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Date: Sunday, December 20, 1987

A $1,500 contribution by John H. and Sheila H. Michaels has helped elevate The Times Union Christmas Fund for Needy Old People to a new total of $105,410.50.

Other major donations were $501 from the Division of Criminal Justice Services Needy Fund and $500 given "In memory of our beloved brother, Aaron Medwin, from the Medwin Family." Also, $425 was given by Employees of the New York state Department of Labor, Albany Local 670. There was one anonymous gift for $300. Donations of $250 each were made by Off-Track Betting Telebranch, 711 Central Ave., Albany, and one anonymous.

Contributions of $200 each were made by David and Philip Picotte; P.F. Donohue of Delmar; and the Tax Alumni Club Executive Committee on behalf of their membership.

Donations of $150 each were made by Mr. and Mrs. S. Lawson Curtis of Albany; "In memory of Julia McTague from her husband and children;" and one anonymous.

Employees of Altieri's Restaurant and Pizza Shop in Glenmont gave $140. N.Y.S.D.S.S. Medical Assistance Soda Can Club gave $132.15, that money coming from soda cans that were collected throughout the past year in members' offices instead of thrown out.

There was an anonymous gift of $120. Employees of Stulmaker, Roach, Dorfman and Co. and Frank S. Robinson of Albany each donated $101.

Other contributions included: $100

Bishop Howard J. Hubbard; John Lawton, Albany; Betty F. Gaines, East Greenbush; in memory of Lou Coyne and Ethel M. Coyne; in memory of Raymond C. Collins; Donn and Patricia Hallam, Palenville; Maggie Gillis and Kim Williams, Rexford; Frank S. Traylor,

Slingerlands; employees of American Airlines in Albany; in memory of our fathers: Peter Delmolino and Percy Rinehimer from Elaine and Glen Rinehimer, Latham; Jim and Liz Livingston, Rexford; in memory of Helen Esther Thurnau from Carl and Barbara Thurnau; New York state Department of Environmental Conservation, Bureau of Technical Services; Michael and Dorothy Marko; Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Skerrett, Delmar; J. L. Kloosterboer and Barbara E. Zicari, Albany; Mr. amd Mrs. G. Ronald Courington, Albany; and three anonymous. $75

Ann Yewdall, Albany; James J. Morrin Jr., Clifton Park; the AG-5 Coffee Club New York State Department of Tax; Employees of D.I.A.U. - Section 3 New York state Department of Motor Vehicles. $60

In memory of Ronald C. MacPherson from his family. $50

In memory of Mrs. Ethel G. Wallace from Mr. & Mrs. George E. Wallace and Family; Alicia M. Corrado, Schenectady; Charles and Eileen Cronin, Albany; New York state Department of Social Services - Division of Medical Assistance, 6th Floor, 99 Washington Ave., Albany; in memory of my husband, William R. Spear, from his wife; Albert J. Howard, Loudonville; the Bunn Family; Karin

E. Dagneau, Delmar; in memory of Michael H. Stern; Harriet E. Zolko, South Bethlehem; Mary E. Englehart, Ballston Spa; Adirondack Specialty Adhesives Inc., Albany; John P. Aquino, Clifton Park; in memory of James R. Johnson from The Times Union Editorial Department; Edward J. Zaremski, Altamont; John and Jean Skorenski, Loudonville; Stanley Ryniec, Albany; Barbara and Duncan MacCalman, Rexford; Nellie Adams; Mary Ann & Dennis Hilton, Cohoes; Sandra and Benjamin Zodikoff, Schenectady; Mr. & Mrs. John J. Ewashko, Loudonville; Earl B. Ruth, McKnownville; Mr. & Mrs. Philip Gibbs, Schenectady; in loving memory of Helen M. Connelly and Anastasia K. Drennen; Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Ciervo, Schenectady; and five anonymous. $43


Class of Newtonville Methodist Church. $41

Francis R. Dohrau Jr., Loudonville. $40

Mr. & Mrs. John Brennan, East Durham; Dolores G. Bobersky, Clifton Park; in the names of my parents, Bernard and Joanne Pollara, from Dominique Pollara. $36

Mr. & Mrs. Earl E. Bell, Menands. $35

Thelma Sacco, Albany; Mr. & Mrs. Michael Snyder, Albany; Dr. Woo; Mr. & Mrs. Karl A. Paulsen, Loudonville; Jean and Dan Callahan, Delmar. $30

Francis and Anna Shields, Ballston Lake; Charles and Sandra Dunphy, Albany; Mr. and Mrs. James Noonan; in loving memory of my grandmother Maria Sierra Martinez from Cindy; Jacqulyn M. Stricos, Schenectady; Suzanne and David Fabiano, Albany; in memory of Walter F. Wiehler from the Bundy Family; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fleishman, Warnerville; and one anonymous. $26.50

