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Date: Thursday, December 18, 1986

A donation of $1,000 has been made to made to The Times Union Christmas Fund for Needy Old People "On behalf of C.L. King & Associates." That and another $1,000 given anonymously helped increase the fund to a new total of $88,577.36.

There was an anonymous gift of $650. Donations of $500 each were made by Condello, Ryan & Piscitelli, Albany; MICO Office Supplies, Albany; and, two anonymous. Town of Colonie Senior Citizens donated $240, "In lieu of a grab bag gift exchange at the Christmas party."

Donations of $200 each were made by: The officers and members of Capital City Ct. 15, Order of the Amaranth; The Tax Alumni Club Executive Committee; "In memory of my mother, Alma C.D. Mortensen;" and one anonymous.

Contributions of $150 each were made by: the New York State Department of Social Services' Eastern Regional Office Audit and Quality Control; Karen and Paul Shaskan, Albany; The Chase Family - Gordon, Sue, Gram, Brad, Terri, Chase, Rob, Lourie, Gramps and Janey Balser; and, two anonymous.

Dr. and Mrs. George Shelton gave $130. Donations of $125 each were made by Gerald and Dorothy Fitzgerald and the New York State Public Employees Federation, Division 295. McKesson Drug Company employees gave $120.

Other contributions were:


Mr. and Mrs. Wm. L. Hoffman Jr., Delmar; Frederick and Anne Ames, Lansingburgh; Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Jacobs, Delmar; Mr. and Mrs. John A. MacCormack, Menands; Mr. and Mrs. John Flood, Valatie; Robert and Molly Kelly, Altamont; Bishop Howard J. Hubbard; In memory of Marie Harders by the Yungman Family; Mrs. Gayle Cummings, Delmar; New York State Higher Education (Student Certification); Barry Butler; In memory of Dorothy Stephan; Prudential Insurance's Albany North District Office; Amy Devine and Edward Degen; Nedco Pharmacy Inc., Schenectady; From Christmas Boutique of crafts made by Senior Sisters (Sisters of the Holy Names); Jane Smith, Rensselaer; In memory of Ronald MacPhersen from Mendel, Mesick, Cohen, Waite, Hall Architects, Albany; Maria and James Coward, Troy; Patrick and Katherine Gallagher, Latham; Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Wagner, Altamont; and four anonymous.


Office employees in the Division of Animal Industry, New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets, Albany.

$82 Division of Information Services of the Department of State.


Adirondack Mountain Club, Albany.


Helen D. Volk, Albany; Albany Country Club Ladies Bowling League, Voorheesville.


Employees New York Telephone BMO Room 800A, Albany.


Helen Warren, Albany; Mr. and Mrs. K. S. Kermani, Albany; and two anonymous.


The "Mass Marketing" Department of the Travelers Insurance Company, Albany; Charles Braun, Colonie.


Redwood Ladies Bowling League.


Wayne and Susan Penn, Schenectady; David and Margaret, Latham; Jeff Knaack and Leslie Sharkey; Elizabeth R. Plauth, Altamont; Michele K. James, Albany; McKnownville Fire Department; Ruth and Harold Rubin; Stephen and Elizabeth Kohn, Albany; Mr. and Mrs. Andrew W. Lansing, Scotia; Joseph and Mary Dulin, Albany; Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Cross, Albany; Anne Walsh, Albany; James and Helen Chambers, East Greenbush; Sandra Newsome, Schenectady; Charles Scott, Albany; John Fitzgerald Kennedy Div. 1 Ladies Auxiliary A.O.H., Albany; Kids from the Church of Christ the King, Westmere: John Wimple, John Bagyi, Jim Catlin, Chrid DiIanni, Mike Fraterigo, Rich Geobbroy, Greg Lanphear, Chrid Markavski, David Noakes, Dhianna Noakes, Matt Kost, Gail Vanguisling, Malissa Wood, Don Geoffray and Katy Noakes; Maureen P. Hood, Albany; Paula Zenzen, Rensselaer; Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Brownell, Slingerlands; Warren Elmendorf, Latham; Walter and Jean McCrum, Schenectady; Andrew F. Marchese, Albany; David and Karen Blaustein, Delmar; Clifford and Shirley Bowdish, Delmar; From Mary R. Rahanick and John T. Rahanick of Defreestville in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Rahanick, Sr., Julia M. Rahanick and Michael J. Rahanick, Jr.; Mr. and Mrs. Karl A. Paulsen, Loudonville; Theresa Taylor, Albany; Mr. and Mrs. John J. Maloney, Rensselaer; Edward Zaremski, Altamont; Barbara and Vincent Beaver, Malden Bridge; Francis T. Spataro, Sr. and Francis T. Spataro, Jr., Troy; Ellen Danker, Albany; Phyllis M. Hailstork; Lucia C. Sano in memory of Romeo and Concetta DelTorto; Marian Sano in memory of Angelo D. Sano; and four anonymous.


