ave., sold for $25,000 by John M. Rizzo and Maryann Rizzo to Donald E. Temple and Theresa O. Temple.

Two parcels on Second Avenue, sold for $61,500 by DKR Associates, to John F. Kelly.

Second Avenue, sold for $21,000 by Anthony Vaccarielli and Anthony J. Hynes to Rose Harnding.

Second and Liberty streets, sold for $80,000 by Edward R. Ambuhl, executor for the estate of Catherine H. Ambuhl, to Michael Bianco Sr. and Michael Bianco Jr.

Ninth Street, sold for $65,000 by Jerome J. Koehane and Cynthia L. Koehane to Daniel E. McMahon and Linda McMahon.


Lot 63 Rockefeller Blvd., sold for $107,500 by The Michaels Group to James T. Cruise and Lori J. Cruise.

7 Faith Lane, sold for $87,500 by George V. Collins and Mark S. Heller to Mark S. Heller and Teresa A. Heller.

Albemarle Ave., sold for $10,000 by Joel W. Scott and Deborah R. Scott to Larry E. Robetoy.

Alpine Street, sold for $12,500 by Margaret Francis McLaughlin to Joseph J. Mahar.


334 McChesney Avenue Ext., sold for $90,000 by Ann Marie Hickey to Rennay M. Barton, Robert L. Gallo and Andrew E. Dressel.

State Route 25, sold for $78,000 by Donald J. Rowland and Susan E. Rowland to Joseph Borden and Gerri Ratigan.

Yates Street, sold for $59,000 by Larry Decker to Russell A. Harper and Alice Harper.

Johnson Street and Bellview Road, sold for $87,000 by John Capozzi Jr., executor for the estate of John Capozzi Sr., to John P. Ryan and Karen A. Ryan.


Broadway and Central Avenue, sold for $71,000 by Eleanor Woltjen to Giroloma Pirrotta and Rosanna Pirotta.

111 Washington Ave., sold for $52,000 by Claire M. McCarter to Michael J. Hanley.

First Street, sold for $21,000 by Simple Prosperity Inc., to Tracey Stock.

51 Columbia St., sold for $50,000 by Wasyl Zownir and Anno Zownir to Polsinello Realty Corp.


Eastern Turnpike and Taborton Road, sold for $3,000 by Lillian E. Coonradt to James H. Coonradt.

15 Avon Court, sold for $125,000 by Kevin P. O'Brien and Carol A. O'Brien to Joseph F. Warren and Carol Warren.

Climen Circle South, sold for $255,000 by Douglas H. Ward and Helen Edelman to Mark Lewis and Judith Schrieber.


8.5 acres on Riley Road, sold for $7,000 by Ansis Birznieks to George Norkus Jr., and Elizabeth A. Norkus.

Washington Street and Hemstreet Avenue, sold for $20,000 by Thomas J. Grimes to Robert E. Overocker Jr. and Margaret A. Overocker.

Schweinger Road, sold for $16,000 by Mountain Lake properties Inc., to Alan W. Carknard and Tina M. Carknard.


Several lots in Forest Lake Park, sold for $15,000 by William L. Boughton to Ruth Boughton and Edward Boughton.

14.1 acres on Troy Petersburg Road, sold for $5,000 by St. George's Roman Catholic Church of Pittstown Corners to T.J. O'Dell Realty.


Lyons Lake Road, sold for $10,000 by Timothy Bailey to Warren M. Schneider.

9.674 acres on Gardner Hill Road, sold for $33,000 by James Gregory Dunn to Thomas Pelkey and Kathy Pelkey.

wurden Lake Road, sold for $58,000 by Michael J. Hanley and Tracey L. Hanley to Mary A. Zaremba and Jeffrey W. Zaremba.

10.64 acres in Hogarty Road subdivision, sold for $35,000 by Todd A. Bonesteel to Duncan T. Stewart and Stephanie C. Stewart.


Lot 1 Hampton Street, sold for $10,000 by Thomas F. Enright and Glenn R. Johnson to Ryszard Kozaczuk and Ewa Kozaczuk.

Willow Street, sold for 455,000 by Jeffrey E. Shea and Barbara A. Shea to Cathryne M. Cox.

Griffin Avenue, sold for $5,500 by Keith J. Matches to Jay Burgess and Losi Burgess.


Wynantskill-Winter Road, sold for $40,000 by Alphonse Verdile to Salvatore M. Verdile and Robert Verdile.



Mt. Pleasant subdivision plot, sold for $42,500 by William K. Ebel III and Barney D. Moran, RD 1, Elizaville, to Maureen Fantini- O'Connor, RD 1, Elizaville.


Joslen Boulevard, sold for $54,000 by Steven and Mary Ann Gazzola, 426 Warren St., Hudson, to John and Joan Sharpe, 54 Green Acres Road, Hudson.


Five Roses Road East, sold for $32,000 by Julius M. Gerzof, 71 North Main St., Freeport, to Martin and Anise Miller, 55 Lowell Drive, Stowe.


Church Street, sold for $92,500 by Clayton and Ruth Stiffler, Box 410, Niverville, to Dennis W. and Jennifer Donoghue, PO Box 304, Hudson.


Prach Road, sold for $190,000 by Jurgen Schnackenberg, RD 1, Hudson, to Miles Cary Leahey and Patricia Campbell Mosser, 410 Riverside Drive, Manhattan.


Pine Drive, sold for $70,000 by Mary E. Kiernan, 13 Pine Drive, Valatie, to Gray and Marion Arnold, 47 Eichybush Road, Kinderhook.


Fog Hill Road, sold for $24,000 by Joseph and Dorothy Marchetto to George M. Crane, 78 Fog Hill Road, Austerlitz, and Rona Olzman, Route 41, Houstatonic, Mass.


Route 20, sold by the Church of the Immaculate Conception of New Lebanon, to Constance Gallup of New Lebanon.


Taghkanic Road, sold for $111,000 by Gary Arcuri and Joan Koweek, Oak Hill Road, Claverack, to Arnhild and Paul Buckhurst, 290 Riverside Drive, Manhattan.


Hover Avenue, sold for $247,500 by Arthur C. Tatge and Stephanie Garry, 345 East 80th St., Apt. 10F, New York City to Henry Thomas Berry, Jr. and Susan Gotbetter, 301 East 73rd Street, New York City.


Anthony Street Extension, sold for $24,500 by 380 Front Street Corp., 34 West Colmbia St., Hempstead, to Henry and Elisabeth, Box 296, Hillsdale.

Chrysler Pond area, sold for $7,000 by Frank and Sally Domestico, 171 Pine St., Greenwich, Conn., to Leon F. Cook Jr., Box 117, Claverack.


Summit Street, sold for $7,000 by Scott Miller and Susan Stark, 798 President St., Brooklyn, to Patricia Martel, 45 Kew Garden's Road, New Garden.


Route 21, sold for $100,000 by Janet Blagbrough, Route 21, Hillsdale, to John and Linda Nealon Woods, 81 Fordham St., Bronx.