In memory of my mother, Angeline DePace Nigro; my father, Leonardo Nigro; my husband's father and mother, Mr. & Mrs. Peter Sacci; from Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sacci. $26

In memory of Bill and Sarah Thomas from Jane Thomas. $25

Dennis and Marilyn Corrigan, Glenmont; Edward and Mary Carroll, Albany; Andrew and Elizabeth Kooni

in memory of loved ones; Henry and Linda Chlanda, Loudonville; in memory of Nina and Wallace Edwards; George Burch, Delmar; Mr. and Mrs. Herbert W. Phillips, Clifton Park; Marjory A. Keenan, Loudonville; Mr. and Mrs. Carlton E. Taylor, Lake Luzerne; Elnora A. Phinney, Castleton; Frank M. Slichko, Watervliet; in loving memory of Katie Schoonbeck from Gail Andrews; Mr. and Mrs. William S.E. Greenwald, Delmar; in memory of Mr. and Mrs. E. Brown from John Lynch; in memory of Mr. and Mrs. George A. Campion from E. Paul Campion Family; Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Traeger, Albany; Anne Church, Albany; Dorothea S. Santen, Albany; Natalie R. Darrone, Delmar; Michael and Jane Falvey, Guilderland Center; Mr. & Mrs. David F. Washburn, Schenectady; C. Gilbert and Marie Beck, Voorheesville; James Melucci, Schenectady; Jeffrey S. Berkun, Albany; Zina Shevchik, Rensselaer; Hank Henkel, Saratoga Springs; Helen and Phil Lyte, Brookview; in honor of Clara Olson from Shirley and Norman Swanson, Schenectady; Wallace and Berta Sonntag, Ballston Lake; Donald and Lynne Strevell Jr., East Greenbush; Deborah J. Vitello, Mechanicville; Louise and Glenn Wise, Newtonville; William R. Barhydt, Albany; Mr. & Mrs. Francis A. Futia, Delmar; Barbara A. Luedtke, Albany; Fred and Janet Clark, East Greenbush; Michele and Ben Lomaestro, Selkirk; Don and Leigh White, Voorheesville; Willard and Jane LaBarge, Glenmont; Robert Schalit, Latham; Mr. & Mrs. John E. Simoni, Albany; Elizabeth J. Johnson, Albany; F. Ellen and Leslie F. Spawn, Schenectady; Geoffrey E. Morse, Rensselaer; James J. Scaglione, Albany; Carol and Robert Motta, East Greenbush; New York Preceptor Alpha Gamma; Sarah A. Szemplinski; Nicholas and Kathleen Lyman, Albany; Board of Pharmacy; Frank Morone, Chatham; Crescent Terrace, Troy; Curtis and Sonja Lasher; John J. Hanofee, Clifton Park; Terrance and Shirley Brady, Schenectady; Hart Social Center Inc., Albany; Mary Esther Lee, Albany; in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Gennett by the family; Mr. and Mrs. William G. Knab, Latham; Grant V. Anderson, Altamont; the Paul Moore Family; Mr. and Mrs. Norman R. Nilsen,

Nassau; John J. Oliver, Albany; Lola E. Shoemaker, Schenectady; in memory of my parents James & Marie Arnold and my sister Alice Miller from Carol A. Arnold; Delmar Health Hut; Guy J. and Debrah

Cooper, Delmar; Dorothy and Walter Lojewski, Troy; Paul and Nancy Leverone, Clifton Park; Andre Ouellet, Clifton Park; Jean F. Hickey, Cohoes; Ruth W. Braumbach, Voorheesville; Irene and Dominick Carpinello, Rensselaer; Victor M. Mihal, Schenectady; Jean and Vincent McKee, Troy; in memory of Barbara Lynn Fraser; Beverly C. Braun, Albany; Eleanor and Max Hartnagel in fond memory of our parents; Ruth and John Kilmartin; Marie R. Pagano, Albany; Joan A. Brower, Albany; Nancy A. Bower, Albany; and 16 anonymous.


Howard Richburg, Schenectady.


In memory of parents from Mrs. Edward Newbury, Castleton.