NYS OMRDD Rate Appeals Unit.


Shirley and Al Giguere, Voorheesville; Edward L. Buhrmaster; Anne C. Benson, Albany; Alan Castle, Waterford; and two anonymous.


In memory of Alice Kenester by Walter J. Keneston, Rensselaer; Peter and Ann Ginty, Glenmont; Sarkis C. Mihranian and Sarkis Jr. in memory of Nazalie G. Mihranian; Raymond T. Fleischmann, Catskill; In memory of mother.


In memory of our parents Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Hoose and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bailey from Mr. and Mrs. George L. Hoose, Glenmont.


The McCarthy Family, Loudonville; Mr. and Mrs. James Ryun, Albany; Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Simon, East Schodack; Barbara and Roger Schultz, Albany; L. W. Stangel and M. R. Albany; Barbara and Mark Rakus, Burnt Hills; Staff members of the Legislative Commission on Rural Resources; In memory of Mrs. John J. Lippert by her family; Janet Truss, East Schodack; Lillian Goedtel Sr., Marie Goedtel, Lillian Goedtel Jr.


Edward E. Strevy, Schenectady.


In memory of Loved Ones from Mae E. Flynn, Albany; Nail and June Blanton, Clifton Park; Charles and Rose Mirabile, Albany; Paul and Connie Rukwid, Elsmere; James Garett,

Watervliet; Louise Kuziomko, Albany; M. C. Fitzpatrick, Troy; Doris and Julius Aupperle, Glenmont; Mary and William Schade, Albany; Peter J. Casale Jr., Albany; Olive M. Donnelly; In memory of Barney Fowler from Nelson and Wilma Van Blarcom; In memory of Bill and Sarah Thomas; In memory of Josephine "BO" Murphy; John and Emily O'Grady, Schenectady; Dorothea S. Santen, Albany; The Retired Teachers of Cohoes; Joseph and Lucille Egan, Latham; Deanna and Bernard Valentino; Donald F. Tatro, Albany; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Keely, Albany; James and Anne O'Brien, Albany; Helen Marshall, Albany; Shirley and Lloyd H. Anderson, Albany; In memory of Ronald C. MacPherson by Ruth Lurie Jeffers and Nobis, P.C.; Winifred N. Gibson, Delmar; Mrs. Walter Hilger, Hagaman; Edward F. Coffey; Charles and Dorothy Crowley, Rensselaer; Wesley B. Keeler, Castleton; Joseph and Helen Kaminski, Slingerlands; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Downs, Loudonville; William and Elaine Healey, Albany; J. J. Oliver, Albany; Edward and Mildred Bober, Albany; LaVerne and Frances Franks; In memory of my husband Bill and son Joseph from Dorothea Quackenbush; In memory of Ronald MacPhersen from Mr. and Mrs. William E. Schultz; Frances and Stephen Plonka; Joseph and Katherine DeRusso; Heather Grabowski, Watervliet; Alice E. Southworth, Watervliet; Mrs. Geo. F. Vedder, Delmar; Thomas and Nancy Finn, Delmar; Daniel Fitzpatrick, Albany; Annetta Hoffman, Castleton; Mr. and Mrs. Albert Potter, Delmar; Linda and James Stimpson, Schenectady; Dorothy Albrechta, Albany; Helen and John Brennan, Selkirk; In memory of my husband, Ernest Garzilli; George Turton and Karen White; The Kleinschrod Family; John A. Williamson, Delmar; The Women's Afternoon Group, The First Congregational Church of Albany; Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Rose, Delmar; Rosemarie Cramer, Clifton Park; Michael and Deborah McDonald, Loudonville; Tony and Carol DeRose, Albany; Elaine J. Chico, Albany; Mrs. Edward D. Nicoll, Troy; David and Barbara Zaron, Slingerlands; Anne White, Albany; Karen and Emory Waldrip; Arthur and Jennifer Kling, Clifton Park; Donald D. Gulling Jr., Albany; In the name of Thomas Anderson, S.J. my nephew from Margaret A. Farrell; Edward and Linda Carty, Coeymans Hollow; Joseph and Edith Schmeder, Guilderland; Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Gordner in memory of Alice Warner and Evaline Gardner; "For Doug;" Sophie Wend, Albany; Enid and Walter Nygard, Albany; Benjamin and Mildred Erlich, Rensselaer; John Halouson, Fort Johnson; Philip T. and Alvina White, Selkirk; Bernard and Barbara Yuhas, West Berne; Mr. and Mrs. James H. Whitney, Delmar; Philip and Delite Stewart, Westerlo; In memory of my late grandparents, Ray and Isabel Hallenbeck and Joseph and Mary Nowinski from granddaughter Isabel J. Hallenbeck, Schenectady; Tri Village Fire Co. Ladies Auxiliary, Preston Hollow; Glendon and Henrietta Bombard, Albany; and 11 anonymous.