Joseph and Helen Carl, Troy; William F. Finn, Schenectady; in memory of our parents - John & Lois Vadney, Delmar; in memory of Pauline McCormick from daughter Mary Rockenstire and son James McCormick; Wm. J. Pringle, Albany; Mr. and Mrs. George Vitti, Clifton Park; Howard and Ruth O'Donnell, Schenectady; Mr. and Mrs. Francis Hart; Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Bradt, Delmar; Pamela Ann Corentto, Albany; Cohoes Retired Teachers' Association; Edith K. DiLello, East Greenbush; Donna R. French, Old Chatham; Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Osborne, Round Lake; Andrew W. Cullen, Albany; Donald and Marie Fortin, East Greenbush; Frank and Althea Gaddis, Albany; Mr. and Mrs. Jon Armstrong, Ballston Spa; Mr. and Mrs. Richard McAneny,

Greenville; On behalf of the Castleton Study Club; Nancy Ann Abbott, Cohoes; Raymond G. King, Albany; Eleanor Dalpe, Waterford; Marjorie Benedict, Loudonville; Mrs. Vincent Amodeo, Albany; Paul W. Dickson; the Thursday Lunch Group; in memory of W. F. Bogardus; Janice and Stanley House, East Berne; James Goold Jr., Averill Park; the Shepard Farm/Eleanor and Ernie Moak, Greenville; Mrs. Robert H. Coggeshall, Albany; Timothy Stah, Cohoes; Sean P. Quinn, Schenectady; Chuck and Betty Emery, Selkirk; Tom and Carol King, Cambridge, Mass.; Bill and Fran Holligan, Westerlo; Rose and Ernest A. Vigars, Albany; Melissa A. DeVit,

Schenectady; Paula and Richard Mandigo, Guilderland; Mr. and Mrs. Peter Nye, Fuera Bush; Olga and Richard Kirkpatrick, Albany; Mr. and Mrs. Aldo Zanotta, Albany; Wendy A. Archinal, Schenectady; and eight anonymous.


In memory of Jeraldine

Greenspan from Ben.


Deborah A. Clayton, Albany.


In memory of Carole Sheldon from Joan and Jack Berberick; and Raised by Waterbury Hall Albany State University from Bagel Sale.


Mr. and Mrs. Stuart C. Nock, Castleton; Albert and Andrea Ebert, Guilderland; Edward and Mary Arthur, Catskill; Mrs. George Flynn, W. Coxsackie; Mrs. L. Conlin, Rensselaer; Jacquelin Dunston, Slingerlands; in loving memory of my husband, Robert, from Anne Lubner; Don and Alice Arthur, Slingerlands; George and Martha Turon, Greenville; Joseph F. Cleary, Albany; Barbara A. Levernois, Albany; Philip A. Laura, Albany; Frank and Amalia Jellner, Albany; Mr. and Mrs. S.A. Sosnow, Averill Park; Terri Patterson; Liz and Bob Gentner, Voorheesville; John and Paula Bourgeols,

Schenectady; Herbert and Marilyn Weisburgh, Albany; Virginia and Bob MacDowell, McKnownville; in memory of Mr. & Mrs. Roy Rapp from Mr. & Mrs. Robert Espey; Michael and Kathleen Lannon, Latham; Mr. & Mrs. Dom Testo, East Greenbush; Helen Nelson, Albany; Philip J. Mutka, Clifton Park; Philip and Mary Rose Kopach, Waterford; and one anonymous.


Mrs. Elinor W. Conrad, Albany; Margaret LaFrance, Albany; Carolyn, Joseph, Jennifer, Stephanie Toth; and Roberta Kirby.


Joan A. Ribley, Alcove.


One anonymous.


Maria V. Fischinger; Henry J. Murphy, Albany; Mary Ann McLean, Slingerlands; in memory of my parents, Harold and Eva Haines from daughter Gladys E. Haines; Susan Rose, Albany; Margaret A. Cushman, Clifton Park; in memory of our parents from George and Kathryn Simpson, Delmar; in loving memory of Dad, Cresanzo Benaquisto, from Bill and Christine Dooley; Michael V. Bernardi, Albany; Elizabeth M. Gorman, Albany; Frank Cembalski, Schenectady; Edward McKern, Albany; Mr. & Mrs. Milton Cordts, Latham; Maureen D. Shafer, Colonie; Elisabeth