Deborah Clayton, Albany; In loving memory of Sister Anna Martin Turton.


Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Frink.


High Education Services Corporation Screening Department, Albany.


Mrs. Ivan Osterhout, Albany; Theresa and John Leeds, Loudonville; Mrs. Ralph P. Dupont, Albany; Edward Raefferty; Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bissaillon, Albany; Winifred Bell, Altamont; In memory of niece, Pamela from Vera Scadura; In memory of Angelo Marcelletti, Albany; Mr. and Mrs. Leo J. Zelenko, Albany; Ervin and Clara DeMarco, Albany; Florence and George Vine; Marion M. Harr, Albany; Christine Marshall, Altamont; Mrs. David A. Casper, Delmar; Ethel R. Duchna, Guilderland; Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Dumont, Albany; Edward and Linda Vanderwall, Clifton Park; Mrs. Thomas Stazesiewski, Albany; Mr. and Mrs. Glenn S. Haber, Castleton-on- Hudson; Constance Mason, West Sand Lake; Elizabeth K. Clark, Delmar; Noonan's Liquor Store, Loudonville; Wallace Schilling, Clifton Park; In memory of Mr. and Mrs. George Turon Sr. by Mary and Elsie Turon; Anna Ryan; Deborah Zetterstrom, Saratoga Springs; Richard and Madeline Bievenue, Burnt Hills; In memory of Margaret Casey, Monica Hanrahan, Eleanor Robertson and Lon Weber; Thomas Noonan, Albany; Martha and Robert W. Titus, Schenectady; Grayce Kelleher, East Chatham; Revel Hardy, Hudson; Theresa King, Albany; Ralph and Barb Hartman, Ballston Lake; Keegan- Martin, Latham; Lois W. Herrick, Slingerlands; Charles and Patrica Golding, Selkirk; Bette Jacques, Albany; and four anonymous.


In memory of Deceased Family Members from Joan and George Brandow.


Betty and Frank Ray.


Mr. and Mrs. Gheodore Hunter, Clarksville; Christine and John Flaherty, Selkirk; Genevieve Gensicky, Troy; James and Lisa Hoffman, Latham; Margaret Stafford, Albany; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Gensler, Scotia; Robin Sue Soffer, Albany; Mrs. James J. Lockman, Albany; Gladys Tillman, Albany; Julia and Joseph Ropelewski, Albany; Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. Pringle, Albany; John J. Honofee, Clifton Park; Rosemary Nottke, Schenectady; In memory of Frank Coupas from the Red Mill School P.O.O.; Latham Memorial Post 7411 Auxiliary, Latham; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cassidy, Albany; Priscilla and Donald B. Stevens, Delmar; Bernard and Kathryn Lynch, Menands; Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Grasier, Niskayuna; In memory of Ethel Finn by Mary Ann Finn; Joseph and Nina Firth, Catskill; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DeAngelis, Guilderland; and five anonymous.


Nana, Seth and Ben Myers, Niskayuna.


Tony and Sandy Testo.


In loving memory of my husband Carl Kaufman by Evelyn Kaufman; Margaret and William Slingerland, Hannacroix; Walter and Ruth Hollner, Delmar; Mr. and Mrs. William N. Jones, Albany; Gertrude Murphy, Albany; Frances Murphy, Albany; Bernice Vaughn, Troy; Michael and Ruth Grauso, Latham; William and Melva Yohey, Voorheesville; Susan and Bruce Dearstyne, Albany; Ellen M. Gradoni, Latham; Richard and Elizabeth Haggerty, Latham; Mr. and Mrs. John Sobiski; Mrs. Anna Graves, Albany; Elizabeth Comrie, Menands; The Fulston Family, Albany; Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Brockley, Albany; Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Barnes, Colonie; Arthur and Patricia Thorman; In memory of loved ones from Synder's Lake, Troy; George and Viola Wacksman, Albany; In memory of John and Marguerite Carl given by Herbert and Grace Carl; In memory of Nora and Steve Totoraitis; Lori and Robert Loggins, Loudonville; Deborah A. Hallenbeck, Albany; Kathleen B. Nealy, Saugerties; Lillian Berinstein, Albany; Irene F. Anstey, Menands; Joan Austin, East Greenbush; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Andre, Clifton Park; Susan and Scott Towne, Gansevoort; James and Rita Cotha, Schenectady; Evelyn Redick, Albany; Sandra Baron, Troy; Freda Roehm, Albany; Edward McMullen, Albany; Dennis Magin Family, Cohoes; Estelle Freedman, Slingerlands; Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Roscoe, Watervliet; Kathy Zararine, Guilderland; John E. Kemp, Malone; Earl and Jacqueline Schermerhorn, Kinderhook; Rita Toohey, Albany; Robert Wallace, Waterford; Jane G. Kelly, Latham; Josephine Heffernan, Albany; Pat and Joe Adelska, Averill Park; Albert G. Hunziker, Troy; Jeannette J. Storey, Albany; Edwin and Florence Whitney, Schenectady; Alice Mendel, Albany; Ronald Tys, Schenectady; Janice and George Schroll, Rensselaer; Elizabeth E. Reid; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rose, Hannacroix; Mr. and Mrs. Owen J. Kieran, Albany; Mrs. Catherine Angerame and Angie, Albany; Theresa Kalohn, Albany; Mr. and Mrs. John W. Reamer, Cohoes; Carmela A. Decapita, Albany; Howard and Golda Gresser, East Greenbush; In memory of our parents from George and Kathryn Simpson, Delmar; E.H. Jones, Bennington; Anne and Larry Davis, Castleton; J.K. Wolford, Albany; Lenora Strubel, Schenectady; Howard and Mary Ann Butler; Pamela Corentto, Albany; Julia and Peter Spinda, Watervliet; Alvina M. Houghtaling, Feura Bush; Margaret Scattareggia, Rensselaer; Anita M. Rioux, Schenectady; Pam Van Natten, Cohoes; Gladys H. Kirby, Menands; Tina and Tippy Teetreat; Ann R. Lamb, Watervliet; In memory of loved ones from M.E.L.; In memory of Harry E. Burke from Francis Burke, Guilderland; Dorothy and Harry Gretten; Mr. and Mrs. Millard Woodland Jr., Albany; In loving memory of my mom Helen J. Cooke from Margaret M. Fennell, Menands; Doris Hoffman, Delmar; In memory of my parents Katherine and John Abbeett from Catherine Irish; Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. McGlynn, Rensselaer; Patricia Shields, Latham; In loving memory of my granddaughter Lorie Ann Howland by Margaret M. Fennell; Elizabeth Heim, Albany; Ginny Suriano; Mr. and Mrs. David Charles, Saratoga; Robert and Margaret Montleon, Waterford; Brendan M. Slavin; Ellen K. Williams, Schenectady; Mr. and Mrs. William Bellinger, Albany; Gail J. Lawrence, Clifton Park; Thomas and Mary Elizabeth, Menands; Richard and Linda Miller, Glenmont; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cole, Ballston Lake; Peter/Faye Gervasio, Schenectady; Phyllis Soulia; the Burhharts, Selkirk; Amil and Olga Valek; Ida E. McCormick, Albany; Mabel and Gordon Smith, Schenectady; Frederick J. Baldes, Albany; In memory of Captain Edward V. Gleeson, AFD from Anna Mary Gleeson; Mabel Cook, Lake Luzerne; Ruth and James McGraw, Glenmont; Lawrence H. Pohl, Albany; Robert and Marjorie Shaw, Freehold; Dorothy and John Connor, Albany; Margaret Siver, Slingerlands; Mr. and Mrs. L.K. Sanderson, East Greenbush; Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Winchell, Delmar; Mrs. Joseph Panella, Albany; The Lee Clarks, East Greenbush; Emily Grasso, Schenectady; Mr. and Mrs. Francis D. Corbett, Albany; Vera M. Pabst, Albany; In loving memory of our parents from Mr. and Mrs. Gene Paju; Katheryn Rafferty, Delmar; Lucille and John Sarkissian, Westmere; Albert H. Hovanian, Troy; A Friend Concerned; Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Hoff, Albany; George and Elinor Cole, Delmar; Mary Bredderman, Clifton Park; In memory of loved ones, Edna G. Groesbeck; Angela Flowers, Clifton Park; Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Markham, Albany; John and Theresa Cummings, Albany; Joseph and Eva Sebunia, Watervliet; Kevin House, Watervliet; Mrs. William J. Foley, Latham; Maurice and Helen Harder, Valatie; Mr. and Mrs. William J. Cameron; and 15 anonymous.