L. Mullenneaux, Albany; Janes Wheeler, Rensselaer; in memory of mother from Mrs. Ruth Ragozzino, Clifton Park; Lansing and Roselyn Glass, Guilderland; Mary K. Zangrando, Delmar; Dorothy and A. Richard Peissig, Delmar; Ruth and Frank Soldo, Albany; Velma and Eugene Calabrese, Albany; Esther and Paul Goodfellow, Altamont; in memory of daughter Jean Bates and husband Gus Chagnou from Julia; Mrs. Jacob Collen, Delmar; Karen M. Tucker, Glenmont; Edward and Marjorie Hart; Lucile E. Sewalt, Albany; Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Dushek, Ravena; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Perine, Rensselaer; Regina Daigle, Rensselaer; Harold and Elizabeth Forsland, Loudonville; Linda Miller, Glenmont; Estella Goodfellow, Richmondville; Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Acken, Scotia; Melva Rappazzo, Glenmont; Helen Upton, Troy; Margaret Peck, East Greenbush; Margaret Driesenstock, Nassau; Gertrude Shill, Castleton; Margaret Slingerland, Hannacroix; Christopher and Susan Fuchs, Latham; Raymond and Helen Miller, Schodack Landing; in memory of my parents John and Vera Clapper; George and Marcelle Taylor, Ravena; Ellen Leruzic, Central Bridge; Martin H. Kalkbrenner, Menands; Terence S. Tanney, Menands; Edward F. Coffey, Albany; Veronica Miano, Rensselaer; Donald and Goldie White, South Westerlo; James J. Hanley; Virginia C. Normandie, Albany; Anthony and Ruth Occhialino, Albany; Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Breedlove, Selkirk; Marjorie Geiger, Albany; Elizabeth Dorn, Castleton; Sam Zusman, Albany; From Audrey M. Kinnaw, Albany, in memory of my mother, Sarah Heffernan; Viola Hopson, Latham; Catherine Nava, N. Troy; William J. Dillon, Cohoes; in memory of my parents from Paula Ainspan; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mohr, Schenectady; Carmela DeCapita, Albany; Phil and Anne LaVallee, Cohoes; Dr. and Mrs Paul E. Griffin, Albany; Nelson Ringwood, Albany; Sandra Nadeau, Cohoes; Isabelle Hotaling, Rensselaer; Mrs. Thomas Callan Sr., Catskill; Ellen Davis, Albany; Rayona L. Hart, Albany; Mr. & Mrs. John Reamer, Cohoes; Mr. and Mrs. Luis Mannarino, Albany; Mrs. F. Pierson Townsend, Malden Bridge; In memory of my parents: Mr. and Mrs. Roy Kelsey from Phyllis Beechert, Greenville; Charles A. Nadeau, Scotia; Thelma and Lewis Rundell, Greenville; Kenneth and Helen Bauer, Delmar; Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Greenough, Schenectady; Anna L. Mann, Castleton; D.L. Brunette, Clifton Park; Walter and Mildred Watts, Albany; Edith Martis, Victory Mills; Mr. and Mrs. Anthony F. Desmond, Sharon Springs; Betty A. Krug, Delmar; Loving memory of my granddaughter "Lonie Ann Howlan" from Margaret M. Fennell; Lucille I. Fitzgerald, Coxsackie; Rita and Edward Manderville, Albany; Patricia Hayes, Albany; Mrs. T.J. Mara, Albany; Jean A. Hartshorne, Albany; Sally Hollar, Loudonville; Argia DiCredico, Waterford; Pat Iarossi, Albany; Lyle Sanderson, East Greenbush; The J. S. Banthams, Albany; Robert and Ann DiNardo, Schenectady; Joan M. Morgan, Clifton Park; in memory of my grandmother May Lord from Joan E. Duda, Schenectady; and 12 anonymous.


Dr. A. Robert Kohn, Albany; and George Schermerhorn, Kingston.


In loving memory of my niece Shirley Servis; and M. Agnes Phelan, East Greenbush.


Kevin Ross, Albany; Mr. and Mrs. William Lowenberg, Delmar; in memory of my parents, Bessie and Henry Peter, from Connie Peter, Castleton; Mary and Dennis Wagner, Albany; Samuel and Flora Tork, Albany; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. O'Connell, Chatham; Janet L. Phinney, Albany; Carol and Frank Govel, Albany; Louis A. Hoyer, Coxsackie; Alfred and Angela Bertrand, Waterford; in memory of Richard E. China, by Carol Rivera, Amsterdam; Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Abate, Catskill; James and Patricia Reed, Rensselaer; Philip and Judith Volpi, Selkirk; Harold and Theresa Harter, Albany; Elsie G. Balmer, Guilderland; Shirley J. Potvin, Albany; Marguerite B. Greiner, Clarksville; George and Helen Btag,

Albany; Sharon K. Brennan, Albany; Duane and Rita Lichorowiec, Glenmont; William and Margaret Leadbitter, Castleton; Mr. and Mrs. Carmen L. Ferri, Schenectady; Clarence W. Cusack, Schenectady; Thomas & Frances Hurley, Albany; Robert & Kathleen Conway; Mrs. Henry S. Matteo, Rensselaer; C. Moon, Middleburg; Mr. & Mrs. William R. Gregory, Rensselaer; Mr. & Mrs. Eugene M. Nazarko, Cohoes; Mrs. Alma E. Coons, Albany; and four anonymous.


J. E. Nealon, Albany.


Ronald A. Phelps Sr., Ballston Spa; Frank and Patricia Smith, Loudonville; Betty J. Monroe, Hudson Falls; and two anonymous.


Edgar E. Moore, Broadalbin; and one anonymous.