In memory of Jolen, Virginia, Jackie and Sharon O'Neil from Miss Alice Marie O'Neil.


Beloved parents, my sister and gramma, grampa from Liz Thomas.


Ms. M. Alaxanian, Latham; Edward and Nancy Walsh, Saratoga Springs; Ruth Dwyer, Albany; Raymond and Mary Alice Bremm, Albany; Stella Kilian, Watervliet; Olive M. Trussell, Delmar; Constance Dufty,

Troy; Mr. and Mrs. William Burrow, Saratoga Springs; Maida Rose Bogoslofsky, Nassau; Edna Moran, Saratoga Springs; Mr. and Mrs. Howard J. Brindle, Albany; Gerald Giglio; Theresa Borell, Schoharie; Mildred Lamont, Albany; Mary E. Gilman, Albany; Kenneth and Veronica Myers; John Rusnica; John Kobezynski; Mare E. Leonard, Rensselaer; Frances and Thomas J. Hurley, Albany; Isabelle M. O'Hagan, Albany; S.F. and E.M. Kelefant, Dormansville; Alice and Ronald Shuman, Cohoes; In memory of Anna and James Chavanne; Phillip and Judith Volpi, Selkirk; Mr. and Mrs. William P. Wessells, Rensselaer; Mary McCloskey, Albany; Robert and Denise Williams, Cohoes; Pearl Gordon, Albany; Adam Kramm, Albany; Ralph and Marion Pezzulo, Albany; In memory of Ronald MacPherson from Mr. and Mrs. Frank Holodak; Jean Carpenter; Frances M. Mahar; Elizabeth Brady; Patricia and Eugene Shanley, Scotia; Ruth A. Paige, Delmar; Eva Brown; Martha Burgess, Greenville; Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Judge; Mr. and Mrs. H. Meyer, Guilderland; Thomas F. Barton, Brookview; and one anonymous.


Dorothy Saulpaugh, Latham; Jane Gillespie, Albany; and Frances Beach, Albany; In loving memory of our parents, Fred and Annis Schindler from Walt, Rosemary and Carlton; Marguerite B. Greiner, Clarksville.


H. Rettie, Watervliet; V. Subba Rao, Albany; Tony Butler Jenneane; In memory of my mother from Clifton Park; and one anonymous.


Jeanette Rosell, Albany.